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January 28, 1797 Proper vouchers for settlement William Simmons Joseph Brock Requests that Brock submit a statement of account with "proper vouchers" for the expenditure of money received by him in 1792.
January 4, 1799 Vouchers for the expenditure of cash John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Vouchers for the expenditure of cash in Quartermaster's Department.
October 14, 1798 Apology Regarding Kilty Expenditure John Knight William Simmons Knight did not realize he needed to show that the money from Mr. Kilty was paid as intended. He has been unable to enlist a dummer or fifer.
March 3, 1796 Request for Expenditure Estimate Before Issuing Advance William Simmons James McHenry Explains reasons for suspending advance requested by Hodgdon: requires estimate for expenditure, which should be provided prior to any advance.
November 28, 1797 Regarding Transfer of Warrants for Expenditure John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Tells Hodgdon that the transfer of warrants drawn for expenditures during Wilkins' administration of the Quartermaster Department may be effected in whatever way Hodgdon feels best. Encloses expenditure estimates for the next quarter, beginning December 1.
November 28, 1797 Submission of Expenditure Estimates for December 1797 to February 1798 John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Appears to be the cover letter submitting the expenditure estimates for December 1797 and January & February 1798.
October 26, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons forwards to Swan items of expenditure from the District of Virginia.
November 25, 1799 Abuses by Officers in the Expenditure of Money Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton says that it appears that there are abuses by some officers in the expenditure of money so the Accountant should report from time to time to McHenry on such abuses.
October 14, 1797 Forwarding Expenditure Estimates for Posts Around Fort Washington, Pittsburgh & Delaware John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Encloses expenditure estimates for posts dependent on Fort Washington, Pittsburgh & Detroit for September-November 1797.
May 23, 1800 Bounty for Infantry & Artillerists Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan By existing law the troops are entitled to rations, or an equivalent in money, until they reach their homes at the rate of twenty miles per day so Swan is ordered to make an estimate of the funds needed to meet this expenditure and forward it.
May 1, 1800 Stores for the Hospital at Charleston Harbor Frederick Dalcho [not available] Return of hospital stores wanting for the hospital in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina calculated for the expenditure of one year.
June 16, 1797 Money owed to the U.S. William Simmons Thomas Pasteur Requests that Captain Pasteur produce vouchers for the expenditure of monies owed to the War Department or pay the money to Caleb Swan, Paymaster General
November 17, 1796 Regarding Method for Creating Cost Estimates, Recent Bills Drawn, & Sloop Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Comments on the method of tracking expenditure estimates; mentions receiving instructions on this topic. Lists recent bills drawn; refers to expenditure estimate for October. Also discusses the sloop Detroit.
March 27, 1797 Advice Regarding Secret Service Expenditures James Wilkinson William Simmons Letter, advises regarding expenditures for secret services.
October 13, 1797 Recent Bill Drawn, Recent Expenditure Estimates for Fort Washington, Pittsburgh, & Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Forwards letter from Mr. Ernest which informs of a recent bill he has drawn; also encloses expenditure estimates for Fort Washington, Pittsburgh and Detroit for September-November 1797. Asks that Hodgdon forward a memorandum to the commander at Fort Washington, and encloses a list of supplies wanted by Wilkins.
September 19, 1789 Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year Alexander Hamilton [not available] Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year includes Department of Treasury, War Department, Department of State, Accounts between United States and individual states, Government of Western Territory, Pensions on Civil List, present government, Judicial Department, pay of the troops, hospitals at West Point and Springfield,...
January 5, 1790 Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790. Joseph Nourse [not available] Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790. Includes expenditures for Department of War, Government of Western Territory, Pensions, and costs and pay and subsistence for infantry and artillery officers and enlisted.
March 9, 1798 Construction of Galleys Has Increased Expenditures Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that the construction of galleys has increased the financial expenditure of Fort Pitt beyond previous estimates. Craig also reports that money advanced to the ship's carpenters should have been drawn the Quartermaster General's account.
September 1, 1798 Outlines New War Department Accounting Procedures John Steele William Simmons Letter describing accounting procedures to be followed in consequence of the additional duties assigned to the Accountant by the Act of Congress of July 16, 1798. Lists general accounts as Quartermaster's Department, Hospital Department, Clothing Department, and Subsistence of the Army. All activity must be under direction of the Secretary of War.
October 27, 1796 COPY: Extract of Letter from Accountant George Fleming Stephen Rochefontaine Money disbursed to Col. Toussard and Capt. Donald Mitchell. Accountant's request for explanations on the expenditure of the sums to be provided by the Col. and Capt.
August 19, 1799 Secure Order, Harmony, and Efficiency in the Service; Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his version of the rules of practice for the Provisional Army.
February 1798 Cover letter for papers submitted to Congress by the Secretary at War James McHenry [not available] "Committee appointed by the House of Representatives to inquire into the expenditure of monies appropriated to the construction of a naval armament - and into the causes of delay into the completion of said armament. With documents in reply."
April 11, 1798 Expenditures of the Quartermaster's Dept. William Simmons James McHenry Abstract by the Accountant's Office of the expenditures of the Quartermaster's Department from 1st January 1791 to 1st January 1797. The average expenditure for that period was $28,562.84.
January 29, 1796 Enclosed Expenditure Accounts William Simmons James McHenry Encloses account of expenditures in Philadelphia to the Secretary of War.
January 31, 1797 Account and vouchers needed William Simmons William A. Lee Requests an account and vouchers from Lee for his expenditure of monies received from the War Department.