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July 15, 1788 Attack on Party at Falls of Muskingum Arthur St. Clair General Butler Regarding attack on party at falls of Muskingum, two killed, two wounded. One Indian killed. States that the affair has been exaggerated in common report and fears effect on the settlements. Prospects for peace and war hang on the balance.
September 9, 1788 Attack at Falls of Muskingum; measures by General Assembly regarding defence of frontier Peter Muhlenberg Arthur St. Clair Muhlenberg acknowledges receiving account of attack on troops at Falls of Muskingum. General Assembly will meet on business regarding defense of frontiers; expresses hope that measures will be adopted which fully answer St. Clair's wishes.
July 22, 1788 Party of Chippewas in close confinement Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Following the violence at the falls of Muskingum, party of Chippewas returned and were taken into custody under suspicion of ill intentions. Had a soldier's cartridge box in their possession.
January 7, 1793 Public Horse injured or lame Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Proctor expresses dissatisfaction with a horse. Mentions limp and that horse had been foundered or otherwise injured. Mentions Governor Mifflin and the Falls of Schuylkill.
March 22, 1786 Return of Military Stores Henry Knox John Campbell Knox requests a return of the military stores at "the Falls of the Ohio"
February 12, 1800 Proposed Foundry on the Potomac Thomas Johnson James McHenry Johnson believes that the proposed foundry should be established on the Potomac above the Great Falls at the mouth of the Virginia Catoctin, rather than on the Shenandoah. He also inquires after an offer he made a year previously to supply shot to the War Department.
August 27, 1785 Murder of Billy Nation Unknown Author [not available] A speech delivered at the Falls of the Ohio to unnamed Indian Nations intended to preserve the peace. The speech indicates that an Inidan named "Billy Nation" was murdered by a white man who subsequently fled into the woods. The speech asks that the chain of friendship not be broken on account of one villian.
April 11, 1796 Route from Albany to Fort Erie Henry Glen Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Describes the 995-mile route from Albany to Fort Erie.
January 11, 1799 Delay of Stores Destined for Natchez Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig reports to Samuel Hodgdon that the stores destined for Natchez have arrived safely at the falls of the Ohio. However, due to ice on the river, further transportation of the stores is delayed.
September 1, 1797 Extract from Warrant Book Regarding Account of Swan William Simmons Caleb Swan Notation on the confusion over temporary location of War Department due to Yellow Fever outbreak. Removal of Office to the Falls of the Schuylkill River prevented Simmons from answering letters from the 12th, 26th, 28th, 30th, and 31st of July which contained account vouchers for Swan. Extract from Warrant Book from July 25th.
August 20, 1790 Letter Citation Arthur St. Clair Col. Campbell Cited in St. Clair to Knox, 09/15/1791.
July 26, 1784 Cover Letter Charles Thomson Commissioners for Treating with the Indians South of the Ohio Cover letter forwarding a letter from General Clark.
November 25, 1787 Arthur St. Clair's appointment to government of Western Territory and Josiah Harmar's promotion to brevet Brigadier General Josiah Harmar Arthur St. Clair Harmar congratulates Arthur St. Clair for his appointment to the government of the Western Territory [northwest of the Ohio River]. Reports that Congress has honored Harmar with brevet commission to Brigadier General, and thanks St. Clair for is friendship and influence upon the occasion. Mrs. Harmar sends compliments. Major Duncan left for the Falls.
July 15, 1785 Form a Company of Infantry to Attend Indian Treaties Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Congress directs that a company of Infantry be detached to Fort McIntosh to attend the Indian Commissions during the treaty being held at the falls of the Ohio and mouth of the Great Miami River. Fish is ordered to form a full company of Infantry from the recruits of the state, to be ready to march by the 25th. Fish must also make a return of camp equipage and other articles necessary for the...
May 14, 1787 Discussion of the Closure of the Mississippi River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Made great efforts to get to know the inhabitants and the politics of Kentucky during his stay at the Falls. The hot topic is free navigation of the Mississippi, and people west of the Allegheny Mountains remain concerned about the closure of this route. Kentucky has mustered 5,000 men. Lists people, boats, horses, cattle, and wagons who have passed through the garrison between October and May....
October 28, 1797 Request for Wagons William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons requested two wagons to move the papers of War Department.
July 27, 1789 Cost of Transportation Between Posts Captain Joseph Brant Gilles Fondie A list of payments for transportation of articles between posts.
June 11, 1798 Loss of Saltpeter Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Lloyd Halsey Hodgdon alerts Halsey that the saltpeter he forwarded falls short of the amount indicated on the invoice, probably due to loss due to drying and loss during transportation.
June 15, 1788 Report from Colonel Josiah Harmar Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports on the movements of General St. Clair who arrived at Fort Pitt and later attended to affairs at Ligonier. Major Doughty proceeds in a barge. Large boat laden with provisions for treaty set out for Falls of Muskingum. Mentions his tour to Mississippi River and visits to several villages on American and Spanish side. Discusses provisions to Post Vincennes, volume of emigration. Discusses...
February 7, 1784 Speech to the Shawnee Nation James Wilkinson [not available] Speech to Shawnee chiefs and warriors informing them of the peace treaty signed between Great Britain and the United States. Wilkinson asks the Shawnee to join in a "chain of friendship" with the Americans.
September 22, 1797 Sickness on the Frigate United States George Gillaspy William Simmons Discusses the medical situation onboard the Navy frigate U.S.S. United States. And personal matters in his friendship with Simmons and Hagner.
September 1, 1797 Forwarded Letter of Col. Biddle William Simmons James Wilkinson Simmons forwarded letter for Col. Biddle due to outbreak of Calamitous disorder in Philadelphia. If Wilkinson has any dispatches, Simmons will transfer them to Biddle.
April 20, 1794 Fortifications of Baltimore John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Letter from the Secretary of War regarding the fortifications in Baltimore, Maryland.
January 12, 1792 This Unfortunate Affair, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon The only course to follow is to have Col. Darke represent the true state of the case to Congress and at the same time draw a draft for the appropriate amount. Surely Col. Darke will do everything in his power to help us out of this unfortunate affair given his own role in leading us into it.
October 13, 1793 Knox writes to Sargent about commercial impact of fever in Philadelphia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses the impact of the small pox illness in Philadelphia, the disorder it caused, and its impact on commerce; mentions meeting of Congress, and Army's march from the Ohio.