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April 7, 1794 Forwarded Accounts James King David Henley Notification that accounts of militia and regulars were sent to Samuel Jackson. Reiterated request for cash. Indian attacks mentioned.
September 12, 1794 Available Ammunition John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Continental troops marching to Trenton must be furnished with ammunition. Stagg wants to know how it can be supplied in the most expeditious manner.
December 26, 1791 A View of the Troops Authorized by the Acts of Congress, for the Campaign of 1791. Henry Knox [not available] A detailed account of the various categories of troops authorized by Congress for the campaign of 1791.
November 8, 1790 Extract of a letter from Slater to Patterson I.T. Slater Colonel Patterson Letter, describes Indian aggression; discusses casualties.
1790 [A general estimate of the expenses which would be incurred by an expedition against the Wabash Indians. . .] Henry Knox [not available] A general estimate of the expenses which would be incurred by an expedition against the Wabash Indians, calculated upon a scale of twelve hundred regulars and twelve hundred levies. The period of the expedition four months. And also the amount of the expenses, for one year, of the proposed augmentation of the regular troops.
September 15, 1791 Forward of Ammunition to Fort Washington Henry Knox Isaac Craig Know to forward lead, powder, and shells to Pittsburgh. Craig in turn to forward supplies to Fort Washington. Money to be given to Lieut. Jeffers at Fort Franklin.
November 15, 1799 Repairing Fort Niagara & Friendly Relations with the British John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Describes his plans for repairing [Fort Niagara] and discusses the friendly relations between British and American forces stationed on the Niagara River. States: "Two regiments have arrived at Quebec and the British force which will remain in Canada this winter amounts to upwards of eight thousand regulars exclusive of two provincial battalions." [Refers to the arrival of the Sixth Regiment of...
June 21, 1791 Pay of the Detachment Embarking from Providence Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Knox has ordered a sum of money to be transmitted to Colonel Olney for one month's pay of the detachment leaving from Providence. If ithe detachment has not embarked the money should be given to the commanding officers. If it has embarked, Olney should retain the money until further orders arrive.
July 2, 1799 I decline moving a detachment to Easton... John Adlum Alexander Hamilton Adlum notifies Hamilton that he will not move a detachment from Reading to Easton and declares that in fact his force should be augmented if they are to maintain peace in the region.
October 22, 1796 Pay of a detachment of the 1st Sub Legion William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directs Fish to pay money to George Fleming at West Point for the pay of a detachment of the 1st Sub Legion.
August 10, 1796 Pay of Lieutenant Robeson's detachment William Simmons Jonathan Robeson Notification that he will receive the money for his pay and the pay of his detachment from the federal supervisor.
February 25, 1797 Concerning dragoon companies and the superiority of regulars over militia in Indian country James McHenry [not available] McHenry argues for the absolute necessity of dragoons on the Indian frontier, contending that regulars are superior to militia in this regard. McHenry calls the military establishment "deficient" and reports that the time of service for 806 soldiers will expire after 1797. These "facts," McHenry argues, mean that the bill from May 1796 on dragoon companies must be revised or repealed. McHenry...
June 11, 1796 Pay and bounties for Bruff's detachment William Simmons James Bruff Notifies Bruff that he is forwarding money from the pay and bounties due to the soldiers in Bruff's detachment and requests that Bruff submit muster rolls so his men can be paid for May
June 26, 1791 Supply of Troops Arthur St. Clair Unknown Recipient Troops lacking supplies.
March 21, 1799 The Progress of My Detachment John Henry Alexander Hamilton Capt. Henry reports on the progress of his detachment which has been delayed by unfavorable weather. Lieutenant Boote has been asked to deliver to the Quartermaster any clothing that is not being used by his detachment so that it can be made available to Henry's soldiers.
March 16, 1799 Proceed to New Town in Bucks County Alexander Hamilton William R. Boote "In consequence of orders from the Secretary of War, I am to desire that you proceed with the party under your command to New Town in Bucks County--for which purpose you will join and accompany a detachment which will leave this quarter on Monday the 18th instant, taking the orders of the commanding officer of this detachment...Let no time be lost."
May 9, 1794 Pay Procedures for the State of Georgia Joseph Howell Constant Freeman Transmitted are a bundle of muster and pay rolls for the regulars and officers of the State of Georgia with detailed instructions for disbursing the appropriate sums.
July 27, 1793 Transmittal of Money; Captain Pratt's Detachment John Stagg Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon will transmit $3000. In future, no money will be advance but upon previous estimate. Mentions holding part of Captain Pratt's detachment until they receive orders.
December 19, 1796 Pay of a Detachment of the 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $100.47 is due a Detachment of the 1st Sub Legion for the service of the Ordnance Department, being their pay for October and November 1796. Money transmitted to N. Fish and through him to G. Fleming.
March 3, 1797 Pay of Frye's detachment William Simmons Frederick Frye Notification that he will receive the money for the payroll of his detachment from Nicholas Fish, the federal revenue supervisor in New York.
January 24, 1797 Pay of Frye's Detachment William Simmons Frederick Frye Receipt roll of Frye's Army detachment for Dec. 1796 received and examined and the amount to be credited to Frye's account on the War Office books
December 8, 1790 Loan from Holland; admission of Kentucky; Northwest Indians George Washington Congress of the United States President Washington reports that Holland has provided a loan of three million florins. Kentucky is to become a state. Discusses the frequent incursions made on frontier settlements by certain banditti of Indians from the northwest side of the Ohio River. Relates that a military force consisting of regulars and militia, are making up an offensive expedition against the aggressors. The disturbed...
April 7, 1795 Detachment Embarked for New Brunswick, Etc. Alexander Thompson Joseph Howell Howell is advised that the detachment of the 1st Sub Legion has embarked from Governors Island for New Brunswick to be commanded by Ensign Frothingham at that place. Enclosed are the muster rolls for Thompson's company and a detachment belonging to the 1st Sub Legion.
July 19, 1797 Pay of Williams' detachment William Simmons Philip Williams Notifies Williams that he will receive money for his pay and that of his detachment, as well as for the recruiting service and several other sums. Cited in Williams to Simmons, 09/02/1797.
June 7, 1794 The Detachment to Charleston John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Engage Capt. Strong to take the detachment to Charleston on board his vessel.