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August 23, 1798 Exposing Your Family to the Contagion John Caldwell Samuel Hodgdon Caldwell expresses his concern regarding Hodgdon's family relative to the spread of yellow fever in Philadelphia. He argues that keeping his family in the city increases everyone's exposure to the contagion.
August 23, 1797 Inclusion of Marquee with Waggon John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Orders to deliver tent to McHenry; men moving family out of Philadelphia.
April 3, 1799 Sundries Purchased for McPherson's Family [not available] Michael Gunkle McPherson submits an account listing sums spent on sundry articles for his family on the expedition to Northampton.
October 3, 1796 Enclosed Accounts Caleb Gibbs William Simmons Gibbs encloses his accounts for the last quarter. He asks for the money as soon as possible, as he has a family to support.
July 3, 1800 Moving My Family As Soon As Possible Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner announces that when he arrives in Philadelphia he intends to remove his family from that city. He has written to the purveyor, Mr. Whelen, and asked him to provide transportation for his furniture. Since he has taken a house in Georgetown and is paying rent, he is anxious to remove his family and effects as early as possible.
May 4, 1799 Letter of Thanks and Offer of Hospitality James Wilkinson Peter Walker Wilkinson thanks Walker for offering his help when Wilkinson moved his family to Concord; asks Walker to accept his family's hospitality there.
October 23, 1796 My Respects to Your Family, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Sargent pays his respects to Hodgdon's family. He has only just arrived in Cincinnati. He mentions a book or other publication by a McKerrie who has traveled very far north.
April 2, 1799 List of Articles for the Generals Family. Unknown Author [not available] List of articles put in the wagon on April 2nd for General McPherson's family.
August 31, 1793 Indian Depredations. William Blount [not available] The author describes the murder by Indians of Samuel Miller, the widow Baker and all but two of her children, and the family of Robert Wells.
August 4, 1798 I Will Gladly Serve James DeHaert Alexander Hamilton Not having a family, DeHaert expresses his readiness to serve in the Army, preferably as an officer, and asks Hamilton for a recommendation.
March 5, 1789 Benjamin Hickborn discusses family matters with Henry Knox Benjamin Hickborn Henry Knox Letter, discusses family affairs.
August 10, 1784 Financial and family matters Mrs. Ferguson Benjamin Lincoln Discusses personal financial matters, family matters, and agricultural conditions in South Carolina.
July 27, 1791 Smith appeals to Knox to authorize military leave for a brother William Smith Henry Knox Letter, due to family hardship Smith asks for leave for his brother, Captain Smith.
September 30, 1793 Inflict Due Punishment on Them Daniel Smith John Sevier "In answer of yours of the 27th instant, which I acknowledge to have received, I hold it would be proper to follow the trail of that large party of Indians who massacred Caveat's family on the 25th instant; and, if possible, inflict due punishment on them. The country is to be defended in the best manner we can, comporting with my general instructions to you of the 17th instant."
October 15, 1797 Request for Change of Residence James McHenry Josiah Fox Letter, asks for Fox to change residence.
April 28, 1800 Convoy for General Wilkinson's Family Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton informs McHenry that Gen. Wilkinson has requested a convoy to accompany his family on the gulf to ensure their safety. The Secretary of the Navy should be so notified.
March 27, 1800 Request for payment to Captain Josiah Hazard, sailing master, whose family is in distress Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Request for payment of $100 to sailing master Captain Josiah Hazard whose family is in distress and this sum will aid in their relief.
March 17, 1788 Regarding accounts, Mr. White's family, and forgery Joshua Dawson Joseph Howell From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Discusses accounts, Mr. White's family, and a forged certificate.
March 6, 1789 Knox writes to Biddle about health Henry Knox Clement Biddle Knox relays information to Biddle regarding the health of himself and his family.
June 28, 1792 Smith asks Knox for a larger salary James Smith Henry Knox Letter, asks for raise in pay because he has a large family. Asks to be placed on an equal scale of pay with the rest of the young gentlemen under Knox's direction.
October 20, 1792 Regarding Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Was glad that money forwarded was safely at hand. Discusses Mr. Read. Asks to deliver enclosed letters and sends respects to Mrs. Craig and family.
December 14, 1798 [PRIVATE] Suspended Nomination George Washington James McHenry Washington requested the nomination of Mr. Austis be withheld until he could consult with several family members. Discussed appointment of other officers in detail.
March 12, 1788 Family letter Polly Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Family letter from Polly Hodgdon to her father Samuel, the Commissioner of Commissary Stores. Wishes Hodgdon would write more often
March 24, 1784 War office salaries John Pierce Philip Audebert Discusses the salary of the gentlemen in the war office. Also discusses family matters.
August 20, 1798 I Decline Any Military Appointment Matthew Clarkson Alexander Hamilton Due to obligations to his family and his present pursuits, Clarkson declines any appointment in the Provisional Army and expresses doubt that there will even be a need for serious military operations in the United States.