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November 21, 1800 Fire that Destroyed the War Department Building Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig expresses regret to Samuel Hodgdon after receiving news of the fire that destroyed the War Department building and records. Craig anticipates much confusion from the loss.
April 19, 1791 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses a statement on a particular account; mentions vouchers, bounties, pay, and subsistence. Colonel Stewart's vouchers for recruiting were lost or destroyed.
January 16, 1801 Recommendation of Military Officer Jeremiah Olney Samuel Dexter Recommends candidate for military command; a previous recommendation was destroyed by the fire in War Office.
June 23, 1796 Extract of letter from Secretary of War to David Henley on claims and compensation for Indian damage James McHenry David Henley William Simmons addresses compensation for damage committed by Indians. He refers to the act to regulate trade and intercourse with Indian tribes and to preserve peace on the frontiers. Discusses claim by General Robertson for a quantity of corn claimed destroyed by Choctaw and Chickasaws at General Robertson's house. Simmons states that a deduction should be taken from annual amount given to...
November 14, 1800 Detailed Account of War Department Fire Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mentions destruction of the War Office, fire moving to the War Department Library starting at the "back part of the chimney that belonged to the next house." Accountant was able to save some documents. All the papers, records for this office were destroyed. Mentioned peace likely abroad.
November 23, 1795 Request to Detroy Order from Lynch John R. Lynch William Simmons Lynch encloses his receipt for two month's pay and requests that the order in favor of Mr. [illegible] be destroyed since it is of nuse to either party.
April 1, 1797 Return of the Qurtermaster's Stores at Fort Fidius John Whitney James McHenry Return of the stores belonging to the Quartermaster's Department at Fort Fidius showing what is on hand or destroyed since the first day of July 1796.
April 22, 1797 Disability of Robert Cosby N.H.S. Fourniere War Department Certification by Fournier of the wound and disability of Robert Cosby.
January 29, 1796 Request for Prices of Clothing, Arms and Accoutrements Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Lieutenant Freeman requests the prices of articles of clothing, arms and accoutrement in order to make pay stoppages of deserters. Asks for a list of prices to be sent to Freeman at West Point.
March 2, 1795 They Will Be Destroyed Without Distinction Anthony Wayne Cherokees Wayne warns that if the murders, robberies, and injuries perpetrated by the Cherokees and other Indians continues, he will call out his warriors to destroy them without distinction since he will be unable to tell the guilty from the innocent. He therefore advises all peaceable Indians to withdraw themselves immediately from the bad ones so as to leave them to the fate that awaits them.
March 10, 1792 Request for Authorization to Dispatch Militia and Spies Colonel David Shepherd Henry Knox Favorable opinion of memorial for those who have died in the protection of Ohio County. Request for authorization to dispatch men to protect frontier.
November 10, 1800 Records consumed by fire Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter informs Whelen that (on Saturday evening last) of the fire that destroyed the War Department. Dexter asks Whelen to find replacements for items lost in the fire.
December 30, 1800 Destruction of records by fire Samuel Dexter R. Bayard Dexter informs Bayard that the records he seeks were destroyed by fire.
January 10, 1801 Record Needed for Settling Smith's Account, Etc. William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon should already have received the amount of his salary account. Simmons calls attention to the postscript of his recent letter with a copy of the report of the Secretary of War respec ting cartouche boxes.Since the records of Simmons' office have been destroyed, Mr. Smith's account is suspended for want of that document.
August 23, 1791 Wilkinson's Success at L'Anguille Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox General St. Clair reports that General Wilkinson has been completely successful during his engagement against the Indians at L'Anguille and has destroyed a Kickapoo village of thirty-two houses.
July 20, 1796 Clothing to be Forwarded to Captain Preston Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to forward to Jones the originlnal or a copy of a letter in which clothing was to be forwarded to Captain Preston at Lynchburg. Apparently Jones' copy was accidentally destroyed.
January 25, 1799 Expresses Concern for Destroyed Boat with Salvaged Cargo Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Expresses concern for loss of boat, but happy to hear the cargo is safe. Hopes that Sargent's articles will arrive safely and speedily. Public concerns are in motion although no decisions have been made. Prepared to send supplies for the Quartermaster department.
December 9, 1800 Simmons Informing Chancellor of a Delay in Adjusting his Accounts William Simmons William Chancellor Simmons informs Chancellor that his letter of December 2nd was received, but that due to the fire that destroyed the War Department the adjustment of his accounts has been delayed.
November 18, 1800 Portland Volunteers Samuel Dexter Joseph Coffin Boyd The Secretary at War informs Mr. Boyd that the renewal of the association of Portland Volunteers is approved. Therefore, commissions for the Volunteers are to be extended two years from the date of their expiration. This letter mentions the fire that destroyed the War Department.
June 6, 1799 Regulations Respecting Supplies and Accounting Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton discusses regulations regarding sundry supply and accounting matters.
January 10, 1801 Resubmitting a Report on the Subject of Cartouch Boxes William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons requests that Hodgdon resend a copy of his report to the Secretary of War on cartouch boxes due to the fire having destroyed the original copy.
December 24, 1800 Major Constant Freeman's claims Samuel Dexter Constant Freeman This letter requests a copy of Major Freeman's "claim as a refugee from Canada under the act of 7th April 1798." Major Freeman's original claim was destroyed in the fire that consumed the War Department. Major Freeman's request for double rations was approved.
January 1, 1794 Indians attacked by whites Constant Freeman Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War, from Georgia, that an unfortunate event on December 28 has destroyed hopes for peace between the United States and the Creek nation. The Bird-tail king and eight of his town were treacherously attacked by a party of whites, killing two Creek Indians.
February 2, 1801 Accountant W.D. Letter Book G Page 377 William Simmons Samuel Dexter States documents destroyed in fire were limited to those on the third floor and were limited to vouchers, muster and pay rolls, and some individual settlements.
November 15, 1800 Simmons Requesting that Swan Forward Duplicates of his Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Owing to the fire, many of the vouchers relating to particular accounts of Swan's were destroyed, and Simmons requests that Swan forward the duplicates to Simmons.