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April 17, 1800 Embargo on the exportation of gunpowder and firearms James McHenry Uriah Tracy Tells Senator Tracy that he believes it to be unnecessary to discontinue the embargo on the exportation of gun powder and firearms. Suggests, however, that they place a limit on the duration of the embargo.
November 1, 1791 Liberty & Equality Thomas Hollingsworth Levi Hollingsworth Illegible document.
February 17, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses with Samuel Hodgdon issues pertaining to receiving money from General Neville and repairing firearms left by the militia. Craig asks Hodgdon to send him a personal supply of sugar and coffee.
May 4, 1792 Requests Support for Firearms Experiment Joseph G Chambers Henry Knox Letter, discusses rounds of cartridges; asks more guns ordered. Chambers proposes a firearms experiment whereby 60 rounds are fired in 3 minutes time.
October 12, 1791 Supplies for Militia John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Newly arrived militia required supplies, specifics listed.
April 30, 1794 Requests for Muskets and Cartridges; Communication with Tench Francis Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to communication with Tench Francis about a letter from the governor of Pennsylvania. Has not yet received request from Secretary of the Treasury for cartridge boxes and muskets.
January 13, 1800 Recommendations for Improving the Military System James McHenry [not available] Secretary McHenry requests action from President Adams respecting certain measures and assignments which he deems indispensable to the improvement of the military system. This report should also be submitted to the Congress. Discusses the Military Academy and schooling for members of the military (including studies of mathematics, geography, and natural philosophy).