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August 9, 1799 Each Commandant will himself exercise his regiment... Alexander Hamilton [not available] Circular to the Commandants of Regiments: Hamilton decries the practice of commandants and officers who relegate the crucial element of training troops to inferiors.
January 12, 1793 Training and Payment of Troops Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Swan's Arrival for Payment of Troops. Recruiting and pay grade addressed, Knox optimistic that the increased training of troops would make them more effective and professional than militia.
February 10, 1800 [ENCLOSURE] Employment of Soldiers [not available] James McHenry Discussed employing soldiers during the summer months to dig a canal. This work would ward off idleness and would encourage discipline however the soldiers that were proposed to dig canal have little military training and Pinckney believed they would be better served training in military maneuvers. Cited public works projects in Scotland and in France.
January 27, 1790 John Mason discusses militia training with Knox John Mason Henry Knox No man shall be permitted to keep school in any of the United States who among other qualifications is not prepared for instructing his male pupils with great exactness in the rudiments of Military Art; every such school master shall be bound under severe penalties to devote every day for that purpose one half hour of the time allowed his boys for play; parents or master shall be compelled to...
June 23, 1799 Sommerset is a most eligible spot, etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice recommends Sommerset as the most eligible spot for a regimental rendezvous. He estimates that one hundred recruits have been engaged but laments the shortage of officers. His quartermaster will apply for arms, clothing, and tents.
February 23, 1798 Training Byers' Replacement, Etc. James McHenry James Byers McHenry expresses regret over Byers' intention to retire. He discusses the training that will be required for Byers' replacement. The inventory of effects must be taken in his presence and sworn to by him and Byers.
April 10, 1790 Orders Relative to the Protection of Frontier Inhabitants Henry Knox Henry Burbeck Knox gives Captain Burbeck detailed orders relative to his mission to Georgia to protect the frontier inhabitants of that state. He urges particular care in Burbeck's relations with the state government of Georgia and with the neighboring Spanish garrison.
May 29, 1786 Request for Commission and Cannon Charles Thomson John Langdon Request for commission of William Dearing. Request repair of cannons.
May 31, 1800 Additional Regiments of Artillerists Alexander Hamilton James McHenry There is now a probability that two regiments of artillerists can be completed, so professors, not exceeding four, can be appointed for the purpose of instructing both artillerists and engineers. Additional information on location for training artillerists. Offers Harper's Ferry as a desirable location.
June 18, 1799 They are being paid without rendering any service. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry insists that the officers appointed for the six new companies of cavalry yet to be formed should be employed in recruiting and training infantrymen since they are currenly being paid without rendering any service whatever.
January 13, 1798 Details on Pay of Lewis Hewley and Bounty Due Officers David Hale William Simmons Hewley detached from Capt. Littlefields Company at West Point and sent to Ellis Island, therefore his pay was drawn at Ellis Island. Hale appealed to Simmons on behalf of John Webster for documents regarding entitled bounty due the officer who was discharged from Capt. Bradley's Company in Granville. Hale stated, "he has the appearance of a veteran, and has exhibited proof of the wounds which...
July 30, 1798 Credentials of Mr. Macharg George Washington James McHenry Discusses applicant to War Department; encloses Macharg application.
December 30, 1790 Knox requests Doughty's insights into the Harmar expedition Henry Knox John Doughty Letter, asks for details of Harmar's expedition.
August 27, 1798 His Excellency Should Cause Me to be Arrested, Etc., Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Sargent provides exhaustive, and legible, details regarding an incident in which His Excellency caused him to be arrested for his own suit for the sum of two thousand dollars which are professed to be damages inflicted by the Ohio Company.
November 29, 1792 Letter from Quartermaster General James O'Hara to Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon From General Wayne's Headquarters, Legionville, near Pittsburg, O'Hara is writing to his predecessor as Quartermaster General. O'Hara acknowledges receipt of letters and ten thousand dollars on account of the Quartermaster Department from Hodgdon. O'Hara comments that he prefers receiving money from the Treasury in small sums. General Wayne remained with the troops. Refers to training camp as...
May 31, 1798 Account Details and Pay of Blacksmith George Fleming William Simmons Account details and enclosures, recruiting accounts, muster and pay rolls, and salary for Fleming included. Pay of Thomas Hughes to be settled.
October 26, 1799 Instructions for Winter Quarters & Paying the Troops George Washington Alexander Hamilton General Washington discusses his orders for the disposition and quartering of troops during the winter months. He considers the erection of huts more economical than renovating existing barracks. He is disturbed at the reports that money has not been provided to pay the troops since he knows that funds have been appropriated for that purpose.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.
November 15, 1797 Influence of Court Martial Results and Details on Service History of Deserter Lewis Tousard William Simmons Pay for Thomas Edwards to be withheld pending result of court martial. James Hambleton deserted from frigate, other details regarding his service.
September 20, 1795 Division of Land and Peace Treaty Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Transmitted by Col. O'Hara the original treaty between U.S. and all hostile tribes from North West of the Ohio river. Details on Indian tribes being detained by British and land jobbers. Discussed details of new boundaries and division of land among trading companies from Detroit.
August 26, 1799 Requests Details about Clothing Requests Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Billington Received the return of clothing. Needs details about each item in the contract before he can approach the Secretary of War.
November 1, 1799 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs preparation of woolen overalls for company at Baltimore.
January 22, 1791 Troops in the Service of the United States. Henry Knox [not available] Statement of the number of troops in the service of the United States in Georgia and on the Western Frontiers.
October 15, 1798 Enclosed Receipts, with Details John Habersham William Simmons Habersham encloses his accounts current as well as Constant Freeman's accounts.
October 11, 1800 Request for Company Book Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of company book for Hodgdon's office.