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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 27, 1791 Update on Sons Military Whereabouts Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Letter, informs mother of son's march with army; discusses loss of Knox's son.
September 1795 Navigation of Lake Erie Unknown Author Timothy Pickering Information provided by a British sailor on navigating Lake Erie.
January 1, 1794 Articles of Agreement [not available] [not available] Articles of Agreement between Alexander Hamilton and Robert Elliot and Elie Williams.
August 3, 1795 Treaty with the Western Indians War Office Unknown Recipient Articles of peace proposed in a treaty between the United States and the Northwest Indian tribes; later known as the Treaty of Ghent.
June 30, 1796 Purchase of Corn John Wilkins, Jr. James Henry Received orders to procure a supply of corn at lower ports of Lake Erie, to be transported to the rapids of the Miamis of the Lake. Requests Henry follow these orders with locations and travel route outlined.
September 12, 1790 Suggestions to Build Post Near Miami Village Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Suggestions made by St. Clair taken under consideration by Knox and President Washington, subsequent ideas relative to establishing military posts northwest of the Ohio river discussed. Influence of the posts on British relations and Indian relations addressed, fear of war with Indians and retaliation from British. Protection of public lands paramount.
August 12, 1793 Journal entry: decision by Federal Commissioners to proceed without delay to Miami River Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Captain Henry Ford Commissioners have received no information from the Indian Council at rapids of Miami and have decided to proceed to Miami bay or river in order to communicate and receive an answer. Captain Ford, commander of vessel Dunmore, contacted by letter.
February 15, 1797 [Memorndum] British Block House James McHenry [not available] British block house between Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.
September 4, 1800 Contract between Samuel Dexter and Edward Thompson for Rations [not available] [not available] Articles of Agreement between Samuel Dexter and Edward Thomson, merchant of Philadelphia for the provision of rations at Oswego, Pittsburg, Fort Franklin, LeBouf, Cincinnati; Picuge Town, Loramie's Stores, Fort Defiance, Miami River to Lake Erie.
December 12, 1792 Copy of speech sent Western Indians General Israel Chapin Six Nations of Indians Speech of General Chapin to Six Nations of Indians, and forwarded by Captain Joseph Brant to the Western Indians. Confirmed meeting between Six Nations and the U.S. at the Rapids of the Miami River. Request that all chiefs and head men be present at council.
July 11, 1792 State of the Tribes in the Northwest Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam explains the situation with the sundry western tribes, the necessity of protecting frontier inhabitants, and the possible intervention of the British in support of the Indians. If the British intend to support the Indians, they should be confronted by the United States on Lake Erie.
March 31, 1788 Report of the Secretary at War: Indian Affairs. Henry Knox [not available] Report of the Secretary of War regarding Indian Affairs; discusses fortifications on the frontier; mentions State Governments re the Federal Treasury; discusses recruiting service.
December 12, 1792 Agreement of U.S. to Meet at the Rapids of the Miami River Henry Knox [not available] Proposal of Indians to meet with commissioners next spring accepted to pursue peace treaty. U.S. promised to halt all expeditions to frontier from present time to time of treaty.
December 13, 1796 List of contract prices for rations for the year of 1796 Comptroller of the Treasury [not available] List of contract prices of rations for the year 1796 received from the Comptroller of Treasury. Locations include Grenville [Greenville], Fort Wayne, below Fort Wayne on Miami River to Lake Erie, Fort Franklin, Picque Town, Sandusky, Fort Adams, Presque Isle, Fort Bruenton on Oneida Lake, Detroit, Michilamackanac, Oswego, Niagara, Fort Steuben, Fort Messac.
August 21, 1793 Letter to Major General Anthony Wayne, Fort Washington from Federal Commissioners Sandusky Conference on Indian decision not to treat Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Anthony Wayne Commissioners report that they are returning from the mouth of Detroit River, where they waited for four weeks for Indians to close the council at rapids of Miami in order to convene treaty proceedings at Sandusky. They report that the Indians have determined not to treat at all; final answer on this matter received 16 August. Commissioners continue to hope for peace and express thanks to General...
September 4, 1800 Articles of Agreement for provision of rations Samuel Dexter Edward Thomson Articles of Agreement between Samuel Dexter and Edward Thomson, merchant of Philadelphia for the provision of rations at Oswego, Pittsburg, Fort Franklin, LeBouf, Cincinnati; Picuge Town, Loramie's Stores, Fort Defiance, Miami River to Lake Erie.
March 1, 1799 Considerations of Defense, Settlement, and Trade Alexander Hamilton John Jacob Rivardi Hamilton orders Rivardi to examine and assess the present disposition of the posts in the northwestern quarters with an emphasis on considerations of defense, settlement, and trade.
September 27, 1791 Knox writes to Mrs Warren regarding her son Henry Knox Mrs Warren Letter, discusses letters recommending Warren's son.
August 3, 1795 Treaty of Greenville Henry De Butts [not available] Peace treaty between the United States and the Northwest Indian Confederacy, comprised of the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawnees, Kickapoos, Weas, Ottawas, Chippewas, Putawatomie, Miami, & Eel River tribes. Dictates the end of hostilities, the return of prisoners, cessions of land to the U.S., the new Indian-U.S. boundary, right of white passage over Indian land and waterways, the relinquishment of...
1801 List of contractors and prices for rations for the year 1801 [not available] [not available] List of contractors for 1801, with the locations contracted and the prices for rations.
August 16, 1793 Response from Federal Commissioners for Sandusky Conference to General Council at rapids of Miami speech of 13 August 1793 Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Chiefs and Warriors Council of Indian Nations at Rapids of Miami River Response to Council of Miami Rapids speech of 13 August 1793 [received 16 August and submitted on the same day] and relayed via two Wyandot runners from Captain Elliott's at the mouth of the Detroit River. Addressed to the Chiefs and Warriors of the Indian Nations assembled at the foot of the Miami Rapids. The commissioners restate that it is impossible to make the Ohio River the the boundary...
October 13, 1797 Transportation Routes to Northwestern Posts Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letter on transportation to Northwestern posts via Lake Erie received. Craig believed travel through Presque Isle, Le Boeuf, Franklin and Pittsburgh was a better choice. Craig cited a frozen lake as prohibitive to transportation of stores. Craig also received information that several portages on Albany/Schenectady route were frequently delayed. Mentioned land purchase at Mingo-Bottom.
January 24, 1793 Adding Regiments to the Army; Contestation of British Posts, Defective Howitzers, and Promotions Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne expresses his pleasure regarding the approval of Congress for adding regiments to his army. He wants to contest British possession of several posts on Lake Erie so that they may be added to the many posts already established in the northwest. He reports on the defects of some of his howitzers and recommends a number of officers for appointments in the Legion.
August 13, 1793 Message to Indian Nations at the Rapids of Miami requesting an answer to speech given 14 days ago Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] On 13 August 1793, commissioners concluded to send a message to Indian nations assembled at the foot of Rapids of Miami River. In letter dated 14 August, and written at Captain Elliot's place, they point out that it has been 15 days since they delivered their speech to the deputies at Captain Elliot's place at the mouth of the Detroit River. Commissioners note that they were promised a speedy...
June 13, 1798 Replacing Articles Destined for Lake Erie, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon By order of the Commander in Chief articles destined for Lake Erie and the galley were shipped on the Ohio with the general. These articles should be replaced as soon as possible: canvas, train oil, white lead, 2 &1/2 inch cordage, and spun yarn.