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October 30, 1799 Lists of Ensigns Elected, 17 June 1780 R. D. Howell [not available] Copy of a minutes from a council and assembly meeting,17 June 1780. Lists ensigns elected.
May 30, 1794 Advance Pay Ensigns Semple and Martin Joseph Howell Charles Martin Ensigns Semple and Martin are notified that they will each receive $60 advance pay through the hands of George Clymer, Supervisor.
March 16, 1793 News of Cornplanter, Recruiters, New Ensigns, Pay, and Commissions Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The Cornplanter may be on his way to Legionville. Those recruiting officers who can be spared will be ordered to join the Legion. Newly appointed ensigns are not ready to join the Legion but may be able to do so in two months. One month's pay is being forwarded as well as the commissions for the officers.
July 13, 1792 List of Ensigns to Fill Vacancies Henry Knox [not available] A list of the Ensigns selected to fill vacancies in the First and Second Regiments of the Infantry of the United States Army.
January 17, 1799 Assignment of Captains & Subalterns of North Carolina in Provisional Army Charles Cotesworth Pinckney James McHenry Pinckney informs McHenry that the preparations for assigning the captains, lieutenants and ensigns allotted to North Carolina are almost complete, though assigning officers of higher rank will take longer. Will continue on to South Carolina in the coming weeks.
March 16, 1793 Sundry Military Matters & Indian Affairs Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox addresses a number of matters: Colonel Procter's arrival; inability of the Cornplanter to visit Philadelphia; recruiting officers ordered to headquarters; inability of newly appointed Ensigns to join Wayne soon; route of the Commissioners for the Indian Treaty; one month's pay and officers' commissions forwarded by Major Mills.
January 15, 1791 Estimate of Pay, Subsistence, and Forage Henry Knox [not available] An estimate of pay, subsistence, and forage for nine months from the 1st day of March to the 30th of November, 1790, according to the arrangement of Virginia.
February 5, 1795 Pay of Ensigns Peyton & Thompson Joseph Howell George Gale The Treasurer will remit to Gale sums to be transmitted to Ensign Yelverton Peyton and Ensign David Thompson, both at Winchester, being the balance of their pay.
[not available] Calculations on Hazen's Regiment John Pierce Unknown Recipient The Commissioner of Army Accounts reports on the calculations of General Moses Hazen's Regiment, including the number of colonels, lieutenants, captains, majors, and ensigns
1794 Estimate of expenses for mounted volunteers Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Estimate of expenses surrounding the raising and paying of 2,000 mounted volunteers, of Kentucky, for four months, exclusive of forage and subsistence. Total expenses come out to $264,996.
January 15, 1791 Estimate of Pay, Subsistence, Forage, and Clothing Henry Knox [not available] An estimate for the pay, subsistence, forage, and clothing for nine months for one regiment of Rangers, formed as shown.
May 16, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Chester William Simmons John Chester William Simmons informs John Chester that he has been remitted money to be paid to Captain Eaton and Ensigns Remington and Rand.
August 30, 1798 Requisite for the Frigate at Portsmouth Destined for Algiers Captain O'Brien Samuel Hodgdon The following are required for the frigate at Portsmouth destined for Algiers: one ensign jack and pendant, American; one ensign and pendant, Spanish; one ensign and pendant, British; one ensign and pendant, French. The ensigns should be 28 in size, agreeable to the standards established by the British navy.
November 11, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Ensign Bowyer William Simmons Henry Bowyer William Simmons informs Ensign Bowyer that Edward Carrington will pay him.
August 13, 1785 Regarding Pennsylvania's desire to retain the service of their present officers President John Dickinson Henry Knox John Dickinson sends to Henry Knox notification of Pennsylvania's desire to retain the service of their present officers.
March 30, 1793 Furnishment of Military Stores; Sending of Spies Requested Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The stores requested by the Commander of artillery will be furnished except the "battle powder" which is not suited to the current needs of the army. Scouts/spies are essential so Knox requests that they be posted immediately.
March 9, 1791 Expenses of a Corps of 760 Men for Thirty Days Henry Knox [not available] This is a schedule of the expenses of 760 men, calculated on a scale of thirty days from the point of departure, allowing three days for travel to the rendezvous and three days for returning home.
July 28, 1784 Officers required to command Pennsylvania's quota of militia Joseph Carleton President John Dickinson [Carleton (War Office) to Pres. Dickinson] War Office, July 28th, 1784 Sir, In obedience to the act of Congress of the 3d June last, I do myself the honor to inform your Excellency that the following Officers, besides one Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, one Regimental Surgeon and one Mate, will be required of the State of Pennsylvania to command her quota of Militia to be raised under that...
[not available] Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [not available] William Simmons Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
August 19, 1799 Men and Supplies of the Twelve Additional Regiments Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reports on sundry matters related to the officers and men and supplies of the twelve additional regiments.
March 22, 1793 Wayne discusses officers with Knox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, describes problems concerning promotions and some inept officers.
March 9, 1793 Dealings with Cornplanter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne As stated earlier, the Cornplanter is no longer needed in Philadelphia because the Farmer's brother and others have provided the necessary information. It is unfortunate that rumors have spread that the Cornplanter is estranged from us when the truth is that he angered his brethren when he visited us without their permission.
November 6, 1792 Indian Attack on My Camp John Adair James Wilkinson Adair describes an Indian attack on his camp and the gallant response of his officers and men.
October 31, 1787 Raising of Pennsylvania troops to replace those on frontiers Henry Knox Benjamin Franklin Agreeably to Acts of Congress for raising troops to replace those on frontiers, Knox lists commissioned officers necessary for Pennsylvania quota, to include 1 Lieutenant Colonel; 3 Captains; 3 Lieutenants; 3 Ensigns; 1 Captain and 1 Lieutenant of artillery; 1 surgeon and 1 surgeon's mate.
June 30, 1788 Monies for recruiting service; appropriate specie, and disputes over rank Josiah Harmar Peter Muhlenberg Harmar discusses monies for recruiting service; the matter of paper money and specie, and disputes over rank between Ensigns Denny and Spear. Indicates that Spear is the senior officer. The same principles should operate in case of Captains Ferguson and Ziegler.