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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 20, 1797 Paymaster General under Examination William Simmons Alexander James Dallas Letter directs Dallas to War Office; advises accounts of pay master general under examination.
December 17, 1800 Receipt of letter and accounts William Simmons Joshua Orne Received letter and accounts, which will be placed under examination.
December 13, 1800 Receipt of letter and accounts William Simmons James Miller Received letter and accounts will be place under examination.
May 21, 1796 Accounts for examination William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmits two quarterly accounts of the War Department for examination at the Treasury Department.
October 27, 1795 Transmits examination of accounts William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmits to the Auditor the Treasury's examination of the accounts of the War Department.
August 19, 1800 Accounts Received Peter Hagner Joshua Orne Accounts received and to be placed under examination.
May 25, 1799 Remarks on the closing of David Henley's accounts [not available] [not available] Remarks made on Henley's accounts by the office of the Auditor. Examination of the accounts has been suspended due to lack of supporting vouchers.
February 8, 1799 Accounts Received William Simmons Isaac Craig Accounts and vouchers received, will notify Craig of result from examination.
July 31, 1799 Regarding Your Accounts William Simmons Samuel Vance Simmons tells Vance that he has given his accounts to Caleb Swan, paymaster general, for examination, and that all explanations should be given to him first.
September 16, 1796 Documents needed William Simmons Alexander Gibson Requests that Gibson send documents required for an examination of his accounts.
May 2, 1800 Acknowledged Receipt William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons received letter and two bundles of accounts, examination to follow.
February 11, 1801 Confirming Receipt of Swan's Letter of February 11th William Simmons Caleb Swan Swan's letter dated the same day has been received and the accounts therein have been filed for examination.
October 21, 1797 Quarterly Accounts April-June William Simmons Richard Harrison Quarterly accounts of War Department Office submitted to Harrison for examination.
October 21, 1800 Simmons Writing Morrison on the Accounts of the Late Purveyor William Simmons George Harrison Simmons has received Harrison's letter of October 17th, which were bundled with the accounts of a late purveyor, which bore the same date. The vouchers also attached, as per Harrison's statement, amounted to $56645.36. These accounts and vouchers will be filed for examination.
December 9, 1800 Regarding Hodgdon's accounts William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Examination of sundry accounts and request for papers confirming charges
June 26, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Thomas Tolman Pierce informs Tolman that an examination is not necessary.
February 11, 1801 Doctor Thomas' Accounts Have Been Sent for Examination William Simmons Thomas Turner Accounts of Dr. Philip Thomas have been sent for examination to Turner's office
April 1, 1800 Accounts of the War Department Office, fourth quarter 1799 William Simmons Richard Harrison Fourth quarter 1799 accounts submitted for examination and settlement to Treasury.
August 16, 1800 Accounts Received Peter Hagner Jedediah Huntingdon Accounts for commissions received by Hagner, to be placed with those like it for future examination.
January 2, 1801 Simmons Informing Gilmor of the Examination of his Accounts for the Fortifications of Baltimore William Simmons Robert Gilmor Simmons received Gilmor's letter of December 31st 1800 (the previous day) which contained a bundle of accounts for the fortifications of Baltimore. The postscript informs Gilmor that the Secretary of War issued a warrant asking the Treasurer to remit Gilmor $4216.04.
March 18, 1797 Accounts of the War Department William Simmons Richard Harrison Simmons sends the quarterly accounts of the War Department to the Treasury Department for examination.
March 3, 1789 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts Thomas O'Hara Joseph Howell Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding the examination of an account belonging to Colonel Crane's branch of artillery
July 11, 1800 Accounts Received William Simmons William Chancellor Accounts submitted by Chancellor received and placed under examination. Simmons to notify Chancellor of results.
March 3, 1800 Receipt of Accounts Enclosed William Simmons Jacob Sheafe Receipt of accounts from Sheafe acknowledged. Accounts will be placed under examination.
August 16, 1800 Accounts and Vouchers Received Peter Hagner George Harrison Accounts and vouchers for late purveyor Tench Francis received. Vouchers bear signature of Harrison as agent, but was unaccompanied by letter from Harrison. Accounts to be placed under examination.