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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 25, 1791 Regarding Men Called to Action David Shepard Henry Knox Discusses orders from Gov. of Virginia to call out fifty men. Contract secured to supply men.
July 17, 1790 Circular to the Lieutenants of the Counties to Cease Use of Scouts Henry Knox [not available] Letter from Henry Knox, Secretary of War, to the lieutenants of various counties in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky directing them to replace scouts with small group of rangers. It also includes detailed instructions on how to document the authorization, use, and pay of said rangers.
December 29, 1791 Protection of Northwest Territory Henry Knox Lieutenant of Washington County, Pennsylvania The Lieutenant of Washington County, Pennsylvania is authorized by Knox to muster men for the protection of the Northwestern Territory.
April 9, 1793 Payment of the Scouts Employed in Westmoreland County Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Although Howell has been presented with the return for the scouts employed in Westmoreland County by Colonel Campbell, settlement should be made by Swan so it is referred accordingly. The County lieutenant has employed fourteen men of which eight are authorized by the Secretary of War. Swan should investigate the possibility that the remaining six will be paid by General Wayne.
October 26, 1792 Circular Henry Knox Absalom Baird Description of how scouts for Washington County will be paid via warrant.
February 6, 1796 Account of Lieutenant Lee William Simmons James McHenry Encloses to the Secretary of War the account of Lt. Lee in Pennsylvania.
October 26, 1792 [Circular] Notification of Pay Henry Knox David Shepard Details of how scouts for Ohio County would be paid in the future with orders to pay scouts for previous service.
April 15, 1790 Copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania regarding protection of frontier from Indians Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Transmits a copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania. Discusses plans for protection of frontier, but the means has not been decided upon by congress.
May 15, 1793 Original Receipts Required Joseph Howell Henry Knox Executive cannot reimburse Virginia without original receipts from the expenses accrued for the protection of the frontier.
May 25, 1795 Pay of the Scouts of Jefferson County Kentucky William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $446.66 is due the Scouts of Jefferson County in Kentucky for their service between June 25, 1794 and January 2, 1795.
February 23, 1799 Division of New Jersey into Recruiting Districts Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden provides his suggestion for dividing New Jersey into recruiting districts.
September 26, 1793 Letter from Colonel Melton, Green County, to Georgia Governor Telfair reporting on operations against Creek Nation [not available] [not available] From Executive files of W. Urquhart, a report from Green County, Lieutenant Colonel Melton of 1st Regiment, Green County, reports that he has burned huts in Creek town, killed Warriors, and taken prisoners. Asks that prisoners be moved away from frontier people for their own safety. In need of arms and ammunition; frontier may be evacuated if no resupply.
March 10, 1791 Request to Forward Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Forward enclosed letter to the Lieut. of Washington County, Pennsylvania.
March 4, 1794 Pay for the Scouts of Allegheny County Joseph Howell Presley Nevill John Wilkins has received the sum of $800 for pay due the Scouts employed in Allegheny County for four months in 1793.
May 2, 1792 Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers employed for the protection of the Frontier counties of the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Lists names and counties. Certification that the abstract was examined and compared with returns. All information verified.
October 6, 1791 DUPLICATE: [Circular] Henry Knox Absalom Baird Reminder that Baird could employ militia for 2 months to protect Washington County from Indians afterwhich they should be disbanded and records submitted to War Department.
March 25, 1791 Men Called Up and Supplied Colonel David Shepherd Henry Knox Notification of soldiers called up and how they were supplied.
June 11, 1791 Supply of Arms and Ammunition Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Provision of arms and ammunition to be made by the public.
February 25, 1792 Protection of Washington County Henry Knox Absalom Baird Urgency of dispatching scouts to Washington County. Congress to authorize offensive action by militia.
April 13, 1790 Protection of Frontier Counties Henry Knox Lieutenant of Harrison County Knox speaks of adopting a temporary method of protecting the frontier counties until danger ceases or a more permanent solution is presented.
March 14, 1791 Enclosed Letter from President Regarding Protection of Frontier Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letter addresses County Lieutenants ability to maintain authority over rangers called into service for the protection of the frontier. Details on locations and names.
December 4, 1792 Discharge of Militia Henry Knox David Shepard Discharge of militia called into service for protection of Ohio County in Virginia. Maj. Gen. A. Wayne to provide necessary aid for Western frontiers.
April 14, 1792 Notification to Pay Henry Knox David Shepard Militia called up into service to be paid.
July 19, 1790 Current Plans for the Protection of the Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Henry Knox, Secretary of War, informs Virginia's governor, Beverley Randolph, of the current plans for protecting the frontiers, including a proposed expedition of continental troops and county militia into the Western Territory to extirpate banditti.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lt Col Campbell William Simmons Charles Campbell William Simmons informs Lt Col. Charles Campbell that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.