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August 10, 1793 Communications to the Committee of Inquiry Bernard Webb Samuel Hodgdon General St. Clair allowed fifty dollars for his two communications to the Committee of Inquiry which Webb hopes that Hodgdon will have no objection to paying for. Twenty dollars should cover the cost of dispositions and other papers for a total of seventy dollars.
May 29, 1799 Accounts include Errors Based on Translation of Pounds to Dollars Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Account of bills paid. Discovered error in statement from translating pounds and shillings into dollars. Reports having dined with Schaimerhorne and finding him extremely fine--polite, sensible, agreeable.
March 5, 1798 Receipt for Four Dollars Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Enclosed is a receipt for four dollars which should have been sent Saturday.
October 15, 1784 Order for 3000 dollars Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering sends an order for 3000 dollars payable to George Olney to Samuel Hodgdon.
December 30, 1784 Four hundred dollars worth of notes John Pierce Philip Audebert John Pierce sends to Philip Audibert this letter enclosed with four hundred dollars worth of notes.
January 5, 1787 Account of Pierce Manning Joseph Howell Richard Humpton Howell is ready to settle the account of Pierce Manning as soon as the appropriate order is forwarded. His Certificates have been issued to the Agents of the line.
1793 Notes in Samuel Hodgdon's Hand Regarding His Pay Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Memorandum, discusses Hodgdon's salary. Noted money to be deducted from Knox's salary and added to "mine".
June 24, 1795 Please Oblige Me With Thirty Dollars Jacob Sorber Samuel Hodgdon Sorber requests the thirty dollars he needs to go on. The money should be entrusted to the bearer of this letter.
December 5, 1798 Forwarded Receipts James B. Many William Simmons Many forwards the receipt of Joseph McMahone for the four dollars he received for his bounty and also the receipt for the two dollars bounty of Jonathan Smith.
December 31, 1797 Bills for Five Hundred Dollars William Constable James McHenry Bills for five hundred dollars are enclosed for which receipts are requested.
September 28, 1798 Two Dollars Per Recruit James McHenry William Simmons It should be understood that two dollars is allowed by law to the officer for each recruit he enlists. This should be sufficient to cover all expenses of the enlistment and if he needs barracks or quarters he should apply to the contractor to provide them and include the hire in his account.
August 18, 1798 Bounties for Recruits Decius Wadsworth William Simmons Enclosed are the receipts for bounties of two dollars given to each of two recruits and a duplicate of Elijah Kenyon's receipt for two dollars heretofore transmitted.
April 18, 1800 Stop Payment of Pension James McHenry Matthew Clarkson Notification that the pension payments to James Dole were stopped due to erroneous payments. Described the amount of pension actually due Dole.
September 26, 1797 Two hundred dollars for recruiting service Samuel Lewis William R. Boote Encloses a post note for 200 dollars on account of the recruiting service.
March 27, 1799 $500 Wanted for Immediate Use John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wilkins has sent via Mr. Fisher a request for five hundred dollars which is wanted for immediate use. Five hundred more dollars should be kept in readiness in case it is needed during the course of the ensuing three hours.
March 28, 1793 Paid Twelve Dollars Bernard Webb Samuel Hodgdon Webb paid twelve dollars by check on the bank on the 20th of March 1792.
August 30, 1798 A Loan of Three or Four Hundred Dollars James Bayer Samuel Hodgdon Bayer requests a loan of three or four hundred dollars to make up for the business that has been lost due to his wife's affliction with the prevailing disorder.
January 11, 1794 One Thousand Dollars for the Ordnance Department Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham The Treasury Department has provided one thousand dollars to be paid to John Bryant for the use of the ordnance department at Springfield, Massachusetts.
February 12, 1795 The Sum in Question is Only Sixty Dollars McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon They have received Hodgdon's letter and forwarded it to the proprietors of the stages for further instructions. However, since the sum in question is only sixty dollars perhaps Hodgdon will not hesitate too long before paying it.
February 7, 1797 Receipt of Pay Due George Farragut George Farragut [not available] Receipt of pay due George Farragut as Assistant Store Keeper at Knoxville.
September 9, 1798 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, asks for cash annuity payment.
May 20, 1797 Send to Me Seventy Dollars Felix D. St. Hilaire James McHenry M. St. Hilaire asks McHenry to send him seventy dollars and promises that the reason for this request will soon become evident.
April 20, 1795 Receipt of John Bryant for One Thousand Dollars William Simmons Nathaniel Gorham "I have this day received your letter of the 13th instant covering the receipt of John Bryant for one thousand dollars."
October 6, 1800 Augmentation of My Salary Peter Wilson Samuel Hodgdon Because of his care, diligence, and efforts in preventing the books from getting into a state of arrearage, Wilson is soliciting an augmentation in his salary. Others whose duties are less arduous receive one thousand dollars per annum while he receives only seven hundred dollars.
September 25, 1795 Money for the Quartermaster's Department J. Park Samuel Hodgdon Since Major Craig has travelled to Fort Franklin, in his absence Park acknowledges the receipt of Hodgdon's letter enclosing two thousand dollars, in twenty rolls of one hundred dollars each, for the use of the Quartermaster's Department.