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December 7, 1789 Regarding lack of pay, want of judges, Indian affairs and white migration Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Acting Governor Sargent laments that he has not yet received his salary of $750. Governor St. Clair has not yet arrived. When he does, will commence tour of Kaskaskias. The territory is in need of judges. Of Indians nothing heard. the last intelligence was a speech of friendship by Delawares and Wyandottes to General Harmar. The migration is under watch by Fort Harmar at Marietta Ohio and is...
April 28, 1792 Special Instructions to General Israel Chapin Esquire Deputy Temporary Agent on civilizing the Five Nations and Stockbridge Indians Henry Knox General Israel Chapin Following the visit of the Five Nations delegation to Philadelphia, Knox provides detailed instructions to Chapin on the appropriation of $1500 per year annuity to the Five Nations and Stockbridge Indians. Chapin is to select blacksmiths, carpenters and schoolmasters of unblemished integrity and who will set a good example. Would prefer school masters with livestock husbandry skills. Blacksmiths...
November 29, 1799 Claims of the United States at Detroit John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Hamtramck informs Hamilton of the claims that had been the property of the Crown that should now be the property of the United Staes.
February 18, 1800 Assurances of Rights to Claims John McGowen James McHenry Recounts evidence of support for American cause in Revolutionary war and property losses sustained entitling McGown to compensation for refugees.
May 1, 1788 Regarding Maryland's Ratification of the Constitution Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox again mentions the cost of Hempstead, the school his son is attending. Tells of upcoming trip to Philadelphia. Believes that Maryland has adopted the Constitution; opines on the ratio of Maryland delegates for and against that measure.
June 22, 1793 Chiefs Cannot Influence All Parties to Pacific Measures Daniel Smith Henry Knox It appears that the Cherokee head-men are sincere in their desire for peace but they cannot control all the members of their tribe, some of whom are stealing horses and corn which provokes the animosity of the agrieved whites.
July 8, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, asks for money on Six Nations behalf; discusses Indians accused of thefts; discusses Indian murdered at Fort Venango; discusses Six Nations annuity; asks for removal of settlers; discusses White encroachment.
June 15, 1788 Describes Activity Surrounding Fort Harmar, French Creek, Preparations for Indian Treaty Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Describes journey to French Creek and Captain Heart's work on his garrison and with the Seneca and Munsee. Describes geography. Discusses efforts to prepare for treaty. Refers to provisions and supplies and transportation by public expense. Reports numbers of boats and emigrants to pass through. Discusses land reserved by Congress and the lower land. Mentions dismantling of Fort McIntosh....
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.