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December 13, 1800 Regarding Transfer of Provisional Army Lieutenant to Permanent Regiment John Jay Samuel Dexter Discusses the transfer of a lieutenant, Joseph C. Cooper, in the 12th Regiment of the provisional army to a permanent appointment in one of the "established" [old or permanent] regiments.
October 7, 1797 Enlistment Dates of Deserters John Cooper, William Pettis, Daniel Donoug Staats Morris William Simmons John Cooper, a deserter from Capt. Blackburn's command who gave himself up, claims that he should be discharged since he has made up the time he was absent. Captain Staats Morris requests the date of Cooper's enlistment and also those of deserters William Pettis and Daniel Donoug.
November 24, 1800 Exploration of copper mines on Lake Superior Samuel Dexter Mr. Cooper This letter directs the Commanding Officer to assist Mr. Cooper's exploration of the copper mines on Lake Superior. Cooper is introduced as the son of a Congressman from New York.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons Garret Cooper Money advanced to Cooper by James Mott, Treasurer of New Jersey, for pay of 2nd New Jersey regiment called up to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania. The money that was issued on the order of Robert J. Johnson, Paymaster to said regiment must be refunded to War Office since no vouchers were transmitted to Treasurer to exonerate Cooper. Col. Nevill was furnished with...
June 2, 1789 Requests Permission to Begin Airing Powder William Price Henry Knox Price would like to begin airing the powder by the 15th of the month. West Point is in need of a cooper and four thousan hoop poles to complete the process of airing the powder and putting it into barrels. If there were any way to avoid hiring a cooper, Price would not ask to hire one, but there is no man at his post who knows how to set a hoop. Price believes that if he can start by the 15th and...
January 12, 1792 Powder & Ball John Stagg William Knox Knox should provide every assistance to Mr. Manning in having the powder and ball sent to the river.
January 3, 1793 Inspectors of Hats, Boots, and Shoes Alexander Hamilton John Miller "It is perfectly agreeable to me that Nathaniel Walters and Peter Cooper, the two persons mentioned in your letter of the 22nd ultimo, should be employed as inspectors at the prices folowing---vizt. for inspecting the hats 7/6 [?] per day and for inspecting the boots and shoes at the rate iof hal a center per pair round."
December 23, 1796 Expenses of Joseph Cooper & George Carson William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $14 is due to Joseph Cooper and George Carson of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, being their expenses from Philadelphia to Baltimore in pursuit of William Townshend, William Hines, and Bingham, deserters from said Corps.
April 8, 1790 Forwarding Returns of Ordnance and Stores William Price Henry Knox Forwards the returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores for the month of March. Mentions that he had to have Mr. Morrow work on the carriages. Doctor Adams was not available so Price sent for Doctor Cooper of Peekskill.
August 1, 1791 Request for muster rolls William Blount Captain James Cooper Request for muster of Captain Cooper's troops, dated 1 August 1791, signed by Blount. Joseph Howell indicates that documents do not appear sufficient to authorize payment of troops and forwards papers to Colonel Henley, agent for War Department for such evidence as will authorize payment. Orders to send draftees home, and requests names of delinquents and deserters.
October 4, 1798 Withholding Payment Until Bill of Lading is Produced William Douglass Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones has written respecting the freight of the goods sent in the sloop "Trimmer" to Wilmington. Hodgdon has stated that the money will not be paid until the Bill of Lading is produced. Douglass requests that payment be suspended until either the owner of the sloop, Joseph Cooper, or Douglass himself is consulted
July 17, 1794 Shoes and hats of bad quality Alexander Hamilton William Rawle The Attorney for the District of Pennsylvania transmits to Hamilton a copies of letters from Secretary Knox and General Wayne relative to the bad quality of hats and shoes furnished for the use of the army by the contractors for 1793. President Washington is of opinion that the contractors and inspectors ought to be called into account. Nathaniel Waters and Peter Cooper were the inspectors of...
March 12, 1799 Citation Only William Simmons James Read Cited in Simmons to Cooper, 02/20/1800.
June 26, 1788 Regarding the Forwarding of Stores, Equipment Alterations & Powder Cask Contract William Price Henry Knox Reports forwarding of stores for New Jersey recruits and for Fourth of July celebration. Discusses alteration of bayonet belts and powder cask contract.
January 14, 1799 Presents Corrected Names to Senate for Nomination James McHenry John Adams Reports list of nominations to present to the Senate for appointments in the army. Refers to a misnaming of one candidate.
October 15, 1793 James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, in answer to Major Robert Flournoy James Seagrove Robert Flournoy Seagrove reply to letter from Major Flournoy dated 5 October 1793. Notes that no treaty is in contemplation between United States and Creek Nation. He states that his actions are governed by orders of President of United States General George Washington, which are to obtain full satisfaction for injuries as a precondition for peace. Governor of Georgia Telfair, who has the power to promulgate...
October 10, 1798 $500 Drawn in Favor of Thomas Johns Montgomery & Newbold Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a draft for $500 in favor of Thomas Johns which Hodgdon is asked to accept and return by post.
November 23, 1798 List of receipts Nicholas Fish William Simmons Cover for receipts from Captain F. Frye, Nathaniel Dwight, William Cooper, and Nicholas Fish in the amounts listed.
June 11, 1788 Estimate of Building and Repair William Price Henry Knox Price encloses, per Knox's request, an estimate for the cost of repairing the long barracks for an arsenal of arms and the store in which the arms are currently deposited as well as building a stone wall around the redoubt of Fort Clinton. The foundation of the wall is to be four feet, which Price believes to be the minimum possible for such a heavy structure on gravelly soil. Price has employed...
October 20, 1787 Confession of One of the Thieves who Stole Powder from West Point William Price Henry Knox Mr. Cooper returned from Newburgh and told Price that he suspected Jones of having got and sold powder from West Point last fall. Price followed up on Cooper's statement and found evidence to support it, on which basis he had a warrant issued for Jones' arrest. Jones confessed before Justices of the Peace that he bought two barrels of powder from Welsh and helped Duane carry off four barrels....
February 18, 1790 Certificate due to Rufus Lincoln Joseph Howell Henry Knox After examining the petition of Rufus Lincoln, the Commissioner of Army Accounts determines that a certificate of 35 dollars is due to the petitioner.
July 2, 1794 Ship Illegally Equipped for War John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon should receive from Capt. Richard Dale arms taken from an armed ship called the Vanstable (alias the Isaac, alias the Chickamagga), illegally equipped for war by John Cooper of Virginia.
April 2, 1785 Regarding Plan to Salvage Damaged Powder William Price Samuel Hodgdon Refers to attempts to air out and salvage damaged powder, and possibly to the making of a contract with a third party to undertake that business. Also encloses return for March 1785 [not included].
October 5, 1793 Letter from Major Robert Flournoy to Major James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent criticizing the Federal Government, its handling of Indian affairs, the destructive northeastern politicians, and a request for the return of his negro boy Cooper Robert Flournoy James Seagrove Flournoy submits that the people of Georgia do not want a treaty with the Indians because it will be deaf to their interests. Criticizes the northeastern politicians for making peace on any terms. It was this approach that led to the failure in New York [presumably the failed Conference at Sandusky the previous summer]. Any prisoner exchange of Creek Indians should require Creek restoration of...
May 14, 1800 Inquiry for more information on accounts and billing William Simmons Josias Carvel Hall Inquires about a bill from Doctor Sappington claiming attendance on the sick, and notes that there is no certificate. Also asks about Doctor Hamilton's bill for services. Requests more information on services.