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April 19, 1794 Delay in the Pay of Lieutenant Staats Morris Staats Morris Joseph Howell Lieutenant Morris expresses to Howell his distress at having not been paid for seventeen months, a delay that has so exhausted his feeble resources that he has been obliged to seek credit from the contractor.
February 21, 1799 No Unnecessary Delay in Furnishing the Charges Samuel Vance James McHenry Since he is under arrest for his confrontation with William Simmons, Capt. Vance asks that there be no delay in furnishing the charges against him.
September 14, 1792 For God's Sake, Delay the Money no Longer Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig laments that Hodgdon has not sent money to discharge the engagements he is under during Hodgdon's administration. Note that for God's sake, he should delay the money no longer
July 27, 1793 Delay in Transmitting Dr. Strong's Receipt Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Being transmitted is an abstract of warrants drawn by the Secretary of War in continuation to July 27th. It is hoped that Swan will have sent the receipt for the sum remitted by Doctor Strong since it's delay has caused Howell great inconvenience.
May 18, 1800 Information on Requisition of Clothing Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Extract of letter to Wilkinson regarding delay in acquiring clothing for his troops. Hamilton remarks on delay as unpleasant.
October 24, 1799 Evils which Attend the Delay of Money Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The description of this letter in the dealer's catalogue reads: "Refers to the 'the evils which attend the delay of money--Among the rest the keeping of the troops out of winter quarters to suffer the rigors of the advancing season...If the contentment and attachment of the troops are to be aimed at, there must be a material change in the plan which has hitherto been pursued.'"
January 7, 1798 Delay of construction of the frigate Constellation David Stodder James McHenry The causes of the delay in the construction of the frigate Constellation.
September 3, 1795 Delay in Letters from Newport Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Bond believed delay in communications from Newport was due to an accident. No answers on Capt. Home incident.
October 13, 1797 Articles Forwarded to Ensign Boote Without Delay Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a letter to Mr. Harris which urges that the articles for Ensign William R. Boote at New Brunswick be forwarded without delay.
May 1, 1795 Delay in Transporting Military Stores Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon The military stores ordered to the shipyard by Captain Thompson were not sent because the revenue cutter did not arrive from Charleston. They were ordered again and the order should have been sent to Hodgdon to forward them but apparently it was not done so that delay increases the necessity for haste.
April 6, 1798 Uneasiness Due to Delay in Quarterly Dues Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon worries that the gentlemen in his office are growing uneasy due to the delay in receiving their quarterly dues.
April 7, 1799 [PRIVATE] George Washington James McHenry Delay in answering letters due to survey trip near Alexandria and house guests. Washington does not lay blame on McHenry for delay in recruiting due to circumstances outside his control. Advised contacting soldiers via local gazettes.
June 13, 1794 Delay in Settling the Account of Lt. Staats Morris Joseph Howell Staats Morris The reason for the delay in settling Lt. Morris' account was his desire to receive an extra allowance that required the sanction of the Secretary of War, a situation that was exacerbated by the late calamity in Philadelphia.
April 20, 1798 Temporary Delay in Forwarding the Musical Instruments Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson Hodgdon discusses the reasons for the delay in forwarding the musical instruments and warns of the possibility of war [with France].
February 2, 1799 Letter regarding suspended vouchers John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Wilkins writes regarding suspended vouchers at the comptroller's office; asks that they be taken up without delay. Asks for an examination of them.
November 28, 1795 Regret at the Delay in Sailing Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Captain Sedam has indicated that the second brig will not be ready to sail for several days. Pickering considers Sedam a dull sailor and wonders why, if there is a liklihood of delay, the first brig could not sail on a fine day such as today.
February 13, 1795 Your Object Was to Give Trouble & Create Delay McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon McLean and Emburgh express their surprise at Hodgdon's response to the ongoing controversy over damaged arms. It forces them to conclude that Hodgdon's only purpose is to give trouble and create delay. Still they had not concluded that Hodgdon would refuse to pay them at least part of what they are due without dictating prescriptions as conditions for payment.
March 28, 1798 Delay of Valuable Load of Public Goods to Knoxville Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Anderson Hodgdon inquires as to the delay and location of the public goods shipped to Knoxville, Tennessee.
November 18, 1799 Causes of the Delays in Paying the Troops Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton communicates to Washington a detailed explanation for the unfortunate delay in the payment of the troops. He blames the Paymaster General for his insistence on the use of the proper forms and procedures which have invariably led to delays. He also blames regimental paymasters for their timidity in not bypassing these procedures for the good of the troops and the army.
March 19, 1799 Repair Without Delay to the Seat of Insurrection Samuel H. Stackhouse Alexander Hamilton "We beg leave in behalf of ourselves and sixty more young men to offer our services & to engage to repair without delay to the seat of insurrection in Northampton County, Pennsylvania."
July 13, 1796 Delayed Construction of Frigate for Dey of Algiers George Washington James McHenry Very surprised no step has been taken to fix delay in fulfilling Dey of Algiers request for frigate. Detailed argument for why delay is unacceptable.
February 20, 1800 Army Supplies, Quarters, and Pay. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Recommended Aaron Odgen to act as Deputy Quartermaster who is willing to accept appointment to position. Ogden requested delay in appointment which Hamilton saw as a reasonable request. Mentioned death of Charles Smith.
May 27, 1793 Commissioners request for money due to delay of treaty proceedings and payment of batteaux men Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Commissioners report that they paid and discharged their batteauxmen [boat operators]. Need more money because of delay in treaty proceedings. Request $461.75.
August 25, 1791 Possible Delay of Operations Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox relays the President's concern about the detention of the troops on the upper parts of the Ohio which could result in a delay of the operations which might hinder the success of the campaign.
April 25, 1795 Delay of the Accounts for the Frigate Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon Swan explains why Hodgdon's form for keeping the accounts of the frigate has not been forwarded and apologizes for the delay.