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October 20, 1791 Errors in Returns Henry Knox Isaac Craig Noted receipt of letter addressing mistakes in ordnance returns and Craig's integrity in reporting errors.
October 31, 1794 Errors in Craig's Pay Rolls Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed are a list of errors on pay rolls transmitted that should be corrected, including those for Capt. Howe's detachment and Dr. Thomas Vandyke's account.
July 17, 1798 Regarding Errors on Vouchers for Pay of Troops John Habersham William Simmons Habersham explains in part the reasons for the errors on the pay vouchers. Habersham had remitted payment to McCall in October 1797 and charged the same to Major Freeman. Freeman is in Savannah and McCall is expected shortly; they will also submit explanations.
June 9, 1798 Accounting Errors and Plans for Store Edward Price Secretary of War Notification of errors in previously submitted accounts, details of location for new store house.
January 17, 1789 Errors in accounts Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses list of errors in the course of examining the accounts of coast guard militia of Wolcott's state.
September 11, 1797 Errors in Accounts Current Discussed David Hale William Simmons Hale suggested two errors that could have occurred in accounts current. Hale was only credited with 10 recruits, not 11. This error created a miscalculation in the sum remit to Hale.
August 20, 1795 Enclosed List of Errors in Accounts Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln List of errors in accounts from Commissioner who traveled to Canada in 1793.
September 4, 1797 Commission Errors Joseph Howell James Wood Discusses an officer in the Georgia line who burned his commission, and that there may have been errors in the commissions.
September 14, 1795 Errors on Lincoln's and Storer's Accounts, Etc. Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Pickering writes General Lincoln with a statement from the Comptrollerís Office; there are errors in Lincolnís and Mr. Storerís accounts amounting to $97.38. Because the accounts have been open now for two years, rectifying this mistake will finally allow them to be closed.
April 27, 1797 Errors in accounts Peter Hagner Nehemiah Freeman Discusses errors in accounts, including fines deducted from the pay of a soldier.
October 21, 1795 Errors Relative to Cavalry Equipment Sent to Georgia William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons worries that the enclosed return of cavalry equipment sent to Georgia in 1793, and charged to individuals of that State, may not have included all of the forwarded articles. Hodgdon is asked to examine the return and correct any errors found therein,.
January 31, 1794 Errors in Capt. Heth's Muster Roll Joseph Howell John Heth Capt. Heth's men will not receive their pay until he rectifies the errors on his Muster roll and returns a corrected copy to the Accountant's Office.
August 7, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lemuel Gates Simmons informs Gates of multiple accounting errors. Simmons also requests further information regarding the discharge of a disabled soldier, Thomas Fisher.
May 9, 1800 Corrections Due to Errors in the Return, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Upon reviewing his transactions for 1798 Craig has with great pain detected some errors so he encloses corrected returns for the months of April through September of that year. Hodgdon's removal to another city will be disagreeable but at least he will escape the yellow fever. Craig has written to Colonel Forrest to transfer his power of attorney to Hodgdon for receiving the small interest of his...
January 25, 1799 A Suit Filed by James Caldwell Edward Day Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of accounting matters, Edward Day notes that a suit was instituted by James Caldwell in a moment of discontent against the Commissary General. This prevented a consolidation of the claim at the general settlement made in Hodgdon's office but the errors of that transaction have since been corrected.
September 29, 1797 Wrong Account Information Isaac Craig William Simmons Letter to Charles Martin received, but Martin stated it is wrong and will not refund amount. Craig said Martin will inform Simmons of errors.
October 10, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with the Treasurer of New Jersey Joseph Howell James Mott Joseph Howell discusses with James Mott the persistence of errors in the return of original registers and in the certificates issued subsequently.
June 23, 1786 Errors in printed registers of certificates John Pierce Loan Officers Informs the Loan Office that on examination of the printed registers of his certificates in the Office of Army Accounts, he finds that the printers have made a number of errors, which he has enclosed.
October 13, 1791 Errors on Ordnance Return Isaac Craig Henry Knox Politics of officers and resignations. Apologies for mistakes in ordnance return. Letters forwarded to noted recipients.
September 19, 1797 Settlement of Accounts, with details William Simmons Daniel Bedinger Simmons examined account and vouchers of Bedinger and discovered a number of errors. Bedinger owes the United States $388.15, payment to be remit to Carrington. Simmons requests receipts forwarded to Office to close Bedinger's account.
May 29, 1795 Circular Letter from the War Office to Naval Constructors regarding errors in timber [not available] Constructors of the Frigates Regarding errors in the providing of timber, request that naval constructors document on a chart which timbers had arrived in each ship yard and what timbers were still wanting. This information to be sent to John Morgan in Georgia.
June 19, 1799 Pay Roll Errors Corrected William Simmons Meriwether Lewis Lewis' pay roll was incorrect but Simmons has made up a proper one. The receipt for hired music will be filed for future examination. Blank muster and receipt rolls enclosed.
May 6, 1789 Enclosed List of Errors in Printed Register Unknown Clerk Joseph Howell Request to amend errors to Register of Certificates issued by John Pierce.
February 20, 1798 Request for Forgiveness Regarding Lack of Attention to Report Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Apologies for not attending to report submitted by McHenry before Hamilton had to leave for Albany, NY to attend the Court of Errors (on behalf of his client Louis Le Guen). If McHenry cannot wait for Hamilton to attend to the report, the report will be returned to McHenry via James Inglis at Col. Hamilton's residence on Broadway in New York City.
November 10, 1792 Sargent discusses defective stores with Knox Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, describes errors in military stores; describes inferior quality of military stores.