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May 20, 1799 Investigation of Payment Dispute for Employee James McHenry Joseph Williams Addresses the case of a Mr. Cotton, whose payment for services performed as an assistant clerk and as Schoolmaster was in question. After receiving accounts of his services from the president, McHenry authorizes Cotton to receive all benefits due to a clerk.
November 1, 1798 Sending Cotton from Natchez to Orleans, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon The following are the few legible portions of this document: my expenses; Orleans; expense of sending cotton from Natchez to Orleans is eighty cents per one hundred; horseman; bristle; reins; buckles; belts;
July 17, 1799 Waist Coats Composed of Indifferent Negro Cotton Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton "...A partial supply of clothing has at last arrived...I cannot help however complaining of the waistcoats that have been sent on, one part of which--I mean the backs--is absolutely composed of indifferent negro cotton which is particularly disgusting to the soldiery in this part of the country..."
July 6, 1796 Assessment of Sample Cotton Shirts James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to examine a sample of cotton shirts and, if they are not suitable, describe how they are defective. Do these sample shirts provide durability equal to the linen shirts usually furnished the soldiery.
May 5, 1796 Copy of Authority Sent to Governor of New York; Regarding Cotton Proposal James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth McHenry states that he has sent to Governor Jay of New York a copy of Wadsworth's formal authority to act as Indian commissioner in the ongoing Cohnawaga-New York land dispute. Also says that he cannot form an opinion about Livingston's proposal until "seeing samples of the cotton and know[ing] the prices."
June 5, 1797 Cotton and Flannel for the Algerian Frigate James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Tench Francis 900 square yards of Kendal cotton, half thicks, and flannel, for the Algerian frigate.
March 11, 1791 Cotton sends vouchers to Knox W Cotton William Knox Letter, encloses vouchers for monies paid.
February 7, 1800 Pestilence that Has Ravaged Philadelphia, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of matters, Sargent warns Hodgdon that in the summer he should be in the country, rather than stay in the city. Sargent addresses business matters which Hodgdon is handling for him.
May 7, 1799 Reaction to Indian Talks David Henley Double-head Praises division of Indians as wise in order to keep "bad people in order, and prevent their stealing of Horses." Praises improvement of Indians in growing cotton and corn, spinning and weaving. Desires to live in friendship and unite, white and Indian, to care for all wives and families. Observes the departure of Mr. Dinsmore, praised for his able rapport with the Indians and his fair reports of...
May 13, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence John Adams James McHenry Adams forwards correspondence to McHenry.
December 10, 1800 Duplicate Returns for Quarter Masters' Stores Issued in November1800. [not available] [not available] Includes returns of sundry articles, including stationery and articles wanted for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
June 16, 1794 Articles Furnished Creek Indians [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon has not acknowledged receipt of articles furnished to the Creek Indians.
June 22, 1800 Articles Sent to the Navy Stores Unknown Author [not available] Invoice of articles sent down to the Navy Stores.
November 23, 1791 Arrangements for Overalls Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Requesting a pair of overalls. Makes arrangements to deliver item and pay for them before Colonel Darke departs.
August 6, 1797 Estimated Cost for Making Various Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry A ledger-like estimate for making stores, primarily ordnance.
May 7, 1792 Clothing for Elliott's Men John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to issue to Lt. Elliott , of the Artillery, two sergeants, and ten privates complete suits of clothing. He also needs a drum and fifte.
January 30, 1793 Request of Ordnance and Military Stores John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests ordnance and military stores be prepared and forwarded to Pittsburgh to Major Craig. Lists items requested. Asks for a list of items on hand and items to be purchased, with an estimate of costs.
December 26, 1800 Instructing Officers in the Taking of Distances & Altitudes, Etc. James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Wilkinson tells Hodgdon not to bother purchasing glasses if he has not already done so. He needs surveying equipment to teach the officers how to measure distances. Discusses other purchases and accounting matters. Wilkinson has lost his copy of the British regulations for their infantry.
July 28, 1800 Report on affairs in Creek Country; civilization plan Benjamin Hawkins Samuel Dexter Letter, discusses conditions on the southern frontier. Discusses plan of civilization for the Creeks and expenses.
January 9, 1799 Civilizing the Creek Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins is pleased with the Creeks for accepting the plan for their civilization. The Creeks have adapted well to raising livestock and are becoming better at manufacturing. Hawkins comments on the fact that the Chiefs and their wives come to his house.
December 1795 Military supply estimates for 1796 Timothy Pickering [not available] Military supply estimates for the upcoming year.
September 19, 1799 Drum Heads and White Woolen Overalls William Bass Samuel Hodgdon Only one set of drum heads has been delivered to Colonel Moore on his order. There are no more than eighty pairs of white woolen overalls in the store though there are plenty of cotton overalls.
1795 Estimate of Ordinance and military stores for the legion of the U.S. for 1796 [not available] [not available] Estimate of ordnance and military stores wanted for the Legion of the United States for 1796 showing the parts per returns on hand and the articles to be supplied.
February 1, 1793 Money Needed on Western Territory Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the sum necessary to procure the listed stores wanted for the Army and Laboratory on the Western Frontier
May 24, 1799 Concerning Armory Employee & Proposition Establishment of Military Laboratory & Storehouse Near Philadelphia James McHenry John Adams Forwards a letter showing how he has settled the account of an assistant, now discharged, at Springfield [Armory]. Discusses recommendations for the appointment of several officers. Recommends that a laboratory, powder house, and warehouses be erected near Philadelphia, that ammunition may be prepared and it and other military articles be stored nearby. Expects to be able to purchase land...