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September 27, 1791 Delivery of Arms to West Point Henry Knox Vice Consul General of France De La Forest Notification that arms and other articles will be delivered to West Point by Capt. Freeman.
December 9, 1796 Regarding frigate anchor purchased that is claimed as property of Republic of France [not available] Henry Jackson McHenry informs naval agent Jackson that that he has been informed by Consul General from the Republic of France Mr. La Combe, that an anchor purchased for frigate construction is claimed to be the property of France. To avoid any further dispute, McHenry requests that Jackson have the anchor delivered to the person it was purchased from.
April 22, 1791 Employment for Mr. Mentelle Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Mr. Mentelle has been recommended by the Consul of France in Philadelphia for service as a volunteer. Understanding that there is no establishment for volunteers, Knox advises General St. Clair to provide whatever employment for Mentelle that seems proper.
August 7, 1793 Commandeering Ships Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Agreement between U.S. government and Ministry of France on conditions of commandeering ships in U.S. waters. Requests clarification on how to proceed if there is no French consul at port.
August 7, 1793 Foreign Policy Henry Knox George Clinton Letter, discusses policy concerning prizes allegedly taken with the limits of the protection of the United States.
November 3, 1796 Accepting the position of Consul in Saint-Domingue Frederick Folger James McHenry Folger expresses thanks to McHenry for mentioning him to Pickering as a qualified individual to fill the position of Consul in Saint-Domingue, which he is currently waiting to accept.
November 29, 1796 Recommendation of a French appointee in Saint-Domingue Frederick Folger James McHenry Folger, acting as soon-to-be Consul in Saint-Domingue, recommends a French appointee - Citizen Lamontagne - to aid in the service of commerce between France and the United States.
August 7, 1793 Agreement Regarding the Entrance of French Vessels Into Our Ports Henry Knox Joshua Clayton Knox outlines the ways in which vessels taken as prizes by the French should be handled if they are brought to American ports.
August 7, 1793 Notification of Agreement Between U.S. & France Concerning French Ships in U.S. Ports Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Informs Huntington of a recent agreement between the U.S. and the French minister regarding the rights of French ships in neutral U.S. ports.
May 30, 1797 Recommending a consular candidate James McHenry [not available] Recommends a consular candidate to France.
August 31, 1793 Opinion Respecting the French Consul at Boston. Thomas Jefferson [not available] The members of the Cabinet provide their opinions respecting a number of matters including the fitting of foreign privateers in American ports, the British policy of intercepting neutral ships on the high seas, and the French practice of seizing neutral ships bound with provisions for another country.
August 25, 1794 Vessel belonging to the British Consul Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox writes the Governor of Virginia on the subject of the vessel belonging to the British Consul, and taken possession of by General Matthews.
August 28, 1798 Notification of and Comments on French Raising of Embargo on American Ships Joseph Fenwick Timothy Pickering Forwards the U.S. Consul-General at Paris' letter informing of the French Directory's decision to raise the embargo on American ships. Comments on how this will affect American ships now detained in French ports, and other ships bound for France.
September 10, 1787 Giving Thanks to General Knox DuPlesses Henry Knox DuPlesses gives effusive thanks to Knox for his attentiveness and friendship during his time in America. Outlines the political situation in Europe.
August 7, 1793 Rules Governing French Vessels in U.S. Ports Henry Knox Henry Lee Explanation of rules regarding the arrival of "prizes" on French vessels in U.S. ports.
February 2, 1797 Late Depredations on American Commerce Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering laments deteriorating relations with France whose privateers continue to capture American vessels despite American declarations of neutrality.
March 16, 1793 Regarding Claims, Payments, Residence on Banks of Monongahela River Isaac Craig Thomas Forrest Discusses advances, certificates, payments and claims. Anticipates pleasure of Forest's company. Endeavors to render residence on banks of Monongahela River as agreeable as possible.
September 5, 1795 Revocation of Vice Consul Post Timothy Pickering T. H. Moore President did not approve of Vice Consul's role in assisting Captain Home insults against seamen of United States. Revoked title and power.
August 21, 1798 Notification of French Intent to Lift Embargo on American Ships Fulwar Skipwith Joseph Fenwick The Consul-General at Paris (Skipwith) informs the consul to Bordeaux (Fenwick) that the French Directory has decided to lift the embargo on American shipping.
[not available] Introduction for Isaac Todd James McHenry Unknown Recipient The Consul General of his Britannic Majesty has recommended Isaac Todd for an introduction. The recipient is asked to show him such welcome as is in his power.
April 18, 1793 Questions Regarding the War Between France & Great Britain George Washington Alexander Hamilton The President poses a number of questions to his cabinet and Attorney General regarding the stance of the United States with respect to the ongoing conflict between France and Great Britain. Should the U. S. declare its neutrality while still receiving a Minister from France? Are the treaties previously made with France applicable to the current situation? Etc.
March 8, 1798 Appointment as consul of the United States in Spain Moses Young James McHenry Informs McHenry that Colonel Humphreys had asked him a few months prior to fulfill the position of consul of the United States in Spain, and requests that the executive branch officially and formally appoint him to the position.
May 21, 1793 Proposed defense of Norfolk, Matters Regarding Foreign Vessels in American Harbors and Waters Thomas Jefferson Henry Lee Jefferson has received the letters from the British Consul at Norfolk and the information of Henry Tucker, and has passed them to the President. The legislature has not considered the idea of putting US harbors on the defensive, which means that there is no money to do so and therefore the President cannot comply with the suggestion. The treaties with France and Holland do not allow them to arm...
August 2, 1793 Verification of Reduction in Force Henry Knox Collector, Inspector, & Warden of the Port of Philadelphia The President has requested that the Collector, Inspector, and Warden board the British ship "Jane" and verify whether the reduction in force nas actually been carried out as specified to the British Consul General. The captain of the ship claims that the additional hands are real British subjects but proof of that statement is required.
December 28, 1792 Letter to Quartermaster General Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores discusses requests for money. Expresses happiness that General Anthony Wayne and his troops are comfortably quartered. Expects army to operate early in spring. Believes that no terms will be accepted by Indians unless they are given a sound drubbing. Makes mention of events in France. Remarks with "chearfulness" at news of the French Revolution; condemns the...