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November 5, 1796 Enlistment Receipts and Request for Sum to be Remitted through Col. Fish Staats Morris William Simmons Morris encloses papers for the enlistment of a recruit, which combined with two previous recruits brings him a bounty of $48. He would like to have the money remitted via Colonel Fish.
February 15, 1792 Statement of enlistment into the United States Army Andrew Blad [not available] Enlistment document of Andrew Blad, who voluntarily enlisted in Regiment commanded by James Collins.
November 27, 1798 Duplicate Enlistment Receipts Enclosed Samuel Eddins William Simmons Duplicate enlistment receipts enclosed, returned from Simmons due to the paperwork being disagreeable in form. Eddins thought a transcript was sufficient for prior submission, promised compliance with future duplicate receipts submitted to Office.
January 25, 1800 Altered Terms of Enlistment James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Altered terms of enlistment should perhaps run "for and during the existing differences between the United States and the French Republic, or five years at the option of the government."
December 17, 1797 Statement of enlistment into the United States Army Etheldred Ballard [not available] Etheldred Ballard oath of allegiance as a soldier in Army of United States of America. Enlistment is for five years.
December 26, 1797 Etheldred Ballard oath of enlistment Etheldred Ballard [not available] Document whereby Etheldred Ballard acknowledges having enlisted for five years as solder in the 4th United States Regiment.
August 18, 1795 Corrected Dates of Enlistment Samuel Tinsley Timothy Pickering Tinsley observes that his most recent muster rolls for the detachment of infantry under his command include the corrected dates of enlistment for John Blemline and William Carson.
May 29, 1799 Discussion of Qualifications for Soldiers and Officers; Court Marital Process James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to army enlistment. Mentions qualifications to become a soldier and enlistment for officers. Refers to general court martials.
June 2, 1795 Pay of Private Caleb Allen William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $1.30 is due Private Caleb Allen, Captain William Eaton's company, for his pay from December 19, 1794, the date of his enlistment, to December 31, 1794.
June 13, 1796 Enclosed Inlistment of J. Parsons William Littlefield William Simmons Cover letter enclosing enlistment of soldier with pledge of allegiance. Bounty advanced.
April 11, 1794 Enlistment Date of Michael Fimple Joseph Howell Cornelius Sedam Captain Sedam's Muster Roll is being returned so that the enlistment date for Michael Fimple can be entered.
July 6, 1798 Expenses for Quarters and Portage John Jacob Rivardi William Simmons Rivardi has been advised by Mr. and Mrs. McClallen that his expenses for portage and quarters will not be allowed although he still hopes to be reimbursed since the amount he charged was not one-fourth the amount he was forced to disburse. Patrick McDonnell's second enlistment needs to be checked since it seems that he had deserted during his first enlistment.
September 12, 1797 Enlistment Expenses and Apprehension of Deserters William Simmons William Littlefield Notification of enlistment of Henry Hannah and Solomon Haws accompanied by receipts that totaled $7.00 part bounty paid to Hannah. $0.25 repaid to Littlefield for attesting to the enlistment of Haws. Payment made by Nehemiah Freeman, Temporary Paymaster of West Point out of unappropriated monies. If expenses occur during the apprehension of of Hannah and Haws Littlefield should record the cost...
June 24, 1797 Private's bounty William Simmons Philip Rodrigue Acknowledges receipt of the enlistment of Richard S. Sutton and receipt for his bounty. Advises Rodrigue to pay the remainder of his bounty in installments.
February 6, 1797 Pay of Private James Staffs, 4th US Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $26.19 is due Pvt. James Staffs of the 4th US Regiment, being his pay from August 15, 1796, the day of his enlistment, to January 31, 1797.
February 4, 1792 Statement of enlistment into the United States Army Robert Sutherland [not available] Robert Sutherland and Andrew Blad acknowledge to have voluntarily enlisted in Regiment commanded by James Collins.
May 11, 1796 Oath of Enlistment of Johnathon Parsons Jonathan Parsons [not available] Authorization of voluntary enlistment as soldier in corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
January 8, 1790 Moses Hazen's Ongoing Dispute Regarding Disbursements Joseph Howell Nicholas Eveleigh General Moses Hazen demands payment for the enlistment of men into the Army.
June 6, 1799 Rules & Regulations Respecting the Recruiting Service Abraham R. Ellery Commanding Officer on the Mississippi Explains the rules and regulations regarding the recruiting service with emphasis on those who are eligible for enlistment. Only citizens can be enlisted but persons not born in a specific State who lived in same before July 4, 1796 may be declared citizens for the purpose of enlistment. Anyone who has immigrated since that day must produce a certificate of naturalization from a magistrate or...
April 12, 1784 Enlistment and discharge dates for French soldiers John Pierce Joseph Carleton Regarding enlistment and discharge dates for French soldiers.
April 18, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of Private McNelis William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $14 is due Private Patrick McNelis of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, being his pay from January 1, the day of his enlistment, to April 15, 1798, the day of his discharge.
October 16, 1797 Certification of payments due; pay of Ensign Boote's Detachment William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $48.98 is due a detachment of recruits under the command of Ensign William R. Boote, being their pay from their dates of enlistment to October 1, 1797.
September 15, 1795 Pay of Captain Alexander Gibson and His Men William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $599.84 is due Captain Alexander Gibson and the men under his command at Staunton, Virginia, being his pay from March 1st and his men from the dates of their enlistment through August 1795.
April 18, 1796 Pay of Captain Uriah Springer's Men at Fayette County, Pennsylvania William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $251.73 is due the men commanded by Captain Uriah Springer at Fayette County Pennsylvania, being their pay from the dates of their enlistment through March 1796.
April 7, 1795 Supply of Troops and Indian Policy Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Enclosed copy of letter to Lord Dorchester at Quebec, requests that Pickering forward the letter immediately. Mentioned "nefarious measures" Father E. Burke and Col. McKee are taking to excite Indians to violence against U.S. Discussed new terms of reenlistment and enlistment to boost retention/enlistment among able bodied men. Discussed contractor compliance with orders for supplying troops.