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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
August 14, 1797 Request for Copy of Letter from Secretary McHenry Patrick Ferrall Josiah Fox Letter, asks for copy of McHenry letter.
February 23, 1796 Enclosed Account Information William Simmons David Ames Encloses a copy of the account of articles furnished by Eleazer Williams.
December 1, 1798 Money Deemed Necessary for Recruiting, Etc. William Deveaux William Simmons Deveaux has drawn fifty dollars from Mr. Habersham which is the amount deemed necessary for recruiting.
June 4, 1794 Attaches Requested Copy of Letter Tench Francis Henry Knox Sends to the Secretary of War a copy of the requested letter.
November 14, 1794 Copy of a Letter Sent to Mr. Harrison Samuel Hodgdon William Henry Harrison No letter is shown.
November 24, 1794 Supplies & Horses Furnished to Colonel Jones Matthias Slough Edmund Randolph Slough transmits a letter written by Colonel Jones regarding the supplies that Slough furnished to him. The letter has also been sent to John Helmouth who transacts Slough's business in the absence of his son who is in the Army fighting the insurgents. He has also furnished horses to Jones for which payment will also be required.
May 31, 1800 Forwarding to Adams a Copy of a Letter to the New Secretary of War James McHenry John Adams McHenry submits a copy of the letter he has left for his successor as Secretary of War, Samuel Dexter, which contains a statement of the situation of the department and issues requiring immediate attention.
September 23, 1785 Regarding need for multiple copies of the registry of settlement securities issued states for arrears due the Army John Pierce Board of Commissioners Letter, discusses the need for multiple copies of the registry of settlement securities issued states for arrears due the Army; advises printing the registry.
February 1, 1797 Destitute Soldiers Furnished Own Rations Philip Williams William Simmons Enclosed receipt rolls and vouchers. Williams furnished his men and himself with rations, bounty, and contingent expenses due to lack of contractor to supply necessary goods. Williams seeking repayment through the Secretary of War and Col Rochefontaine.
1797 Letter Regarding Testimony [not available] Casper Iserloan Sends copy of letter regarding forgery and fraud, offers original copy for Rawle's perusal.
November 18, 1794 Encloses Copy of Letter from Mr. Hughes Tench Coxe Henry Knox Encloses copy of letter from Mr. Hughes.
March 27, 1800 Copy of Letter to Quarter Master General William Simmons James Miller Copy of letter to Quarter Master General on regulations issued by Secretary of War for the government of Miller.
June 9, 1797 James McHenry forwarding letter on situation in Indian/Spanish Country to Isaac Guion James McHenry Isaac Guion Frontispiece to an enclosed letter written to General Wilkinson; rationale being that the enclosed orders would affect Capt. Guion, who appears to have been posted to Fort Washington, but that the general might not receive them in time for them to be of use. Thus Guion is furnished with a copy of the letter to Wilkinson. Enclosed letter is Doc 1797060900201.
December 12, 1799 Account of John Woodward James McHenry William Simmons John Woodward should be furnished with the forms necessary for maintaining his account. The Secretary of War wants it to be understood that whenever monies are advanced to an agent not previously instructed in the maintenace of his account, the necessary instructions, forms, and vouchers should be provided to him. Includes a copy of a letter from McHenry to Woodward.
[not available] Application for Inspector of Fortications. Unknown Author Secretary of War Based on his demonstrated military character during the late war, the author asks that he be considered for the Offfice of Inspector of Fortifications, which is still vacant, or for any other station for which he may be deemed qualified.
May 15, 1799 Copy of the Register for the Ship "Nancy" Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon The purpose of the enclosed letter from Mr. Saunders to the Collector of the port of Philadelphia is to obtain a copy of the register of the ship "Nancy," Captain Burton, Master. Saunders has agreed to provide a copy of the bill of sale but the register has been mislaid so Hodgdon is asked to forward a copy.
April 6, 1797 Supplies Sufficient for the Consumption of the Troops Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott forwards a copy of a contract with James O'Hara who is responsible for issuing the supplies at the various posts. All the commanders at these posts should be given a copy of this agreement to ensure that their troops are sufficiently supplied.
February 6, 1798 Request for Copy of Past Correspondence George Washington Timothy Pickering Congenial letter requesting copy of previous correspondence due to illegible copy currently in the hands of Washington.
May 23, 1800 Acknowledged Receipt of Copy of Waste Book William Simmons David Henley Simmons received copy of waste book. Letter with enclosed arrived to Simmons hand last post, but since he heard nothing on the subject, suspended the sending of Mr. Hill's letter.
May 7, 1796 Sends letter from the Secretary of War William Simmons Captain Nicoll (Fragment Only - Letterbook pages missing). Cover letter transmitting a copy of a letter from the Secretary of War to Colonel Rochefontaine
December 27, 1794 [Copy] Supplies and Employment Henry Knox Daniel Morgan Enclosed invoice for clothing delivered to Pittsburgh. There now is a "super abundant quantity" of clothing on hand. Advised rigid adherence to rules in granting requested items to troops. Only absolutely necessary items deemed appropriate. Outlined rules for employment of various offices.
January 1791 Estimate of Supplies Furnished by Elliot & Williams Unknown Author [not available] Estimate of supplies furnished by Elliot and Williams in 1790, controverted by the Secretary of War but ultimately allowed. Lists accoutrements and rations with estimated values.
June 1, 1790 Disbursments made by the War Department for treaty with Indians Ezekiel Freeman [not available] Account of sundry disbursements for Indian Treaties.
January 3, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons asks to be informed of the instructions the Secretary of War provided to Samuel Tredwell regarding the purchase of gun carriages from Jacob Blount.
July 30, 1799 Organization of Messes and Construction of Barracks Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reports on improvements in the construction of chimneys, the arrangement of officers in messes, and the provision of fuel and straw in garrisons and quarters.