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May 20, 1786 Claimant's Demand for Securities John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Discusses Dunscomb's request for information respecting a claimant's demand for securities
February 17, 1797 Labor for Road Repairs Isaac Craig James McHenry Authorized a tomb stone for Red Pole's grave. All letters addressed to A. Wayne to be transmitted to McHenry. Road to Le Boeuf and Presque Isle requires a lot of labor for repairs and Craig uncertain if garrisons at both posts can provide enough labor. Asked for approval from Pennsylvania legislature during current session for assistance with labor shortage.
December 22, 1798 Supply of Fort Flags Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis Hodgdon observes that there are enough fort flags to meet the demand for the ensuing year.
March 27, 1800 Soldiers Subjected to Hard Labor, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Soldiers who have committed a crime and sentenced to confinement and hard labor should be provided with clothing but it is Hamilton's wish that the clothing be of inferior quality so as to distinguish them from soldiers in general.
February 14, 1800 Extra Labor to Assist Adjutant and Inspector General Samuel Dexter John Adams Mentioned "great inconveniences for want of a competent general staff". Requested additional labor to assist the Adjutant and Inspector General with their duties. Stated that the current Adjutant and Inspector General's can not be expected to perform all their tasks at their current pay grade.
May 1, 1800 Request for Voucher William Simmons Archibald Creary Simmons received letters with vouchers except No. 40, which is for payment of A. Stodder for labor on fortifications. Simmons requested voucher.
March 7, 1796 Return of Labor and Live Oak Timber at New York Navy Yard Captain Silas Talbot James McHenry Return for the labor at the naval yard, as well as a return of live oak received since Talbot's last report.
March 29, 1794 Circular letter regarding fortifications Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Circular letter to the persons employed to obtain labor, implements, and materials for the fortifications.
May 13, 1788 Estimate of Building a Ordinance shed Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for building a shed sixty feet long and sixteen feet wide for housing ordnance.
August 22, 1800 Labor Needed for Glass Manufacturing, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig forwards a return of ordinance stores and clothing to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig also discusses plans to procure the tools and labor needed for glass manufacturing.
July 3, 1795 Demand for Hats [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Bryan writes Hodgdon to complain about an apparently insistent claim by Hodgdon for a large number of hats. Bryan claims that this is a significant imposition which is detrimental to his interests. Bryan also suggests the possibility of a lawsuit to achieve some form of redress.
September 4, 1788 The Practice of Slavery, Etc. Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Among other subjects, Lincoln addresses the institution of slavery of which he disapproves ,but his esteem for Washington forces him to accept the general's need for forced labor.
September 5, 1800 Skilled Labor Needed for Glass Manufacturing Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the skilled labor needed for the manufacture of window glass and bottles with Samuel Hodgdon.
May 21, 1800 Inadmissible Charges William Simmons Staats Morris Notification that extra pay given to soldiers for labor on fortifications at Fort McHenry was inadmissible without proper authorization from the Secretary of War. Simmons requests the authorization issued to Morris for the soldier's payment.
August 25, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Richard Stockton The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General responds to Stockton's requesting a demand of Justice Freeland for pay.
April 1, 1800 Extraordinary Charges at Armoury at Harper's Ferry, with details William Simmons James McHenry Accounts of John Mackey, Pay Master and Store Keeper at Harper's Ferry Armoury had extraordinary charges Simmons felt required McHenry's decision. Details pertained to canal digging, dam, labor, and wages. Info on warrant 3532 dated Dec. 15, 1798.
April 3, 1794 Introduction of temporary engineer Paul Perrault John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Paul Perrault has been appointed a temporary engineer and has been asked by the Secretary of War to make a model of a cannon carriage. Hodgdon should furnish him with skillful mechanics to perform the necessary labor.
May 15, 1791 Discussion of Company to Be Raised Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses company to be raised.
August 13, 1790 Longman acknowledges receipt of power of attorney from Knox Thomas Longman Henry Knox Letter, discusses demand on Mrs. Harwood's property.
October 2, 1794 Fortifications in North Carolina Joshua Potts Henry Knox Letter from Joshua Potts, agent for procuring materials, on the fortifications off the coast of North Carolina, and various details regarding labor and contracts.
April 9, 1799 Additional Funds Necessary for Completion of Works at Fort McHenry Robert Gilmor James McHenry Acknowledges arrival of Mr. Foncin, the superintendent engineer for Fort McHenry's construction; inquires whether the Baltimore Naval Committee is responsible for his salary. Discusses accounting: land, materials and labor have already cost $16,000, and the committee believes 1) these were not all considered in Major Tousard's original estimate, and 2) the additional necessary funds may be as...
September 20, 1796 Premium of John Wilson & Thomas Durnel William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that ten dollars is due John Wilson and Thomas Durnel, being the premium for taking up and lodging in the Philadelphia jail [gaol] James Wright, a deserter from Fort Mifflin where he was confined to hard labor.
January 26, 1788 Stephen Bayard discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Stephen Bayard Joseph Howell Colonel Bayard continues to request immediate settlement of his account from Joseph Howell.
January 20, 1784 Pay of "Forage Master" Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Pay of forage master to the Commander-in-Chief.
January 3, 1784 Debts Due to Ironmasters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses the possibility of discharging the debts due to ironmasters by allowing the ironmasters holding public stores of shot and shells to sell a portion of the shot and shells equal to their claims. Discusses the value of the shot and shells. Notes that demand for bar iron is high asnd it is a good time to sell.