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June 3, 1800 Provisions for Disbanded Troops Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice If the troops continue at their encampment beyond the day of their discharge, June 15th, they will draw provisions as usual.
November 4, 1799 Colonel Parker's Encampment in Harper's Ferry Tobias Lear George Washington Lear reports on Colonel Parker's camp at Harper's Ferry. There was some concern that there was not enough lumber to build huts to house the regiment, but the area purchased by the US had sufficient trees for lumber.
1791 Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791 Winthrop Sargent [not available] Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791.
October 10, 1800 Our Approaching Election, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Neither the general nor the Quartermaster General have arrived so the troops continue in their encampment without orders to go into garrison or cantonment. Craig apprehends that the approaching election will be attended with considerable warmth.
September 10, 1799 Certification of payment; John King, contractor, for rations, quartermaster and hospital stores furnished detachment, 11th Regiment of Infantry, at encampment near Elizabeth Town, New Jersey William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $200.18 to John King, contractor, for rations, quartermaster and hospital stores furnished detachment, 11th Regiment of Infantry, at encampment near Elizabeth Town, New Jersey.
June 5, 1800 Who has taken charge of the War Department? Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of several matters, Craig declares that he would have expected Hodgdon to inform him who had taken charge of the War Department. He had hoped that his friend Henry would have had an invitation. Colonel Strong and part of the 2nd Regiment have arrived at the encampment on the Allegheny River where he will stay until joined by troops coming from Staunton and Winchester. They...
June 12, 1795 Stores and Indian Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Military stores removed from militia encampment to Fort Fayette except for essential items required by men currently being inoculated for small pox. Indian goods for Chickasaws delivered (and listed). Invoice enclosed.
August 26, 1799 Continuing Operations during Yellow Fever Epidemic Robert McCormick Samuel Hodgdon R McCormick unsigned query to Samuel Hodgdon regarding his contract for arms. He asked what arrangements have been made during the Yellow Fever for proving of the barrels, inspecting arms, paying the accounts and whether he may be indulged with horsemen's tents to make an encampment for the workmen at the factory.
October 21, 1794 Letter to the Secretary of Treasury Ephrain Blaine Alexander Hamilton Ephraim Blaine writes that, as the army is to march and the Quartermaster General to take immediate charge, he concludes that his services will no longer be necessary. Blaine will thus conclude his business in a few days. He will lay in sufficient supplies at the encampment, and take charge of the magazines of forage at Timothy Ryan's estate upon the Pennsylvania road to Carlisle. There are 3000...
May 1, 1795 Forwarded Supplies and Enclosed Returns Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Medicine chest on hand to be delivered to Col. Biddle. Enclosed returns and abstracts. Encampment set for recruits and supplies forwarded to Fort Washington by boat under Ensign Harris.
January 22, 1792 Officer Was Never Seen Again Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair describes to Knox an incident in which patrols were to be sent from camp before dawn to interdict hostile Indians. The adjutant was sent to the officer in charge of these patrols to ensure that the patrols would be dispatched. The officer told the adjutant that the patrols would go out as soon as he returned to camp but he was never seen again.
April 11, 1797 Cherokee boundary line survey Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Report on the status and progress of surveying and marking the boundary line between the United States and the Cherokee Nation.
May 23, 1793 State of Alarm Among Inhabitants of Georgia Frontier, Etc. Henry Gaither Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Major Gaither reports many of inhabitants have left their homes; some have built forts on their soil. Gaither has furnished many with arms; militia Generals have ordered rations. Federal contractor issuing about 2000 rations per day to militia. Male negroes and some of their families included in the ration returns. Major Habersham asked that Gaither certify these issues....
August 20, 1794 General Wayne's plan of battle Unknown Author Unknown Recipient General Anthony Wayne's plan of battle, march and encampment, with an oversized map of the region.
August 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John King Simmons informs King to expect payment from the Treasurer.
November 4, 1791 Sketch by Colonel Sargent, Adjutant General, of St. Clair's plan of encampment and subsequent retreat on 4 November 1791 at Battle of Wabash River Winthrop Sargent [not available] Sketch was made by Colonel Winthrop Sargent, Adjutant General under General Arthur St. Clair. It shows the disposition of forces during the defeat of St Clair's Army by Miami and Shawnee Indians. Because both commanding generals Butler and St. Clair were sick on the day of the battle, Sargent was in charge of supervising the encampment. Sargent was later wounded during the battle. Sketch depicts...
May 5, 1800 Disposition of Troops During the Summer Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter from the Secretary of War to Major General Alexander Hamilton. Since it is now time to decide on the disposition of the troops during the summer, it seems that Rhode Island is the point where the most is doing in the way of fortifications as it could be seized by a maritime enemy.
October 1, 1784 Copies of enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar transmits copies of the enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania and reports two companies of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, October 1st, 1784 Sir, Agreeably to Instructions received from your Excellency & the Honorable Council, I have the honor to transmit you Copies of the several Inlistments [sic] for the...
April 25, 1799 Best Understanding Between Our Nations James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Wilkinson includes an extract of a letter from Governor Gayoso in which the cordial nature of Captain Shaumburgh's expedition to New Orleans is viewed as evidence of friendly relations between the United States and Spain.
May 12, 1800 Supply of Marquieus & Tents Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Hamilton reminds Hodgdon that he had written earlier requesting a supply of marquieus and tents for himself and the Adjutant General to be used during their imminent visit to the camp at Scotch Plains.
[not available] Appointment of the Quartermaster General, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Among a number of supply matters, McHenry notes that no one can be appointed Deputy Quartermaster General until the Quartermaster General is appointed and the gentleman contemplated for that post has made his acceptance dependant upon the event that General Washington takes the field.
September 25, 1784 Lieutenant Colonel Harmar reports that the Artillery and an infantry company of his command have marched for Fort Pitt Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports that the Artillery and an infantry company of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Josiah Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, September 25th, 1784 Sir, I have the honor to inclose [sic] to your Excellency & the honorable Council a weekly return of the troops under my command, & at the same time to inform that last Wednesday, the Artllery & captain...
May 5, 1800 Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Notification of orders for Col. Smith and Rice to prepare troops for encamping. Since no sufficient fortifications exist to house and exercise the troops, Hamilton advised moving the troops to Rhode Island. Believed employing the troops to erect fortifications would be a good idea as RI is a desirable location to establish a defensible post against foreign powers.
October 24, 1800 Arrival of Harrison and Tracey Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon of the arrival of William Harrison and Uriah Tracey.
November 6, 1792 Details of Reconnaissance Mission on Savage Indians James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson gave detailed account of intelligence mission to determine path of savage Indians who previously assaulted garrison of Fort Hamilton. Safety of roads to frontier posts and transportation of materials compromised by savages.