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April 28, 1793 Extract of letter from Andrew Pickens Esquire to General Clarke Andrew Pickens [not available] From Hopewell Georgia, taken from files of W. Urquhart, Pickens gives intelligence report stating Creek Nation with exception of Cussetas, have declared war against the United States. John Galphin and 500 warriors had set out to join the Seminoles and plans to fall on the southern parts of Georgia; but Pickens believes the intent is to make an attack along the frontier of Georgia.
May 16, 1792 Indian Provocations and Hostilities William Blount Henry Knox Despite hopes for peace, Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory sends Knox a letter describing the murder of two young boys by Indians and an extract from General Pickens referring to murders and horse stealing by young Indian warriors that are provoking the frontier settlers. Blount believes that the murder of the boys was by southern Indians since northern tribes rarely venture so far...
August 5, 1793 Pickens' Answer to the President's Question Andrew Pickens [not available] General Pickens answers the President's second question respecting troops assigned to the regiments in four states.
August 5, 1793 Letters from Pickens and Blount Henry Knox George Washington "I have the honor to submit the answer of General Pickens to your additional questions; and also a letter from Governor Blount relatively to a post at Bears Creek and goods for the trade of the Choctaws and Chickasaws."
September 6, 1794 Letter from Andrew Pickens to Henry Knox on the troops and militia Andrew Pickens Henry Knox Letter from Major General Andrew Pickens to Secretary of War Henry Knox on the concentration of troops and the militia on the southern frontier.
March 3, 1796 Letter from James McHenry to Andrew Pickens regarding the Creek Nation James McHenry Andrew Pickens Secretary of War James McHenry writes Major General Andrew Pickens on Pickens' recent appointment as commissioner. As commissioner, McHenry writes, Pickens will work in conjunction with George Clymer and Benjamin Hawkins on establishing a treaty with the Creek Nation.
August 10, 1792 Cover Letter for Gen. Wayne Extract John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War is happy to meet with Hodgdon. Encloses a letter from General Wayne to Henry Knox.
July 25, 1793 Information & Opinion Relative to the Creek Indians Henry Knox George Washington "I have the honor to submit the information and opinion of General Pickens relatively to the Creek indians. If there should be any other points on which it would be necessary to request his information or opinion, he will be ready to afford the same."
February 2, 1797 List of Indian treaties between 1786-1796 War Department Andrew Pickens A list provided to Major General Andrew Pickens of the four major Indian treaties signed between 1786 and 1796.
February 7, 1798 Letter from James McHenry to Andrew Pickens regarding expenses for marking the Cherokee boundary James McHenry Andrew Pickens Secretary of War James McHenry informs Major General Andrew Pickens that he has forwarded $2,000 to deposit in the Branch Bank of Charleston for Pickens to use in order to cover the expenses for properly marking the boundary between the United States and Cherokee Nation.
September 18, 1789 Request to keep Indians together in preparation for treaty talks Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Andrew Pickens Commissioners honored by receipt of letter addressed on 16 August. They are astonished at the information from Pickens and Osborne, which is diametrically contrary to ideas of Governor of Georgia. Ask that Pickens and Osborne continue to keep Indians together and ask that they forward accompanying letter to Alexander McGillivray.
July 31, 1797 EXTRACT: [Extract of General Orders] Thomas H. Cushing William Simmons Inspector will furnish to the Paymaster General the names and dates of absentees to be struck from the muster roll.
June 27, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to Andrew Pickens on peace with the Cherokee Henry Knox Andrew Pickens Knox expresses satisfaction at the peace that has been established with the Cherokee, but is also concerned that "lawless whites" might ruin the peace with "mischief on the frontiers". Knox asks Pickens to inspire confidence among the Cherokee that they will receive protection from the United States.
December 23, 1797 Letter Citation James Byers William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Byers, 01/26/1798. William Simmons discusses Colonel Hawkins' bill in favor of General Pickens with James Byers.
September 23, 1789 Arrival of Mr. Griffin and initiation of treaty talks Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners inform that Mr. Griffin arrived and the three are preparing communications for the next day. General Lincoln and General Pickens will attend this forenoon at the black drink. Indians wish to receive talks on west side of Oconee River. Commissioners agree in order to take away all cause of jealousy.
July 26, 1797 Extract of a General Return Samuel Hodgdon Staats Morris Extract of a general return of public property sent to the Office of the Intendant of Military Stores in September 1793.
October 14, 1797 Cited letter or document, Andrew Pickens to James McHenry Andrew Pickens James McHenry Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in McHenry to Pickens, 02/07/1798.
May 15, 1792 Letter Citation Andrew Pickens Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Pickens, 08/15/1792.
January 20, 1797 Extract William Simmons Caleb Swan Cover letter for an extract from the War Department warrant book.
September 14, 1791 Enclosed Extract of a Letter from Kentucky Jonathan Williams Henry Knox Williams encloses an extract of a letter from Kentucky. He is uncertain if or when his letter will reach its desitation. Williams is on his way home and hopes to see the recipient in October.
January 26, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with James Byers William Simmons James Byers William Simmons discusses Colonel Hawkins' bill in favor of General Pickens with James Byers.
April 28, 1793 Creeks Have Declared War Andrew Pickens General Clarke Pickens states that the Creeks have declared war on the United States and that John Galphin has moved to join the Seminoles.
September 20, 1793 Extract from General Orders [not available] [not available] Extract from General Orders issued at Headquarters relating to complains about late pay.
December 19, 1792 Letter from General Wilkinson, et al Henry Knox President of the Senate of the United States The President has asked Knox to submit to the Senate the extract of a letter from General Wilkinson with an enclosure from Major Adair, a copy of a letter from John Belli, and a copy of a letter from James Seagrove relative to the Creek Indians.
December 10, 1800 Replacement of the of Lost Colors of 3d Regiment Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter accedes to having lost colors of the 3d Regiment replaced agreeably to General Wilkinson's directions.