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September 24, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Simmons defends the deductions he made from Freeman's claim.
December 12, 1794 Benefits of the War Against the Insurgency, Etc. Edward Carrington Alexander Hamilton Among many other matters including Hamilton's impending resignation, Carrington expresses his views on the success of the war against the insurgency. He particularly notes the importance of confronting the insurgents with overwhelming force and comments on the benefits of having the militia encounter firsthand the hypocrisy of the so-called fighters for liberty. [Whiskey Rebellion]
July 15, 1794 Abandonment of the Territory of the State Thomas Mifflin George Washington Governor Mifflin expresses his strong objections to the abandonment of a great portion of the territory of his State to the Six Nations of Indians as provided for by the Council held at Fort Le Beouf.
April 19, 1791 Acts of Violence Against the Friendly Indians Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox decries the act of violence against friendly Indians by Major Gutrie and his party of militia which may provoke the Sencas to turn against the United States. If Gutrie was called into service by the United States he is liable to trial by court martial and, if convicted, may be executed.
May 11, 1791 Indian Relations Henry Knox George Clinton Indian relations and peace keeping efforts.
April 12, 1791 Indian Wars Henry Knox George Clinton Knox informs Governor Clinton that it seems likely that the Indian tribes northwest of the Ohio will unite against the United States. The President wants to avoid a war with the Indians, and the Government is trying to find ways to prevent full war. One step is to meet with the Six Nations, who might easily become enemies. Colonel Pickering has been requested to invite the Six Nations to a...
November 12, 1792 House Response to the Annual Message Speaker of the House of Representatives George Washington The Speaker of the House explains the response of the House of Representatives to the President's annual message.
November 26, 1792 Avoiding Conflict with the Southern Tribes Henry Knox William Blount Knox provides Bount with his assessment of the situation with the southern Indians and projected additions to the miitary establishment in the South. The Indians are not satisfied with the actions of the Cumberland settlements but it appears that the Creek chiefs are willing to council with Seagrove soon. Blount is asked to take whatever action is needed to end conflict with the Chickamaugas.
January 14, 1793 Complaints & Threats of the Cherokee Nation William Blount Henry Knox Blount disputes the Cherokee claims to the land of the Cumberland settlements upon which they are threatening war against the inhabitants. He charges the Cherokee young warriors with stirring up the antagonism against the settlers and defends his summons of the militia to protect the settlers against Indian depredations.
May 11, 1791 Treating with the Six Nations Henry Knox George Clinton Knox discusses treating with the Six Nations and State government and laws respecting Indian affairs. He alludes to the planned embassy to the Western Indians.
January 10, 1794 Preparations for Indian Attacks in Kentucky Isaac Shelby Henry Knox Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky warns that hostile Indians have been emboldened by their successes against the expeditions sent against them and he has every reason to believe that they will attack again early in the Spring. He discusses his proposals for preparing for these inevitable attacks.
January 26, 1792 Knox makes public the causes of hostilities with Indians Henry Knox [not available] Document, Causes of hostilities with Indians; describes Indians and Indian warfare; describes Indian aggression; mentions Territorial Governments; describes White encroachment; discusses Indian torture tactics; discusses Harmar's Expedition; mentions Indian delegations; discusses pioneers and frontier life.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.