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October 13, 1794 Better Wages for Express Riders Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon Slough apologizes for the delay in responding to Hodgdon's dispatches. He discusses the pay of express riders, observing that perhaps increased wages would result in a more efficient express service that would eliminate delays.
May 24, 1799 Payment to Mr Fisher for services riding the express on various routes Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Payment to Thomas Fisher for riding express per order of the Quarter Master General on various routes. Hodgdon notes to Miller that he has settled with Mr. Fisher.
June 2, 1798 Paying Mr. Haywood for the Express Hire Samuel Hodgdon Edward Carrington Carrington's account is in hand relative to the money paid, at the request of John Steele, to Mr. Haywood for the express hire.
February 26, 1793 Pay for James M. Reed express rider John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Request for pay of James M. Reed, express rider, who carried dispatches from Niagara.
September 3, 1793 Express for Pittsburgh Now! Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests that he be furnished with an express for Pittsburgh immediately.
December 17, 1794 Express to Winchester John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants a man ready to go express to Winchester. He should call at the War Office where he will informed of the hour he will begin his journey.
March 19, 1794 Express at the War Office John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon "Let the express be at the War Office 1/4 before 3 o'clock."
June 10, 1794 Jacket for Colonel Sargent Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon An express arrived with a jacket for Col. Sargent who had already left. Since the express horse is lame it will not be able to overtake him on his way to Pittsburgh.
June 19, 1798 Payment of the Express Requested by Colonel Steele Edward Carrington Samuel Hodgdon Pay to Samuel Meredith, Treasurer of the United States, the sum of $85.87 which was advanced to the express at the request of Colonel John Steele.
October 17, 1794 Name of the Person Who Goes Express Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon Lewis asks for the name of the person taking the express the next day and whether he is going to Carlisle. Money is being sent to a recruiting officer at that place and this inquiry is made at the request of Major Stagg.
October 5, 1795 Expense of an Express To and From West Point Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon "The Secretary of War wishes to know what would be the expence of sending an express to West Point, and his returning to Philadelphia."
June 1, 1798 Receipt for Express Riding Services from Philadelphia to New Castle Samuel Fisher [not available] Fiscal, receipt for express/dispatch riding services from Philadelphia to New Castle.
March 19, 1796 Secretary of War Requests Express to go to Susquehanna Ferry Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones informs Hodgdon that Secretary of War requests an express to go to Susquehanna Ferry; or further if wanted.
April 17, 1797 Compensation for an express courier Matthew Brown William Simmons Forwards a letter from an express courier employed by the Army to run dispatches to Oswego with his explanation of the mission and his recommendation as to the justness of the man's charges. Cited in Hagner to Brown, 04/25/1797.
July 11, 1797 An Express to Proceed to Knoxville Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants to procure an express to proceed to Knoxville in Tennessee. He should call at the Secretary's office as soon as possible.
July 27, 1791 Orders to Provide Horses Express to County Lieutenant Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Contrary to title of document, letter request red, white, and blue bunting 10" wide and needles.
June 16, 1792 $110 to Joseph Lipling Express Edward Carrington Joseph Howell The enclosed account for $110 that has been paid to Joseph Lipling Express is forwarded so that Howell may remit the amount. The letter of the Secretary of War annexed to the account gives Carrington the authority by which he has acted and now makes his demand. Howell should remit the amount in blank notes or any other convenient paper for which receipts will be provided.
January 5, 1792 Letters to be Forwarded Henry Knox Isaac Craig Duplicates of original letters intended for lieutenants of several counties in Pennsylvania and Virgina. If Craig believes the originals will reach the lieuts before an express of the duplicates, he can send the duplicates by regular mail.
April 17, 1798 Expenses for riding express William Sturgis Samuel Hodgdon Receipt of payment of $80 to Sturgis for delivery of dispatches by riding express from Shippensburg to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and back to Shippensburg per agreement with William Rippey of Shippensburg. Brigadier General Wilkinson notes that dispatches came from Secretary of War and returned with the general's answer.
September 18, 1789 Proceeding of the Executive Authority George Walton Benjamin Lincoln Brief note to the commissioners following the meeting with them. Walton encloses a proceeding of the Executive Authority, by express.
May 27, 1794 Funds for Express Hire Respecting the Embargo Joseph Howell Jaquelin Ambler The Treasurer is directed to remit to Edward Carrington, Supervisor for Virginia, funds for the express hire respecting the embargo and additional funds for an advance made by Virginia to the contractors supplying the Volunteer Militia of Manangalia.
October 9, 1795 Delivery of overdue funds William Simmons George Fleming Informs George Fleming that an express courier has been dispatched to deliver overdue funds.
March 22, 1799 Letter Addressed to Major Ford Jonathan Dayton Alexander Hamilton Dayton informs Hamilton that he was compelled to hire an express to ensure that the letter to Major Ford reached him in an expeditious manner.
December 31, 1798 Pay George Drewer, Interpreter [not available] [not available] Payment of $25 to George Drewer for services as an interpreter and express.
April 19, 1798 Receipt of payment for delivery of dispatches by riding express [not available] [not available] Receipt of payment to Sturgis for delivery of dispatches by riding express from Shippensburg to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and back to Shippensburg per agreement with William Rippey of Shippensburg. Brigadier General Wilkinson notes that dispatches came from Secretary of War and returned with the general's answer.