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October 6, 1791 [Circular] Henry Knox D. Shepherd Original copy of circular notifying Shepard he was authorized to call up militia for the protection of Washington County from Indian attacks for a span of two months. The circular requested Shepard submit reports and paperwork pertaining to the employment of the militia.
October 6, 1791 DUPLICATE: [Circular] Henry Knox Absalom Baird Reminder that Baird could employ militia for 2 months to protect Washington County from Indians afterwhich they should be disbanded and records submitted to War Department.
February 18, 1794 Service of Lieutenant William Triplet Joseph Howell Major Nathaniel Mitchell Lieutenant Triplett, formerly of Colonel Grayson's Regiment, claims commutation of five years full pay but, lacking sufficient evidence of service, a certificate from a Field Officer is needed to confirm his claim.
April 8, 1800 Certification of payment; Estate of Private Moses Griswold, stationed at Fort Niagara, for extra service performed in the Quartermaster Department William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $44.17 to Estate of Private Moses Griswold, stationed at Fort Niagara, for extra service performed in the Quartermaster Department, payable to Joseph Taylor, attorney for Mary Griswold.
April 26, 1800 Request for Evidence of Muster William Simmons Caleb Gibbs Simmons received accounts for muster and inspection by Capt. Samuel Gates and Company. Simmons noted that the company was not mustered for several months, and requested evidence as to the number of months they were mustered.
May 9, 1790 Seeks to Provide Protection, Provisions for Counties of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahela, and Kenkawa Henry Knox [not available] Letter authorizes and instructs the lieutenants of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahalia, Kenhawa and Russell Counties [West Virginia] on the procedure for calling up scouts to protect the frontiers against possible Indian incursions.
December 31, 1794 Compensation for Duties Performed Henry Knox George Fleming Knox congratulated Fleming on the work he performed over the past year and felt Fleming was due monetary compensation for his labors. If the repairs to Fort Clinton and Fort Duham were not carried on then the rate of compensation was to decrease.
December 22, 1794 Abstract for Duties Performed on Ship Richard Duryee Joseph Howell Abstract for duties performed on board the Bri[gantine] for the privateer sloop LaCarmagnole. Settlement of accounts requested.
December 27, 1794 Orders to be Paid, Colonel Sproat's Account, Indian Goods Henry Knox Isaac Craig Kirkpatrick is to fulfill the duties of Commissary, instructions will be sent soon. Governor Lee's orders are to be paid. Colonel Sproat's account has been sent to Craig to verify the services performed. The invoice of Indian goods will be sent to the Treasury.
February 13, 1794 Amount Charged for the Use of the Recruiting Service Joseph Howell John Crawford Captain Crawford is currently charged with the sum of $1200 for the use of the recruiting service and must submit his recruiting account with enlistments and receipts for bounty paid to settle his levy account.
March 27, 1797 Advice Regarding Secret Service Expenditures James Wilkinson William Simmons Letter, advises regarding expenditures for secret services.
April 13, 1790 Orders for Calling Up Scouts Henry Knox David Shepard Instructions for calling up scouts, their pay, and other particulars.
December 7, 1793 Verification of Josiah Lewdern's Inlistment, Payment, Discharge Joseph Howell Josiah Lewdern Provides Lewdern's enlistment dates. Howell has no evidence of Lewdern being in service and thus can do nothing in the claim.
January 17, 1786 Concerning a Claim for Pay John Pierce Mons. Desdevan Discusses Desdevan's claim for pay and certain allowance for his service in the Revolutionary War.
October 15, 1800 Threat by the Master Armorer Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams alerts Hodgdon that the Master Armorer has threatened that those giving evidence in the court case against the Superintendent will lose their employment at the works.
November 26, 1794 Service of Joseph Evans Isum Joseph Howell Francis Preston Enclosed is the evidence of Joseph Evans Isum's service as it appears in the Accountant's Office records.
April 7, 1788 Questionable Propriety of Captain Town's Claim John Pierce Henry Knox Pierce reluctantly agrees to pay Captain Town's claim but only because it is allowed by the Resolve of November 2nd, 1785. Otherwise, he doubts the propriety of a claim that should have been made at the time of the service performed as was properly done by the other companies of his regiment..
July 16, 1800 Services performed by Captain Ellery Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens Hamilton writes in support of payment to Captain Ellery, Captain 16th Infantry and assistant Adjutant General, for services and certifies that his case was extraordinary. Payment amounts to $238.74.
March 17, 1794 Petitions of Chartier, Labrientoy, Page, Gingrass, and Deton Henry Knox United States Senate Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the claims of five petitioners, none of whom have produced sufficent evidence to support their claims of service during the American Revolution.
September 20, 1784 Compensation for widow John Pierce Mrs. Vergereau Informs Mrs. Vergereau of the process required to receive compensation as a widow of a fallen soldier.
July 21, 1790 Refuting claims of impropriety on the part of General Greene William Burnet Henry Knox Burnet confirms that he received a message from Knox informing him of the suggestions that General Greene was conducting an improper business relationship with John Banks and Company, and that the evidence was in Burnetís possession by way of his sonís papers. The allegations were also that Greene compelled Burnet to relinquish this evidence to him. Burnet addresses these allegations and...
September 23, 1786 Return of Mr. Phelon John Pierce Samuel Barrett The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses the return of John Phelon, former confidential clerk, from Canada. Phelon was suspected of stealing certificate paper for counterfeiting, but his return now makes his guilt somewhat dubious.
August 30, 1793 Fire Powder in the Streets of the City John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to deliver to Capt. Jeremiah Fisher two brass three-pounders with their implements in order to fire powder in the streets of the city by direction of the Mayor. As soon as this service is performed, the pieces are to be returned.
August 21, 1794 Pay of the Kentucky Militia Joseph Howell Isaac Shelby As soon as the rolls come forward with proper evidence of the service of the Kentucky Militia, the obligations of the Secretary of War to Gov. Shelby will be discharged.
October 26, 1799 Autograph Letter / Autograph Document Signed, Henry Burbeck to William Simmons Henry Burbeck William Simmons Burbeck informs Simmons of the time of service of Isadore Peltier who worked for several years as a mason on various public works projects for the pay of $2 per day.