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May 28, 1798 Instructions Inclosed, Pilot Boats Dispatched James McHenry Captain Richard Dale McHenry has sent two pilot boats, one south and one east, carrying instructions for Dale in case he has left the Bay. McHenry is relying on Dale's zeal and courage to ensure execution of the instruction, and he sends Dale and his crew his best wishes.
November 6, 1792 Indian Attack on My Camp John Adair James Wilkinson Adair describes an Indian attack on his camp and the gallant response of his officers and men.
October 2, 1798 Foreign Affairs and Officer Recommendations James McHenry George Washington Since it will be necessary to begin enlistments to the southward , Washington should send his list of men to be assigned to the proposed four regiments. McHenry admits he is at a loss in selecting a commandant for the Artillerists and Engineers. Mr. King says that the Emperor of Germany and King of Naples have formed an alliance in case of an attack by France. The conduct of the US seems to have...
May 23, 1799 Selecting Officers for the Eventual Army James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry believes it is time to begin selecting officers to fill the ranks of the eventual army. He wants men of courage and ability and warns against partiality toward friends who have bad habits. Military appointments will not correct those habits.
May 10, 1787 Recommendation of Captain William Morris John Sullivan Henry Knox Captain Wiliam Morris has been appointed by the State of Virginia to command the force destined for the western frontier. Sullivan attests to Morris's fidelity, courage, good conduct and knowledge of artillery gaained by serving on board American ships
May 28, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Two pilot boats dispatched with instructions. One to southward of Capes of Delaware; other to the eastward. Adds that Dale's zeal, courage, and prudence is relied upon for execution of instructions.
February 18, 1789 Carrington solicits a recommendation from Knox Edward Carrington Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation re appointment.
June 25, 1799 Raising a Troop of Horse & Promoting Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton makes the case for raising a troop of horse as a way of testing innovative cavalry tactics to match those being improved in Europe. He also favors the promotion of James Wilkinson to Major General.
June 15, 1799 His character on certain sides gives room for doubts. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Despite some doubts about his character, Hamilton recommends that James Wilkinson be promoted to Major General, [a post declined by Henry Knox who refused to serve under Hamilton].
June 2, 1799 Outlines Recent Postal Activity David Henley James Wilkinson Henley received Wilkinson's letter of May 20th on the 27th. He delayed the express rider who brought it until the Mail came so that he could send back various parcels, newspapers, and letters with him.
January 27, 1792 Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Secretary of War Henry Knox on urgency of Six Nations delegation to Philadelphia; efforts to derail the delegation's visit; effect of the defeat of General St. Clair's Army Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland advises Knox that the proposed delegation from Six Nations should go to Philadelphia as soon as possible. Great efforts made vicinity of Niagara to prevent delegation, including Farmer's Brother and Fish Carrier from attending. Some friendly to Americans fear that defeat of General St. Clair's army would kindle such wrath that there would never be peace. Some consider victory over St....
February 2, 1792 Intelligence Report to the Secretary at War Anonymous Henry Knox This letter is an anonymous intelligence report from the frontier to Henry Knox, asking him not to reveal the correspondence between them to Judge McComb. Also, in order to prevent the Saganaw and Michillimakina Indians from assisting other hostile tribes on the frontier, the sender of the report recommends that Knox authorize the release of Indian prisoners. Further states that the paroled...
December 16, 1790 Reports on Harmar's Expedition against the Hostile Western Tribes Henry Knox George Washington Knox's letter to the President includes the General Orders from General Harmer's expedition against the hostile western Indians.
November 23, 1790 Expedition to Omee River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Letter, describes expedition to Omee River; describes lay of land along river; discusses frontier abbreviations for Indian names.
May 22, 1799 Continuation of Payments on Account for Treaty of Tellico; Accounts for Choctaw Agent Samuel Mitchell David Henley William Simmons Henley forwards continuation of abstract of payments made on account of Treaty at Tellico from June 25 to Ocotber 1, 1798. In the letter he details accounts and payments which he allowed and the reasons why.
January 14, 1794 Release of Prisoners Anthony Wayne Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.
May 2, 1791 A Report on Travels Through the Creek Country, 1791 Caleb Swan [not available] Document, report describes the Creek country, people, culture, and government. Refers to horse theft and trials.