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May 27, 1784 Verification of position as Deputy Muster Master General Richard Varick John Pierce Richard Varick sends to John Pierce a third letter requesting verification of his former position as Deputy Muster Master General.
August 14, 1799 Compensation of Samuel Vance James McHenry William Simmons Captain Samuel Vance acted as Deputy Paymaster and Deputy Quartermaster General during the late expedition to Northhampton, Pennsylvania. It should be an established principle that whenever an officer performs the duties of several officers he should be entitled to the emoluments of each.
February 26, 1800 The Post of Deputy Quarter Master General Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his concept of the duties and posting of the Deputy Quarter Master General. He believes that Col. Aaron Ogden will accept that post but would deem the post of Division Quarter Master beneath him.
August 19, 1797 Filling the vacancy of deputy pay master and store keeper James McHenry William Simmons Informs the accountant of Edward Wright's appointment to the office of Deputy Pay Master and Store-keeper in Tennessee, with a salary of $600.
January 13, 1801 Extension of Functions of Quartermaster General Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Discusses disbanding of additional army and necessity of Deputy Quarter Master General and assistant and Deputy Pay Master General continuing to exercise their functions. As for Odgen's compensation, he should be paid according to allowances, including pay in the line and office rent.
April 12, 1793 Letters of advice of money drawn by John Belli, Deputy Quarter Master, to Secretary of War John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Encloses letters of advice on money drawn by John Belli, Deputy Quarter Master General, to Secretary of War.
January 3, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Hugh McCall Simmons discusses McCall's appointment as Deputy Paymaster General.
August 11, 1797 New storekeeper and deputy pay master James McHenry David Henley Regarding Edward Wright, the new storekeeper and deputy paymaster. McHenry gives Henley permission to keep Mr. Hillis on staff.
April 10, 1793 Money drawn for use of Quarter Master Department Major John Belli Henry Knox Informs Knox of money drawn for use of Quarter Master Department.
April 21, 1799 Renewed Request for an Appointment Caleb Gibbs George Washington Gibbs has not yet been given an appointment and renews his request for one. He would like to be in the staff, possibly as Deputy Quarter Master General, and addresses his request to Washington at the suggestion of the President.
April 10, 1790 Report on the Petition of William Finnie Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton addresses the petition of William Finnie, Deputy Quarter Master General in the Southern Department during the Revolutionary War, requesting reimbursement of money expended by him in the public service.
November 12, 1799 Office of Clothier General Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Until the office of Clothier General has been appointed, the Deputy Paymaster General will perform his duties.
June 15, 1792 Promise of Increased Wages; appointment as Deputy Quarter Master General Henry Knox Isaac Craig Discusses Craig's duties and inadequate pay, with promises to increase wages.
November 9, 1799 Appointment of Captain Williamson as Deputy Paymaster Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton "I have offered Captain Williamson the appointment of Deputy Pay Master for that part of the army under your command and he has accepted. The bond required by law goes to him by this day's mail to be executed; and he will immediately enter on the duties assigned to him. Had he not better come to this place on Monday or Tuesday next and receive his instructions and money for the troops?..."
May 30, 1788 Settlement of account Thomas Shute Joseph Howell Discussion of account of Burrall of New York.
January 12, 1798 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses his "claim of compensation for extra sevices" with Samuel Hodgdon.
August 21, 1800 Requests Information for the Stores of the 15th Regiment of Infantry J. Jackson Aaron Ogden Requests Information regarding the stores of the 15th Infantry Regiment.
February 24, 1800 Col. Ogden for Deputy Quartermaster General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Assures Hamilton that the appointment of Col. Ogden to the post of Deputy Quartermaster General is judicious but it should be noted that if the Quartermaster is competent, the appointment of a deputy may not be necessary.
August 13, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry In a letter to the Secretary at War, Simmons justifies his actions in relation to the compensation provided to Capt. Samuel Vance.
April 9, 1800 Officers of the Line as Assistants to the Quarter-Master Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Deputy Quartermaster General Ogden asserts that officers of the line are best qualified to act as assistants to the Quartermaster and would ease the large workload of that department. Nominates subaltern to fulfill position of assistant to Ogden.
July 11, 1784 Settlement of account Lewis Woodruff John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account as deputy Commissioner of Musters during the late 1770s. Also discusses the settlement of pay due him while serving in the Office of Army Accounts under Pierce.
April 15, 1800 Appointment of Lieutenant William Porter as assistant to the Deputy Quartermaster General Abraham R. Ellery [not available] Lieutenant Porter of 11th Regiment of Infantry having been appointed provisionally as assistant to the Deputy Quarter Master General under command of Major General Hamilton, is to be obeyed and respected accordingly.
February 28, 1800 Settlement for Deputy Agent to the Cherokee James McHenry William Simmons Letter from Secretary James McHenry to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Silas Dunmore, late deputy agent to the Cherokee Nation, is to be settled with for the necessary expences which he incurred in the discharge of his trusts as Deputy Agent from June 1794 to February 1799.
June 1, 1798 Receipt for painting services by Williams and Coates Williams and Coates John Wilkins, Jr. Received from John Wilkins Jr. Quarter Master General, by Isaac Craig, $127.93 for paining done to Commander's quarters at Fort Fayette.
August 13, 1796 Instructions to Deputy Paymaster & Storekeeper for Tennessee James McHenry Stephen Hillis Appoints Hillis as deputy paymaster & military storekeeper for Tennessee. Instructions from the Comptroller of the Treasury and the Accountant of the War Department follow, addressing record- and receipt-keeping, the proper filling of forms, the provisioning of troops, the sending of records to the quartmaster, ordnance, clothing, Indian, commissary, and hospital departments as necessary, where...