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January 23, 1784 Report Desired on the State of an Army Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish Request for an account of the state of the post (military store/magazine) under Captain Irish's direction and a request for an account of his expenditures.
August 24, 1797 Additions to Estimated Expenditures of Quartermaster Department John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Adds to his recent estimate of expenditures in the Quartermaster Department, now including the pay of employed wagoners and artificers, at least some of whom were drafted from the ranks but are now being requested to rejoin their companies. Informs of a number of specific expenditures, one for materials ordered by General Wayne.
March 6, 1798 Expenditures of the Naval Establishment Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott transmits a general statement of the expenditures of the Naval Establishment through the year 1797. Included are abstracts which show the names of the agents by whom the expenditures are made.
January 24, 1798 Urgent request for frigate expenditures to naval agents at Baltimore and Boston [not available] [not available] Request for expenditures from the commencement of frigate building. Immediately wanted. Expected to be perfectly timely.
December 11, 1795 Payment and Estimate of Expenditures Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Payment of Sproat for his work at Assistant Quartermaster General discussed. Enclosed estimate of expenditures requested money to be forwarded soon to complete business transactions for the year.
July 8, 1795 Estimate for Expenditures Forwarded Thomas Holt Timothy Pickering Holt explains that he has transmitted to Simmons his estimate of expenditures for the month of June which includes the notes for the pay of the armourer and the guard.
April 23, 1798 Request for Information on the State of Accounts for the Port of Salem Joseph Hiller William Simmons Simmons had recommended that the accounts for Salem be examined. Hiller replied but has not heard back and asks for information.
January 23, 1800 Request for Estimates of Expenditures Robert Goodloe Harper James McHenry Current bill regarding expenditures of military discussed.
April 11, 1798 Expenditures in the Quartermaster's Department James McHenry William Simmons Simmons is required to make an abstract of the expenditures of the Quartermaster's Department including what was settled in his office and in the Treasury Department and which shows the total amount from 1 January 1791 to 1 January 1797 and the average annual expenditures for that period.
August 14, 1800 Acknowledged Receipt of Letter and Expenditures Peter Hagner Archibald Creary Acknowledged receipt of letter with list of expenditures for the fortifications at New Port, RI. Results to be communicated.
October 27, 1791 Estimate of War Department Expenditures for 1792 Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Estimate of War Department expenditures for 1792. Total comes out to $532,149.76 and 2/3 cents.
January 23, 1795 Expenditures for the Harbor at Portsmouth Joseph Whipple Alexander Hamilton Transmits expenditures for the fortification of the harbor of Portsmouth, NH. Whipple omitted accounts with vouchers since work has not been completed at the time.
April 13, 1793 Requisitions for money and expenditures Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores writes the Quartermaster General regarding requisitions for money and expenditures. As a result of John Belli's mode of transactions, he expects an alteration in the mode of doing business in future.
March 28, 1797 Concerning expenditures for secret services William Simmons James Wilkinson Discusses expenditures for secret services.
February 25, 1801 Enclosing an Abstract of Certain Expenditures William Simmons Samuel Dexter Enclosing an abstract of certain expenditures in conformity with the resolution of Congress of February 17th.
December 7, 1791 Account of Expenditures Thomas H. Cushing Joseph Howell Enclosed is an account of the expenditures on the march from New Brunswick to Pittsburgh accompanied by the necessary vouchers. The amount due on this account will be accounted for in any way Howell may direct.
December 23, 1800 Fortification Expenditures for 1801 Samuel Dexter Honorable Mr. Roger Griswold Samuel Dexter suggests a budget of 200,000 dollars for fortifications for 1801.
April 2, 1798 Extract from Letter on Expenditures for Naval Armament James McHenry Representative Edward Livingston A list of expenditures for Naval armament, including costs for three frigates, fixtures at three ports, and general costs of building supplies.
May 9, 1800 Instructions Relative to Incidental Expenditures Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton encloses the instructions regarding incidental expenditures including expenses related to travel and related to apprehending deserters. Overall theme was that vouchers were required for reimbursement.
May 4, 1797 Letter from Pittsburgh John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Regarding supplies and expenditures.
July 17, 1795 Expenditures and Accounting Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay roll for several detachments at the upper posts of the Ohio and vouchers of expenditures related to the transportation of deserters.
November 13, 1800 Expenditures David Henley William Simmons Notification that estimate of expenditures has been forwarded along with second submission of claims by several officers for compensation. Cites movement of office to different locations as reason for possibly missing the request for compensation.
February 14, 1801 Request to Provide the Authority Under Which Certain Expenditures Were Made William Simmons Joseph Williams Request to provide the authority under which certain expenditures were made regarding the Springfield armory.
November 6, 1800 Accounts and Expenditures ofr Springfield Armory Joseph Williams William Simmons William encloses accounts and expenditures for the Springfield Armory for the third quarter of 1800.
August 10, 1799 Appropriations for Fortifications and Expenditures War Department [not available] Lists "Monies Paid on Account of the Fortifications" by city, state, and amount; also lists appropriations by month, "repayments" by individuals, and the balance on hand of the Treasury allotted for this purpose.