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June 21, 1797 Delivery of Flannel and Thread James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver flannel and thread for making cannon cartridges.
July 23, 1798 Transport and Delivery of Stores Daniel Morel Samuel Hodgdon Mentions shot sent with the teamster and price for hauling shot, balls, and shells.
December 2, 1800 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies & Tools to Fort Norfolk, Virginia Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of assorted military supplies to Fort Norfolk, Virginia.
November 26, 1798 Receipt for Ordinance of the Algerian Brig and Two Schooners Timothy Pickering [not available] Acknowledges receipt of round shot and bar shot for six pounders, nine pounders, twelve pounders, and eighteen pounders, agreeable to an order from the War Office, for the use of the Algerian brig and two schooners, to be paid for by the Secretary of State.
May 18, 1798 Shipment of Sundry Ordnance to Charleston Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the shipment of cannon and carriages to Charleston, South Carolina.
May 14, 1798 Disposition of Brass Twenty-Four Pounders Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the disposition of the brass twenty-four pounders ordered from Albany and transported to Smith via York.
December 2, 1800 Supplies for Fort Norfolk Virginia Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, directs purchase sundry supplies for use of the garrison at Fort Norfolk, Virginia.
July 31, 1799 Contract between James McHenry and Rufus and Sylvanus Hopkins for supplying iron cannon [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement between James McHenry and Rufus Hopkins and Sylvanus Hopkins of Providence Rhode Island for and on behalf of Hope Furnace to furnish cannon of various caliber, to include 24, 18, 12 and 9 pounders. Details the process of proving and inspecting the cannon.
May 21, 1798 Transportation for the Twelve Pounders Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Hodgdon orders Major Houdin to procure transportation for the twelve pounders intended for Major Fleming at West Point.
April 20, 1798 Forwarding Twelve-Pounders & Shells to Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends that recently forged twelve-pounders and shells be brought to Philadelphia immediately.
March 24, 1794 Arms & Carriages for Fort Mifflin John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to deliver to Captain Jeremiah Fisher for the use of Fort Mifflin fifty shot for twelve pounders and five garrison carriages for eighteen pounders with iron trucks, if in store.
April 21, 1798 Six Pounder Cannon at Newport vs.Twelve Pounders at Baltimore Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends that the United States not pursue the six pounder cannon located at Newport, Delaware because he doubts the quality of their construction. However, the twelve pounders at Baltimore are a fine set of guns and should be purchased.
December 22, 1798 My Ideas on Military Arrangements Alexander Hamilton James Gunn Due to the current state of international affairs, especially the temporizing conduct of France, Hamilton advises against any immediate augmentation of the Army. Still, he lists a number of steps that should be taken--especially regarding the addition of military arms and supplies--in case the interntional situation should darken. Plans for a military draft should be considered in case of...
May 27, 1794 Twelve-Pounders for Fort Mifflin John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed by the Secretary of War to send to Fort Mifflin six iron twelve-pounders with carriages.
April 19, 1798 Brass Twenty-Four Pounders To Be Sent Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Hodgdon orders Houdin to send three twenty-four pounders to New York to the address of Melancton Smith.
May 21, 1798 Twelve Pounders Fitted to Their Carriages, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming Major Fleming is asked to send the twelve pounders fitted with their carriages with all convenient speed to Major Houdin. Hodgdon does not know which of the howitzers at Albany is intended for Houdin.
December 8, 1797 Request for Delivery and Sale of Cannonballs James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs issue & sale of cannon balls.
May 14, 1798 The Other Five Four Pounders at Your Post Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming In reference to the ten four pounders at West Point, Fleming had indicated that five are uniform in length and weight. Hodgdon wants to know whether the other five are a medley or uniform in any degree and whether they can be used on board a ship.
September 16, 1794 Two Brass Twelve-Pounders John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Treasury requests that two brass t welve-pounders. borrowed from the Governor of Pennsylvania, be placed in perect readiness for service.
July 9, 1798 Proposal for Improving Defenses at Newport, Rhode Island William Littlefield James McHenry Contains plans and cost estimates for improving the defenses of Newport, Rhode Island. These include mounting additional cannon at Fort Wolcott and sending cannon "for the use of the citizens." Also recommends two additional forts, one at Brenton Point and one on Tammany Hill; for the purpose of building these forts, requests the sending of engineers to Newport.
September 7, 1798 Forwarding the 24 Pounders to Savannah Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Stoddert Hodgdon informs Stoddert of the means by which the 24 pounders were forwarded to John Habersham in Savannah.
February 25, 1797 Request for Paper to be Used in Proving Cannons James McHenry John Harris Directs furnishing paper for cartridges to be used in proving cannons.
July 16, 1798 Shot for the Algerian Brig and Schooners Timothy Pickering John Harris Harris is authorized to deliver to the order of the Secretary of State nine-pound round, eighteen-pound round, six-pound bar, nine-pound bar, twelve-pound bar, and eighteen-pound bar shot to be replaced or paid for out of the funds for the affair of the Barbary.
June 23, 1794 Equipage for Capt. Sedam John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to forward to Capt. [Cornelius] Sedam, at Governors Island, a list of specified articles.
December 24, 1799 Request for Issue of Cannon Implements for Fort Mifflin James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cannon powder & implements for use by the garrison of Fort Mifflin.