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December 19, 1791 Invitation to Five Nations to Visit Philadelphia Timothy Pickering [not available] Suggests visit to Philadelphia to discuss the introduction of various skills related to goods production, all promises of gifts to be fulfilled at Great Council fire in Philadelphia.
August 27, 1795 Proceedings of the Council of Administration William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Discusses the proceedings of the Council of Administration with Lt. Nehemiah Freeman.
July 9, 1794 Proceedings of a Council Held at Buffalo Creek Red Jacket [not available] Proceedings of a council held at Buffalo Creek on February 7th 1794.
August 1, 1793 Commissioners Clarifying Misunderstanding Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department [not available] Commissioners announced they would anxiously wait for reply from Council at Rapids of the Miami River.
February 25, 1794 Council proceedings at Buffalo Creek General Israel Chapin Henry Knox General Israel Chapin encloses the Buffalo Creek council proceedings to the Secretary of War. Present at the council were representatives from the United States and Upper Canada, along with the principal leaders of the Six Nations.
June 27, 1794 [172] Results of Indian Council at Buffalo Isaac Craig Henry Knox Orders to reinforce garrison received by Crawford, but due to age and health, Butler ordered Capt. Heath and his garrison to provide support. Indian Council at Buffelo dissolved, commissioners expected at Le Bauf to give results of deliberations. Believed they disapprove of any further settlements.
September 20, 1792 Outcome of Council William Blount Henry Knox Inferred that the reason for so few Chocktaws at council was the influence of Mr. Brassheart, a Spanish sympathizer. Brassheart mislead the Chocktaws, telling them they would be killed if they went to council with United States. Both Chocktaw and Chickasaw nations arrived for council and treaty, goods exchanged and land will be given to U.S.
May 20, 1791 Council with Six Nation Chiefs, Opinion on Knox Major General Richard Butler John Johnson Butler enclosed proceedings from council with Six Nation chiefs held due to agitated Indians. Knox wants to "take all nations by the hand to meet" General Sinclair at Fort Washington on the Ohio but in Butlers opinion, Knox's speeches are too haughty and cannot be delivered to the Indians.
October 25, 1794 Do Not Allow the Chain of Friendship to Grow Rusty Timothy Pickering Six Nations of Indians Colonel Pickering's speech to the Six Nations assembled at a Council held at Canandagua in which he urges them not to allow the Chain of Friendship to grow more rusty and possibly to become rotten and break off.
October 31, 1787 Relative to situation in Luzerne County; Colonel Buttler's conduct during late riot Peter Muhlenberg Timothy Pickering Colonel Dennison laid before the council several papers related to situation in Luzerne County. Council wishes to deliberate on measures. Sufficient number of troops will be sent to take part in Tioga. Captain Ross has been commissioned. Colonel Butler apologizes for his conduct during the late riot; stating reason for such conduct; council finds charges against Butler on slight grounds;
July 26, 1792 Hopes of Peace Vested in Indian Chief Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Notification that copies of speech sent to various tribes via Maj. Hamtramck. Discussed influence of Kaweahatta, great Indian chief, over Wabash tribal politics and possibility of his influence in securing council with Shawnese.
January 9, 1792 Indian Council Convened at Buffalo Creek Henry Knox Reverend Samuel Kirkland Knox asks the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to see if he can find out what transpires at an Indian council soon to be convened at Buffalo Creek.
February 27, 1796 [Copy] Rules Governing Presidental Visit with Indians James McHenry William Blount Treaty with Creeks to be held at Colerain, President to speak at council. Discussed details of President's attendance and hopes of accomplishing at council and rules to govern visits.
June 22, 1795 Request to Meet with Chiefs of Indian Nations Regarding Loyalty George Ironside Augoshaway Principal Chief of the Ottawas Ironside requested on behalf of messengers from Capt. Brant a meeting per agreement from last council fire. Upcoming decision by Indian nations mentioned.
June 22, 1795 Participation During an Impending Council Fire Chiefs of the Potawatomies, Ottawas, & Chippewas [not available] Speeches delivered by chiefs of sundry tribes regarding participation in an impending council meeting.
June 10, 1795 Pursuit of Peace by Indians John Foster Williams Anthony Wayne Williams advised Wayne that the emergency at hand should not have been ignored and caused the Indians to assume mischief. Letter from Wayne received and explained to the Council as best as possible by Williams for understanding of United States desire for peace. Indians enthusiastically pursue peace and have sent "bad people" from town.
October 10, 1794 Information Regarding Proceedings of the Council at the Big Rock Chiefs of the Wyandots [not available] Verbal communication sent by the Chief of the Wyandols through Enus Khon, a confidential warrior. Rather than long term peace, a truce with the United States was proposed until a council could meet in the spring to discuss terms. It was decided that the British were to guarantee the Indians lands west of the Ohio River if the U.S. did not abandon their forts on the West bank and to fight the...
February 9, 1794 Proceedings of a Council holden John Stagg Unknown Recipient Speeches by General Israel Chapin, Red Jacket, and Major Littlehales regarding gifts, boundary lines, and council fires to discuss proposals of the President of United States.
April 29, 1794 Proceedings of the Council at Buffalo Creek are forwarded to Knox [not available] Henry Knox Letter, encloses proceedings of Buffalo Creek council; discusses treaty between Six Nations and United States; mentions speech of Lord Dorchester; discusses British presence in the Northeast; discusses Indians.
August 9, 1792 [Extract] Speech Regarding Peace John Francis Hamtramck Rufus Putnam Speech to Wabash Indians was delivered to Wabash and Pottawatomie nations. Indians appear to be pleased with message, peace council could draw many nations. Rations to be provided by U.S.
August 8, 1793 Journal entry regarding disposition of proceedings of Indian Council at Miami relative to peace and war Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Captain Hendrick's men report that the Indian Council at Miami is for peace, with exception of Shawanese, Wyandots, Miamis and Delawares, who eventually yielded to the peaceful opinions of others. Commissioners should receive invitation from confederated nations to meet council at mouth of Miami River this week
May 10, 1785 Resolutions of Congress for raising new regiment; & Council request for names of officers willing to continue service under present circumstance John Armstrong Josiah Harmar Secretary Armstrong sends to Lieutenant Colonel Harmar a letter enclosed with congressional resolutions pertaining to raising a new regiment. Additionally, Armstrong provides the following direction to Harmar: provide to the Council names of officers willing to continue service under present circumstances and, absent orders, keep troops in service past enlistment. Armstrong indicates the Council...
June 16, 1796 Indian Negotiations Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Enclosed correspondence b/w Hawkins, Clymer, Pickens, and Commissioners of Georgia. Negotiations with Indians began the previous day, large number of representatives present at council. Chiefs have confidence in the justice of "our Government."
April 29, 1784 Collection and transfer of funds Council Arthur St. Clair Council upon St. Clair to expedite the collection and transfer of funds. Council, upon considering the exhausted state of the Treasury, and that the public exigencies were such as to call for an immediate supply they have accordingly directed me to call upon you in the most pressing manner to expedite the payment of the money now in your hands, and to use your utmost endeavours in the collection...
June 12, 1794 Contemporary Copy of Letter, to Henry Knox [not available] Henry Knox Letter, discusses Council at Buffalo Creek; encloses narrative of Indian agent; advises re settlement at Presque Isle; informs re journey to Council at Buffalo Creek.