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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
August 13, 1794 Speech Requesting U.S. to Converse with the Indian Nations John Foster Williams Anthony Wayne Warriors request peace with U.S. and to converse in the manner of the Indian Nations.
July 3, 1798 Lieutenant General and Commander-in-chief of the Army James McHenry George Washington Kindly urges Washington to accept the commission of Lieutenant General and Commander-in-chief of the United States Army, in preparation for possible war against France. Desires to set up an opportunity to converse about the military situation.
August 24, 1800 Private Conference with Merchants, Etc. Benjamin Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin has arrived safely in Alexandria and visited a third party in jail. Relates to a vessel and business. However, no one can now talk to the imprisoned man without the jailer being present.
October 10, 1798 Payment of Militia David Henley William Simmons Militia pay suspended due to travels to Indian country. Pay must be authorized by Sec. of War. Henley requested Simmons converse with Sec. of War to authorize dispersal of pay.
January 6, 1784 Military Stores in the Peace Establishment Samuel Hodgdon Worsley Emes Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
September 18, 1797 On recovery from bilious yellow fever; Captain Truxton's request for extra expenses and delivery of heavy anchor [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Author suffering "billious yellow fever." Will converse with President John Adams over the matter of claim for extra expenses during building of frigate. Has been sometime since he order Tench Francis to have brought a heavy anchor from Portsmouth New Hampshire to Baltimore.
June 29, 1789 A gentlemen insists on a reply from Knox Stephen Sayre Henry Knox Letter, Sayre has solicited a federal appointment from Knox. Sayre's solicitation has gone unanswered. Sayre takes umbrage at the lack of a reply from Knox.
July 8, 1796 Instructions about Cherokee Borders, Indian Agent, and Frigate-Building Timothy Pickering James McHenry Refers to communication with the President about the Cherokee boundaries according to the Treaty of Holston. Questions appointment of Indian agent. Agrees with Mr. Wolcott about building of frigate according to Mr. Fox's instructions.
August 3, 1793 The French Minister & Indian Affairs, Etc. George Washington Heads of the Departments Washington asks whether the heads of the departments recommend calling Congress into session earlier than what is required by law so as to address the recent decision respecting the French minister in addition to the situation regarding Indian affairs.
July 30, 1783 Settlement of an Officer's Account Colonel De Cambray John Pierce De Cambray empowers Col. Laumoy to settle his accounts with Congress. Notes two particular items of concern: compensation for the cost of hiring a servant and compensation for a journey from Fort Pitt to Charleston on orders in the public service.
December 25, 1784 Iron Works, Innovations and Fertilizer Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Timothy Pickering sent Benjamin Lincoln a letter enclosed with a bill for iron works which had been manufactured and sent to him. Discussed "riddle" of what company manufactured the iron pieces, and that the iron screen on board the brig Lucretia was the latest innovation, being used by Mr. Morton at the Brandywine Mills. Discussed grinding manure and wrapping it in bushels sufficient to...