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November 9, 1793 Designs of Frenchmen to excite military enterprise against possessions of Spain Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Letter from Secretary Knox to the Governor of Northwest Territory. Mentions letter from Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson regarding designs of Frenchmen attempting to excite some military enterprise against possessions of Spain. President Washington asks that a letter to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky be considered as written to Governor St. Clair, and should take measures to prevent the...
December 7, 1793 Strict Neutrality Toward Spain Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Responding to an alleged enterprise against Spanish settlements by General Clarke of Kentucky and by a group of Frenchmen, St. Clair proclaims a posture of strict neturality toward Spain by all those who are part of the military establishment of the United States.
November 11, 1795 Recommendation of Captain Josiah Roberts Fisher Ames Timothy Pickering The friends of Captain Josiah Roberts have asked Rep. Ames to submit for the consideration of the President the possible appointment of Roberts to command one of the U.S. ships of war. Roberts is a man of uncommon fidelity and spirit who is undaunted in danger, cool and perservering, and an excellent experienced seaman.
July 3, 1798 Orders to Take Frigate United States to Sea with Instructions Benjamin Stoddert Captain John Barry Announces preparation of frigate United States to go to sea under Barry's command. Encloses specific instructions. Fears actions of French and requests readiness for any enterprise, expressing confidence in skill and bravery. Establishes mode of communication with the use of flags near the Capes of Delaware.
February 20, 1795 Possible Choices for Frigate Names Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox List of preferred names for U.S. frigates.
November 1, 1794 Illegal attack on Lower Cherokee towns William Blount Colonel Whitley Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory discusses General Benjamin Logan's illegal invasion of Lower Cherokee towns, who are at peace with the United States. Blount calls this action an "illegal and unauthorized enterprise," states that "he has no legal authority for so doing." Blount claims that his "feelings of humanity" should compel him to desist.
November 9, 1793 Letter Citation Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Cited in St. Clair to Knox, 99/99/1793. Copy of letter from Knox to governor of Northwestern Territory enclosed, President requested St. Clair follow instructions to governor of Kentucky as if it was written to himself. Advises military force against French.
June 15, 1799 His character on certain sides gives room for doubts. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Despite some doubts about his character, Hamilton recommends that James Wilkinson be promoted to Major General, [a post declined by Henry Knox who refused to serve under Hamilton].
June 13, 1798 Defending the City and Harbor of New York James McHenry Military Committee of New York City McHenry discusses the details of the proposed defenses of the port of New York.
August 30, 1791 [COPY] General Wilkinson's Expedition Harry Innes Henry Knox Enclosed documents detail Gen. Wilkinson's troops progress. Enclosed muster rolls sent via James Parker. Innes and Brown hope that Knox will authorize immediate payment of the troops and send the money back with Parker. They also justify some of Wilkinson's expenses for the expedition.
April 25, 1791 Transportation and Costs Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Need for boats to transport men and supplies down the Ohio river. Expenditures for various missions discussed.
October 14, 1790 Supplies for Expedition Elliot & Williams Henry Knox Lists supplies provided for Gen. Harmar's expedition west. The supplies and staff were secured on very short notice on credit. They were underbid for rations, and hope that they will not be cut out of any further business.
February 11, 1794 Knox submits estimate of cost for seaport security measures to Fitzsimmons Henry Knox Thomas Fitzsimmons Letter, discusses estimate of the cost of securing seaports; letter and enclosure.
August 24, 1792 Wayne's Campaign Strategy Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne explains in detail his strategy for the campaign against the Indians who he insists are being aided, behind the scenes, by the British. He argues against a Fall campaign because his troops are not adequately trained or supplied and the Indians are strongest in the Fall and weakest in the Spring.