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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 31, 1798 Notification of Duplicates Enclosed Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman enclosed duplicates of previous letters requesting answers from the War Department.
November 15, 1800 Simmons Requesting that Swan Forward Duplicates of his Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Owing to the fire, many of the vouchers relating to particular accounts of Swan's were destroyed, and Simmons requests that Swan forward the duplicates to Simmons.
October 26, 1798 Moneys Advanced Recruits William Deveaux William Simmons Enclosed are six duplicates for past bounties advanced to six recruits.
January 5, 1792 Letters to be Forwarded Henry Knox Isaac Craig Duplicates of original letters intended for lieutenants of several counties in Pennsylvania and Virgina. If Craig believes the originals will reach the lieuts before an express of the duplicates, he can send the duplicates by regular mail.
October 19, 1798 Bounty Paid Recruits William Deveaux William Simmons Enclosed are four additional duplicates of bounty paid recruits since Deveaux's last submission.
February 15, 1797 No Duplicate Receipts Alexander Thompson William Simmons Thompson encloses the original receipt rolls for his company. He does not have duplicates and therefore entrusted the receipts to Captain Fleming rather than risk sending them by post.
September 9, 1791 Duplicates of Knox's and Butler's Letters John Stagg Arthur St. Clair Chief Clerk John Stagg sends duplicates of two letters to General St. Clair.
October 13, 1791 Request to Forward Letters John Stagg Isaac Craig Duplicates of letters to Lieutenants of Alleghany, Washington, Fayette, Ohio counties and to several personal letters to be forwarded.
April 21, 1798 Advice on Payment for Lost Post Notes Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Hodgdon is seeking Wolcott's advice regarding lost post notes sent to Thomas Holt, the public agent at New London, Virginia. The bank refuses to supply duplicates so how is the lost money to be recovered?
November 15, 1800 Simmons Writes Ball to Request Forwarding of his Authority or Contract, as well as Duplicates of his Vouchers William Simmons Robert Ball Simmons wrote a letter to Ball on the 16th of October acknowledging receipt of Ball's letter dated October 2nd, along with the accounts and vouchers for his supplies. Simmons requested the authority or contract Ball was operating under, though he is yet to receive a reply. Simmons now writes to request that, due to the fire at the War Department, Ball forward the duplicates of all his vouchers...
July 21, 1791 Enclosed Duplicates of Correspondence on Land Purchase Arthur St. Clair Alexander Hamilton Originals on boat attacked by Indians, duplicates now enclosed. Judge purchased public lands, continues to sell them despite the Proclamation issued by Congress regarding boundary line between U.S. and Western Indian lands. Butler yet to arrive, season for campaign is waning.
September 2, 1794 Receipts Enclosed Russell Bissell Samuel Hodgdon Bissell encloses his receipts for which he has duplicates.
September 11, 1797 Apology Andrew Marschalk William Simmons Marschalk apologizes for the trouble caused by the inaccuracy of his last payroll. Enclosed are the receipts paid for bounties paid since his last submission. Duplicates are forwarded in the amount of $522.
December 4, 1794 Account of Expenditures Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon In exhaustive detail, Slough discusses his account of expenditures for expresses.
December 31, 1798 Receipt for Shot Cannisters for the Navy Tench Francis [not available] Acknowledges receipt of 865 shot cannisters for the purposes of being filled for the use of the Navy.
August 8, 1791 St. Clair writes to Knox Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Largely illegible letter between St Clair and Knox.
September 19, 1795 No Pay Received for April, May, & June, Etc. Decius Wadsworth William Simmons No money has been received as pay for the months of April, May, and June as had been expected. For his own payroll, Wadsworth did not know that duplicates were required so in the future he will supply them.
September 1, 1794 Enclosed Receipts Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Bissell discusses a number of receipts that are enclosed to Howell.
September 27, 1800 A Most Singular Burglary Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams ponders the motives behind the burglary of duplicate payrolls which would seem of little value to anyone other than public officials.
September 27, 1798 Receipt for Socks & Swords for Marines William Burrows [not available] Burrows/Straub acknowledges receipt of fifty pairs of socks and four sergeant's swords agreeable to an order for the use of the Marine service.
December 16, 1794 Pay of Ensign David Thompson's Recruits Joseph Howell David Thompson A form of a muster roll is enclosed so that Ensign Thompson can have musters taken to the last of this month (December), duplicates of which must be transmitted to the Accountant's Office before pay can be remitted.
June 30, 1800 Receipt for Advertising Three Deserters Benjamin Bradford Anthony Foster The receipt for advertising three deserters of Anthony Foster for $3.75, the full of his account for which he has signed duplicates.
February 10, 1801 Simmons Transmitting Duplicate Documents and Statements to Harrison William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmitting duplicates of abstracts and bills.
February 15, 1784 Letter from Colonel Varick Richard Varick John Pierce Varick discusses rations, subsistence, and forage accounts.
June 23, 1797 No increase in pay William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses accounting matters. Informs Swan that Congress intended no increase in his pay when it gave him the title "Paymaster General."