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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 27, 1798 Settling Mr. Ellis's Duplicate Account Samuel Hodgdon William C. C. Claiborne Before Mr. Ellis's duplicate account can be paid, he must take an oath affirming that his original account is still missing.
May 5, 1791 Enclosed Duplicate Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Fear of documents not reaching Craig prompted Hodgdon to send a second copy.
March 23, 1793 Forwarding of Duplicate of March 10 Knox Letter John Stagg Anthony Wayne Since Knox is sick he has ordered Stagg to send Wayne a duplicate of his March 10 letter.
October 30, 1795 Acknowledged Receipt Isaac Craig William Simmons Letter received, one believed to be a duplicate of one by Haskell, due to arrive in a few days.
August 11, 1798 Duplicate Receipts for Captain R.L. Blackburn Edward Carrington William Simmons Letter, encloses one of the duplicate receipts of Captain R. L. Blackburn.
February 1, 1796 Regarding Duplicate Bills Samuel Pleasants Samuel Hodgdon One of the letters enclosing a bill was a duplicate. Asks Hodgdon to inform how the affair appears after examination of the bills paid.
September 12, 1797 Sundry Duplicate Receipts William Simmons William R. Boote Simmons received letter from Boote dated September 9th which contained sundry duplicate receipts accompanied by a list. Receipts will be examined in the future.
September 17, 1791 Duplicate Receipts, Troop Location Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Receipts from Armstrong's horse purchase. Troops encamped near Big Miami.
September 21, 1798 Duplicate set of bills in favor of Prather and Smiley Caleb Swan James McHenry Duplicate set of bills in favor of Prather and Smiley dated at Cincinnati for $3000 on account of pay of Army for 1798.
September 4, 1788 [Duplicate] Appointment as Agent to Chickasaws Henry Knox Charles Martin Duplicate notifying Martin (Marten?) of Congressional resolve appointing him Agent to Chickasaws. Notifications to other offices to be mailed.
November 27, 1798 Duplicate Enlistment Receipts Enclosed Samuel Eddins William Simmons Duplicate enlistment receipts enclosed, returned from Simmons due to the paperwork being disagreeable in form. Eddins thought a transcript was sufficient for prior submission, promised compliance with future duplicate receipts submitted to Office.
November 17, 1798 Duplicate Receipts Enclosed Samuel Eddins William Simmons Duplicate receipts for soldier enclosed.
July 29, 1798 Duplicate Receipts James Read James McHenry Duplicate receipts are transmitted with the hope that the forms are in the proper order.
December 9, 1794 Transmission of a Duplicate Letter Joseph Howell Frederick Dalcho A duplicate of Howell's letter of Dec. 4, 1794 is transmitted.
January 1, 1797 Account Current No. 12 Enclosed (Duplicate) Constant Freeman William Simmons DUPLICATE: account No. 12 enclosed with vouchers. Troops paid. Supplies so low that it was impossible for officers to supply themselves with provisions.
February 15, 1796 Enclosed Duplicate Account Joshua Wentworth William Simmons Fear of mislaid account led Wentworth to enclose duplicate copy of account requiring adjustment. Account included in document file. Officers pay.
August 22, 1795 Duplicate of my Muster Roll Decius Wadsworth William Simmons "I have the honor to transmit you enclosed a Duplicate Muster Roll of my Recruits made up to the commencement of the present Month."
September 29, 1798 Duplicate Receipts for Money Advanced James B. Many William Simmons Enclosed are the duplicate receipts with a list of names and the money advanced since Many's last letter
October 15, 1798 Duplicate Receipts Enclosed Samuel Eddins William Simmons Duplicate receipts of three recruits enclosed.
January 31, 1801 Simmons Confirming Receipt of Carrington's Letter of January 27th William Simmons Edward Carrington Received letter duplicate receipts for $570.63.
July 18, 1794 Acknowledged Receipt of Letter Ordering Payment by Secretary of War John Vermonnet Joseph Howell Received payment directed by the Sec. of War from Mr. Gale. Notification he signed the duplicate receipts.
September 24, 1794 Duplicate Receipts Enclosed Daniel Stevens Joseph Howell Stevens encloses the duplicate receipts from recent payments made.
January 4, 1790 Duplicate receipt for payment to recruits John Pierce Joseph Howell Duplicate receipt from Captain Isaac Concklin for advancing pay to recruits.
September 2, 1796 Duplicate Muster Roll Enclosed William Wilson William Simmons As ordered by the Secretary of War. Wilson encloses a duplicate muster roll.
February 10, 1801 Simmons Transmitting Duplicate Documents and Statements to Harrison William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmitting duplicates of abstracts and bills.