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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
February 4, 1792 Care of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Notification of powder delivery, advised extreme care of delivery. Advised putting powder in flannel or canvas bags.
July 29, 1799 Desires to Send Powder from Albany to West Point; Seeks Information about Storage Capabilities Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming The Secretary of War is thinking about removing powder from Albany to West Point. Questions if there is suitable room and place to store about 28-30 tons in addition to what is already there, or if the magazine is exposed to dampness. Requests information soon.
August 2, 1799 Preventing Incendiaries from Blowing Up the Magazine George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming discusses the precautions he has undertaken to protect the magazine at West Point from blowing up due to incendiaries.
April 10, 1800 Launching of the Frigate "President" W. W. Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon Buchanan discusses the launching of the frigate "President" and encourages adoption by the Army and Navy of a new form of tourniquet.
July 12, 1793 Report on Lots of Indian Corn Joseph Collins James O'Hara Joseph Collins submits a copy of a report on the state of lots of Indian corn.