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September 30, 1786 Specie due to officers of the Georgia Line John Pierce William Few Statement of the specie that would have been due to the officers of the Line of Georgia; discusses settlements and certificates.
April 18, 1795 Specie due the Virginia Line William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmits the estimate of specie due the Virginia Line for the year of 1783.
October 3, 1786 Pay matters of Captain Waugh and Captain Luke Broadhead Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Capt. Waugh has been paid the entire $480 of his supernumerary pay. Regarding Captain Luke Broadhead, the haste with which his account was settled resulted in him being granted $40 specie to which he is not entitled so that payment should be stopped if possible. The author still needs information regarding Col. Baker and the status of the power of attorney for Mr. Widesman[sic].
December 14, 1786 Account of Captain Joshua Williams Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Settles the account of Captain Joshua Williams and a specie certificate issued to him for the amount due him.
December 16, 1786 Specie due the officers of the Virginia Line John Pierce Henry Knox Writes the Secretary at War concerning specie due to the officers of the Virginia Line.
January 24, 1791 Specie Claims Peter Anspach Alexander Hamilton Anspach announces that he is making his first return, enclosed for the inspection of the Auditor, based on several specie claims against the Quartermaster General's department.
May 23, 1794 Specie to be sent Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores has applied for the $15,000 as instructed, but Secretary Hamilton has declined to give him more than one third in specie. The specie is on its way to Pittsburgh via John Dunwoody, and should arrive in twenty days. It is in a tight cask to your address marked "Speller Solder." He is sending post notes for the remaining 10,000 with this letter. He has also received...
December 28, 1786 Enclosed account John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Encloses an account for Dunscomb to obtain from the State of Virginia the appropriate orders for officer specie pay
January 4, 1787 Account of Captain Groins John Pierce John Hopkins Informs Hopkins that the account of Captain Groins omits the amount for the purchase of a wagon and team. Therefore his order must be held until he produces a certificate that accounts for this sum.
January 29, 1784 Financial Matters Philip Audebert John Pierce Discussion on financial matters.
November 1, 1792 Request for money, forwarding of specie, horse supplies Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara According to the Commissary of Military Stores, Secretary Hamilton admits only $2500 to be forwarded in specie; the remainder in bank notes. Mentions silver part of remittance and subsequent moiety of notes. Horse supplies will be loaded next week.
May 20, 1786 Certificate for Captain Patton Joseph Howell Richard Humpton As requested, the author has enclosed a Certificate for the amount of one hundred eighty four dollars in favor of Captain Patton. This is the amount due him after the amount of sixteen dollars is deducted because that amount was received from Mr. Bernstead(?). In the 10th Regiment there are two men named John Smith so Certificates have been issued to the Agents for their pay up to January 1781.
April 1798 A Present of $500 if the Business Is Settled Favorably A. Powers Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the vouchers respecting Powers' claims. He knows that Hodgdon is best acquainted with his business and for his attention and introduction to friends and members of Congress at New York, Powers promises to give Hodgdon a present of five hundred dollars specie if his business is resolved favorably.
October 29, 1792 $35,000 for the Quartermaster General Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Enclosed is a warrant for $35,000 for the use of the Quartermaster General's department. Hamilton requests that it be received in bank post notes which for greater security should be made out in the name of the Quartermaster General. There should be no transportation of specie at this time from the seat of government.
May 18, 1786 Pay of the Maryland Line John Pierce Henry Knox Cover letter for an estimate of the "specie pay" due to the Maryland Continental Regiments
August 7, 1788 Major General Spencer report on accounts Joseph Howell Commissioners of Treasury Major General Spencer submits report on accounts regarding his claims for pay.
February 3, 1784 Pay of Contractors Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Request for money to pay contractors for repairs to muskets
April 12, 1787 Specie Due to Virginia officers John Pierce Board of Treasury Transmits to the Board of Treasury and Secretary at War the returns of specie due to officers of the late line of Virginia.
May 15, 1799 Requests Money to Pay Anthony Foster for Recruitment David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Anthony Foster for recruitment.
November 23, 1793 Remittances sent forward Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Letter from the Commissary of Military Stores to the Quartermaster General describing remittances sent. Mentions specie sent by Brotherton; payment of cavalry implements.
August 27, 1799 Requests Payment for Joseph McKean for the Army in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Joseph McKean to pay the Tennessee armies.
May 19, 1790 Pay Due to Major Call Joseph Howell John Hopkins Discusses the specie pay due to Major Richard Call
May 17, 1794 Suggests Exchange of Bank Notes for Specie; Discusses Horses James O'Hara Henry Knox Refers to conversation about exchanging bank notes for specie for accounts in the Western Country. Refers to General Wayne's horses.
February 8, 1791 Account of Captain McHenry Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Informs Nicholson that Captain Charles McHenry owes the United States 185 dollars, the amount which should be deducted from McHenry's account before his certificate is issued.
October 19, 1786 Lieutenant George Winchester's account Joseph Howell John White Regarding Lt. George Winchester's account, a mistake was made which resulted in $83[&]56/90 still being due the US. Perhaps the recipient can recall one of Winchester's certificates which would rectify the situation. He also received the sum of $80 pay for service in 1782 from the Dept. of Prisoners but he may still feel he is due this sum. Also, Congress has eliminated the recipient's...