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February 25, 1787 Discusses the Waldo Patent and the Kennebec Claim Henry Knox Henry Jackson Discusses federal assistance to Massachusetts during Shays' Rebellion. Details on location of officers and their troops and the interaction of federal troops with Massachusetts troops and interference of Congress in state affairs. Pay and subsistence received for Humphrey's troops. Addressed Kennebec and Plymouth claims.
March 5, 1798 Estimate of Pay Due Federal Troops in Georgia Hugh McCall [not available] Estimate of pay due to a detachment of Federal Troops in Georgia for the months of January and February 1798.
July 26, 1789 Protection of Frontier Unknown Author [not available] Kentucky militia capable of offering assistance to frontier settlements from Indian attacks, federal troops not sufficient to offer help.
June 4, 1794 Patten solicits an appointment from Knox John Patten Henry Knox Letter, asks for military commission; mentions Congress to raise troops.
July 20, 1793 Raising of additional militia in Georgia, and controversy over Federal command of troops Henry Gaither Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Gaither's correspondence includes two letters from Mr Bernard. Reports that Georgia Governor Telfair has published an order for raising 100 cavalry and 100 infantry militia, to be under Gaither's command. Gaither believes the numbers are sufficient; militia officers do not; nor are they pleased that a federal officer has command of these troops.
April 18, 1799 Movements & Actions of Troops Suppressing Revolt in Pennsylvania William MacPherson James McHenry MacPherson describes the recent movements of his troops in suppressing the current insurrection in Pennsylvania, as they attempt to arrest individuals charged with treason. Discusses disposition of different detachments, arrests made, intelligence about the movements of the insurgents; supposes on the opinions of the people in the region, believing that the spirit of revolt was "high and...
September 7, 1793 Request from Major Gaither to Governor Telfair to raise troops under Gaither's command for defense of Georgia Henry Gaither Governor Edward Telfair From Augusta Georgia, Major Henry Gaither expresses opinion that number of Georgia militia in service is excessive for defense of Georgia frontier. Proposes addition of 100 cavalry and 100 infantry to Federal Troops, to be placed under his command which, Gaither believes, if properly deployed, would be sufficient to guard and protect inhabitants. Notes that the above addition was ordered by...
April 18, 1795 Justifying a Garrison at Presque Isle Thomas Mifflin George Washington Governor Mifflin lists five justifications for establishing a garrison of state troops at Presque Isle while keeping the federal troops at Fort Le Boeuf. He views this as the best means of defending the frontier and maintaining peace with the Indians.
November 4, 1790 Report of engagement with Indians vicinity Miami village Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Harmar reports that he marched 320 Federal troops and 1453 militia. His forces made it to the Miami village. He found it abandoned. Upon engagement, his forces suffered heavy losses, about 180. But the headquarters of iniquity were broken up. Estimates 100-120 slain warriors, 300 log houses burned, 20,000 bushels of corn destroyed. Laments loss of Major Wyllys and Lieutenant Frothingham of the...
April 9, 1790 Troops to Protect Against Indian Attacks Colonel Paterson Josiah Harmar Assurances that troops will arrive to support settlers and troops stationed on the frontier.
August 23, 1793 Federal Commissioners to Lt. Col Clarke, or officer commanding at Pittsburg Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Colonel Clarke Western Indians have refused to make peace. Federal Commissioners inform Lt Col Clarke that pursuant to instructions from Secretary of War Henry Knox, they send letters to Major General Wayne, to be forwarded from Pittsburgh. They ask for the aid of troops if necessary to assist conveyance.
April 1798 Pay Estimate for Troops in Georgia Henry Gaither [not available] Estimate of pay due the Federal Troops in Georgia under the Command of Col Gaither for the months of March and April 1798.
March 25, 1786 Strengthening the Federal Government, Etc. Henry Knox General William Irvine Knox discusses British intentions regarding the evacuation of the Western Forts which they still occupy. He mentions the "federal convention" proposed by Virginia for strengthening the power of Congress to regulate trade.
November 28, 1800 Fire at War Department, Troops and Supplies to Western Posts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussed fire at War Department and the retirement of the Secretary of the Treasury. "Federal men and measures are the order of the day, the Demo[crats] gnash their teeth and melt away." Cannons transported to Western posts, troops to follow shortly.
September 3, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox reporting that Governor of Georgia Telfair has improperly called up militia and in greater numbers than is necessary Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that the Georgia militia in service has been improperly called up by the Governor of Georgia Telfair, and in excessive numbers. Gaither has proposed using the authorized federal troops to defend the frontier. If this were to prove insufficient, then he would recommend calling out the necessary numbers of militia. Because to the current arrangement, Gaither wants nothing to do with...
March 24, 1797 Pay of Captain Preston's troops William Simmons William Preston Notification that he will receive the money for the pay of his troops from the federal supervisor at Richmond, Virginia, Edward Carrington. Sends a receipt roll to account for the payments.
September 7, 1793 A report of a council of federal officers requesting party of federal troops to provide security for James Seagrove and his party during peace visit to Creeks Captain Richard B. Roberts [not available] Federal Officers request [recipient unknown, perhaps Major Gaither] that protection be given to James Seagrove. Base this recommendation on James Aiken's deposition which describes threats from Georgia citizens against Indian Agent Peace overtures. Officers identify a party of militia stationed at Rock Landing headed by Jeremiah Oats which may run into Seagrove's party. Recommended security...
August 4, 1786 Security for Captain Hutchins' surveyors, conciliation of Delawares and Chippewas, and lawless settlers Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Captain Hutchins requested a body of troops to cover the surveyors. Captain Hamtramck moved from Mingo Bottom to Little Beaver to cover that purpose. Reports on lawless villains at Wheeling who threaten to waylay friendly Indians and impede the surveyors' efforts. Thinks they could use a taste of Federal law. Encloses 20 July, 1786 report from Mr. Philip Liebert.
October 11, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox expressing loyalty to Federal Government Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither assures Henry Knox that he will act only in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Government and suggests that Georgia Governor Telfair had no right to intimate otherwise. Expresses doubt that the Governor will raise the infantry and cavalry, despite that he was ordered to do so by Federal Government.
November 18, 1796 Pay for Army troops in Georgia William Simmons Constant Freeman Notification that he will receive the money for the pay of the Army troops in Georgia from Daniel Stevens, federal supervisor at Charleston, South Carolina.
July 29, 1796 Estimates for Pay and Forage Constant Freeman [not available] Estimate for Pay and Forage due Federal troops in Georgie under command of Henry Gaither.
April 27, 1799 Vouchers of Troops in Georgia John Habersham James McHenry Five-page list of vouchers delivered by Ensign Hugh McCall, Paymaster to the Federal Troops in Georgia, to John Habersham on behalf of Lt. Truman, agent for the War Department, to be submitted by him to the Accountant of the department and passed to the credit of said McCall.
June 16, 1789 Fosdick discusses his application for federal appointment with Knox Nathaniel Fosdick Henry Knox Letter, discusses application to federal appointment.
June 16, 1789 Knox discusses federal appointments with Carrington Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, alludes to Constitution; discusses federal appointments.
July 10, 1793 Letter from the Federal Commissioners at the Sandusky Council Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Commissioners comment that deputation of Western Indians a fortunate event. Discuss the request for fresh orders from President of United States for General Wayne troops to remain quiet at post. Captain Brant has information that Wayne's troops have cut fresh roads from Ft Washington to Indian country in a direction that would miss Ft Jefferson. Evidence of stockpiling of provisions that appear...