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December 22, 1800 Regarding contract dispute Samuel Dexter David Ames Dexter discusses a contract dispute pertaining to coal provided for use at Springfield Armory.
September 19, 1795 Immediate Settlement of Our Dispute McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon Having received no response from Hodgdon, McLean & Van Emburgh must have immediate evidence that a settlement of their dispute is still important to him.
December 3, 1800 Comment on Ongoing Dispute & Recommendation for Next Secretary of War Samuel Dexter John Adams Comments on Congress' possible intervention in some dispute; recommends a "Mr. Paine of Vermont" as a good candidate to serve as the next Secretary of War.
December 22, 1800 Regarding contract dispute Samuel Dexter Joseph Williams Dexter discusses a contract dispute pertaining to coal provided for use at Springfield Armory. Notes that he is surprised that he should have to decide on a subject to which Williams and Ames the superintendent ought to be fully competent.
May 5, 1799 Dispute over stores payment, accounts, and rations Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Dispute over payment for stores, accounts, and rations.
August 11, 1788 Dispute between Colonel Williams and De Haas over accounts Joseph Howell John P. de Haas References dispute between de Haas and Williams. Notes that Colonel Williams is owed money by estate of de Haas' father.
August 3, 1796 Concerning the Saint Croix dispute James McHenry Timothy Pickering Discusses the St. Croix dispute over the boundary line between British Canada and the United States. McHenry disagrees with Pickering's assertion that the British commissioner must fulfill certain preliminary conditions before arbitration.
March 17, 1800 Restrained St. Patrick's Day Mirth William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith assures Hamilton that he declined an invitation to spend St. Patrick's Day in New Ark and, though there was much mirth at camp, it was not improper. Enclosed letter pertaining to dispute of Courtlandt and Livingston;
August 28, 1788 Treaty with Creeks Superintendant of Indian Affairs Alexander McGillivray Treaty with Indians over land dispute.
July 12, 1799 Dispute Over Relative Importance of the Army & Navy, & Need for Congressional Approval of Military Supply System James McHenry John Adams McHenry addresses a dispute between himself and the Secretary of the Navy, Benjamin Stoddert, regarding the relative importance of the army and navy. Also notes review of Hamilton's plan of military supply, and is of the opinion that its adoption requires no act of Congress. However, given the controversy on this matter, he will also submit it to the Secretaries of the Navy and State for their...
July 24, 1796 Observations regarding the Saint Croix River boundary dispute James McHenry [not available] Memo regarding the St. Croix dispute between the British and United States over the northeastern boundary line, said by the Jay Treaty to be resolved through arbitration. McHenry urges that the third commissioner be "disinterested" and uncorrupted, therefore excluding inhabitants from Massachusetts and New Brunswick who may favor certain boundaries.
March 9, 1789 Elections and Appointments to the New Congress Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs Washington that, since his last letter on 5 March, there have been only two additional Congressional representatives to arrive in New York. Knox also notes an election dispute between East and West Jersey has delayed the arrival of representatives from that state. The legislature of New York, Knox adds, has broken up without appointing Senators. This is due to a dispute between...
October 31, 1797 Dispute over Account, Money Due United States Samuel Henley William Simmons Henley is upset by the suggestion that he owes the War Department money. He carefully lays out his accounts since 1792, and asserts he only ever received his pay and not money for any other purpose.
December 22, 1800 Encloses deposit warrant Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Encloses deposit warrant for meny received from Messrs. Jesse and Robert Waln on account of military stores. The Springfield Armory dispute shall be attended to.
October 7, 1792 Boumdary Line Between Cherokee Land and U.S. William Blount Commissioners Enclosed extract of letter to Little Turkey and other Cherokee chiefs pertaining to meeting of chiefs and commissioners to run boundary line between two nations. Specified where line should fall, according to treaty. Noted war dissolves all treaties.
December 6, 1799 Connecticut Gore Controversy Alexander Hamilton Jeremiah Wadsworth Hamilton assures Wadsworth that he will do his best to help resolve the land dispute between the State of Conneciticut and the State of New York.
March 23, 1789 New Government Should be Formed by March 26th Henry Knox George Washington Knox reports additional members from New Jersey and Pennsylvania are expected in New York within 48 hours. The election dispute in New Jersey that delayed its members is now settled. William Smith from Maryland has arrived. Knox reports the number of Senators now at 10. Knox estimates a government to be formed by 26 March. Knox states that the manner of informing the new President of his...
February 16, 1788 Rank Dispute between Captains Zeigler and Ferguson; Augmentation of Troops Henry Knox Benjamin Franklin Knox briefly touches on appointments and promotions. He discusses a dispute over relative rank between two Captains and proposes solutions for limiting such disputes. Knox suggests that commissions should be dated on the day that Congress approves them. Rank in the Revolutionary War should not be taken into account when determining current rank order. The Council has the ultimate authority to...
November 1, 1797 McIntyre Annexed to Command of Lieut. Rowan at Oswego David Hale William Simmons Certificate of annexation and date of discharge for McIntyre enclosed. Dispute over pay recounted.
May 5, 1796 Continued Commission & Instructions for Resolution of Seven Nations of Canada Land Dispute James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Official certificate granting Wadsworth continuing position as Indian commissioner for the Iroquois-New York land dispute. States that the sole object of the treaty is to allow the Indian claim to the land to be extinguished by purchase, and to conclude such a treaty with such candor that there can never be further complaint or confusion on the part of the Indians. Says that all expenses and...
August 25, 1775 Speech by Tiahogwando at Treaty of Six Nations at Albany New York Tiohogwando [not available] This speech was made at Treaty Conference held at Albany New York in August 1775, attended by the Reverend Samuel Kirkland. "Brothers: this is all the Six Nations have to say at present. They would just mention one thing more before they break up. The Six Nations look upon this as a very good time to speak their minds, as here are the representatives of the twelve United Colonies. The dispute...
April 22, 1795 [A talk from the Mad Dog and Big Warrior of the Tuckabatcet in behalf of the Creek Nation to James Seagrove] Mad Dog James Seagrove Advice from U.S. on peace between tribes to save land was good. Noted killing of Creek hunters by Chickasaws, Creeks will transport prisoners and property of guilty Indians to U.S. Fear that some Indians will ally with Cumberland settlers and militia against Chickasaws. Creek request that the U.S. remains peaceful, Creeks promise to remain peaceful with Cherokee Nation. Hopes to establish...
June 30, 1796 Discussion of Financial Dispute Arising from a Refusal to Sign a Receipt Samuel Shore Josiah Fox Discusses the affair of an official's refusal to sign an expense receipt.
July 12, 1799 Discusses Tension with War Department and Navy Department James McHenry John Adams Mentions dispute between Mr. Stoddart and himself, and the possibility of commanders proving to be either a blessing or a curse. Debates congressional authority.
September 4, 1798 Request for Money William Steele William Simmons Steele did not include himself in the pay rolls for garrison of 2nd Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers, but is in serious want of money and requests to be paid for June, July, and August. Dispute over the pay of Mr. Holiday for his services at the hospital and Col. Rochefontaine's and other officers use of public property which he considers a disgrace to the army.