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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
August 5, 1796 Vouchers and pay abstracts Peter Hagner Ebenezer Sproat Discusses the "deficiencies" in Sproat's vouchers. Discusses pay roll and subsistence abstracts; returns a receipt.
August 22, 1796 Examination of Ohio Company's Books, Credit to Account of Col. Sproat Rufus Putnam Peter Hagner Putnam has completed a full examination of the books and vouchers of the Ohio Company, and duly submits pay and subsistence abstracts to Hagner.
August 15, 1800 Abstracts and Vouchers Received William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Hagner wrote for W. Simmons, acknowledged receipt of abstracts and vouchers which were to be placed with those like it and examined shortly.
June 7, 1799 Requests Abstracts, Vouchers, and Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests abstracts, vouchers, and an account of all stores according to previous instruction. Refers to the arrival of Mr. King; hopes his actions have merited their expectations.
May 9, 1800 Abstracts and accounts William Simmons David Henley Received letter and accompanying abstracts and accounts with a letter from Mr. Hillis. Will be filed with those before forwarded subject to proper examination in settlement of accounts.
February 11, 1801 Returning Unauthenticated Abstracts William Simmons James O'Hara Returning unauthenticated abstracts of provisions for troops.
July 7, 1792 Letter from James Marshall, Washington to Joseph Howell, Accountant's Office regarding payment to officers James Marshall Joseph Howell Marshall reports that he does not have duplicate abstracts for Captains Charles Wells, Porter, Samuel Wise. Therefore cannot make payment to individuals until copies obtained by Howell. Asks that copies be forwarded at earliest opportunity.
January 15, 1800 Submission of abstracts of disbursements James Miller William Simmons Encloses abstracts of disbursements and purchases made in Quarter Master Department by John Wilkins during December 1799.
August 20, 1798 Abstracts for Disbursements with Packets John Wilkins, Jr. John Steele Wilkins sends five abstracts for disbursements of cash to various departments, including the hospital, Indian, provision, ordnance, and Quartermaster's. He asks that Steele acknowledge receipt of the abstracts and accompanying packets.
August 19, 1800 Regularity in Muster Rolls, Inspections, Monthly Returns, & Pay Abstracts Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton insists on regularity and precision in Rolls of Muster, inspections, monthly returns, and pay abstracts. In the absense of regular Inspectors, Commanding Officers of garrisons, camps, and detachments are to perform their duties in the prescribed manner.
April 12, 1800 Abstracts of Disbursements and Purchases made in Quartermaster’s Department James Miller William Simmons Wilkins encloses abstracts of disbursements and purchases made in the Quarter Master's Department by John Wilkins from 1 January to 21 March.
January 4, 1798 Letter Citation Caleb Swan William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Swan, 01/12/1798. William Simmons confirms receipt of accounts, abstracts, and a list of officers' residences. These records were sent by Caleb Swan.
August 1, 1800 Transmittal of abstracts John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Transmittal of abstracts accompanied with vouchers contained in packets for disbursements of cash in Quarter Master, Indian, Hospital and Ordnance Departments.
August 8, 1800 Abstracts and Vouchers John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Transmittal of abstracts accompanied with vouchers contained in packets for disbursement of cash in Quarter Master, Indian, Hospital and Ordnance Departments.
December 4, 1800 Enclosed Abstracts No. 58, 59, 60, and 61 John Ferree William Simmons Acting for the Quartermaster General, Ferree enclosed abstracts and disbursement records.
April 27, 1797 Forwarding of letter of abstracts David Henley William Simmons Henley describes how and when he forwarded abstracts to Simmons. Explains that some were prepared by gentleman not acquainted with accounts.
March 12, 1800 Report of Accounts for December 1799, Abstracts for Army & Quartermasters David Henley William Simmons Encloses copies of books for December with abstracts for the army and quartermasters. Discusses further activity for the abstracts on public business to expedite vouchers. Infers that militia payments from 1793 to 1797 interfered with his other business but hopes to make the process more simple and effective. Encloses abstracts for accounts with Mr. Lewis and the Cherokees to pay Joseph Pemberton...
February 27, 1801 Enclosed Abstracts Catagorized by Services Rendered John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Disbursement records for cost of transportation, repairs to barracks, abstracts from Hospital Department, Indian Department, and Ordnance Department.
December 12, 1798 Expenses, Pay, Vouchers David Henley William Simmons Hillis forwarded abstracts, officers paid, mention of Captain Butler traveling with a Cherokee.
October 7, 1800 Disbursements of Captain Thomas Beatly at Harper's Ferry James Miller William Simmons Letter, enclose abstracts of disbursements made by Captain Thomas Beatly at Harper's Ferry.
August 28, 1799 Accounts, Abstracts, and Credits for Secretary of War, Treasury, and John Harris David Henley William Simmons Encloses entries for July as well as abstracts of bills drawn on the Secretary of War, Secretary of the Treasury, and John Harris. Requests examination as soon as possible.
October 31, 1800 Enclosed Abstracts John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Enclosed abstracts for pay disbursed by Paymaster General to Hospital Department, Indian Department, and Quartermaster Department.
December 12, 1798 Enclosed Abstract of Pay Stephen Hillis William Simmons Abstracts of pay made by Henley to army, charges verified by vouchers.
October 31, 1800 Enclosed Abstracts John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Enclosed abstracts of Paymaster General for Hospital Department, Quartermaster General Department, Arms, and Fortifications at Loftus's Heights.
June 20, 1798 Forwarded Abstracts for Monies Paid David Henley William Simmons Account balances, names of money due particular officers. Details of Hillis' expenses explained; Henley described Hillis' intemperance and said he was unfit for duty.