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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
November 7, 1791 Endorsement page Henry Knox John Smith Endorsement page only.
March 10, 1790 Flint forwards a letter to Knox Royal Flint Henry Knox Letter, Flint provides letter for Knox to remove his endorsement.
[not available] Endorsement Henry Knox Marinus Willett Endorsement.
July 13, 1788 Endorsement page only James McHenry Captain Richard Dale Endorsement, Richard Dale, Ship Ganges, to James McHenry.
June 20, 1789 Barrett forwards Governor Hancock's endorsement to Knox Samuel Barrett Henry Knox Letter, encloses Hancock's letter of endorsement.
January 29, 1798 A Mistake Somewhere in Your Account Samuel Hodgdon Major C. Langham Langham is advised to resolve the problems with his account so as to settle it as soon as possible.
May 27, 1799 Cited letter or document, Unknown Author to Unknown Recipient Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Citation only.
August 16, 1790 Bills to Endores, Duties as Paymaster, Lottery, and Treaty Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell received a bill from Knox but it was not endorsed or accompanied by a letter of advice, so it cannot be accepted. His position as Pay Master General may soon cease, due to an act passed by Congress. Lottery tickets have come up blank, but the rest are in the wheels. The weather is very warm. The paper of Saturday presents news on the Treaty with the Creeks. Ratification was Friday last....
April 4, 1793 Payments of Naval Officers & Surveyors Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Wolcott discusses the pay of naval officers and in districts where there is no naval officer, pay is due to the surveyors of the ports. Also provided is a payment of 100 cents for every endorsement upon a Certificate of Registry.
March 24, 1795 Letter Submitted for Approval Timothy Pickering George Washington Enclosed draft of letter to Gov. Blount. Approval submitted by Wolcott, Bradford, and Randolph.
September 23, 1799 Unfortunate Incident in My Brother's Family, Etc. William Miller Samuel Hodgdon Miller reports that an unfortunate incident in his brother James's family at Germantown has required his residence for the previous ten days. The enclosed warrant, with the Treasurer's endorsement, is being remitted and entitles Hodgdon to payment at the bank.
August 20, 1799 Seeks to Provide Payment upon Receipt of Vouchers Samuel Hodgdon Henry Glen Reports endorsement of accountant for Glen's transportation of troops to Oswego. Vouchers must be submitted to the proper officers. Requests information to prevent an embarrassing procrastination of payment.
February 24, 1788 Joseph Dawson discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson asks a question to Joseph Howell regarding the endorsement of certificates.
October 3, 1798 McHenry's Bank Account James McHenry Thomas Willing McHenry discusses his bank account and asks that the monies be applied to his credit even though he neglected to bring his bank book with him.
April 15, 1799 Providing Virginia's Officers With Their Commissions Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton quotes a letter from General Washington who complains that the officers of Virginia has yet to receive their commissions and this is the cause of much dissatisfaction.
November 18, 1795 Account settled William Simmons John R. Lynch Informs the surgeon's mate at Governor's Island in New York that the office has settled his account for pay and forage.
January 25, 1797 Fraudulent bill presented at the War Office William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Discusses a due bill of Captain Gambles in favor of Dennis Shean for balance of bounty presented at the War Office with an endorsement for sum paid altered with an intention of fraud
August 6, 1800 Recommendations of Jonathan Williams for Officer Appointment John Adams Samuel Dexter Forwards officer recommendation from Henry Knox of Jonathan Williams, Esq. Adams mentions McHenry's previous endorsement of Williams as an artillery major, and adds his own brief recommendation.
1799 Unsigned Presidential Endorsement of Capital Punishment for Andrew Anderson John Adams [not available] States the particulars of the court martial and conviction of Andrew Anderson, and affirms his sentence to hang, in the name of "the beneficial influence of well-placed examples in Military Service." [Note: Adams signaled his intent to pardon Andrew Anderson at the last minute in his letter to McHenry of September 18, 1799].
March 21, 1799 Viewing the Governors as First Generals of the Militia, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Hamilton points out the defective wording in the Non-Intercourse laws and approves the Governors of each State being regarded as the first General of the State Militia. He seeks an endorsement of young Wharton who has been recommended for appointment as his secretary.
May 25, 1791 Drafts in Favor of Four Officers Joseph Howell John Habersham Enclosed are four letters containing drafts drawn by the Treasurer of the United States in Howell's favor and endorsed by him in the following gentleman's favor: Capt Henry Burbeck of the 1st Battalion of Artillery for $2,590; Capt. John Smith of the 1st US Regiment for $1652; Lieut. Moses Porter of the 1st Battalion of Artillery for $1,784.60; and Capt. Michael Rudolph of the 1st US Regiment for...
January 23, 1800 Compensation for Rent and Caring for Sick at Fort McHenry James McHenry William Simmons Enclosed letter from S. Morris and accounts for rent of a room by engineer and for the payment of a matron who attended sick soldiers at Fort McHenry. Addressed Simmons requirement for supporting vouchers and noted that he did not address the bill of the matron. McHenry believed all charges were just and should be paid.
June 13, 1786 Endorsement of certificate for John Gray Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell The author says that a friend has asked him to endorse a Certificate for between one and two hundred dollars in the name of John Gray and dated Dec. 2nd(?),1784. He wants to know where Gray lives in Pennsylvania and which Corps he served in.
September 12, 1798 Enclosed Check and Illness Update Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon Lewis encloses $1,000.00 check drawn on the Bank of the United States payable to Hodgdon. Confirmed the death of Fenno, but waiting on the health of Bache.
1798 Candidates for Army Appointments from Delaware Alexander Hamilton [not available] Extensive list of men reviewed for appointments to army officer positions. Prior military service, professions, and character reviewed.