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May 21, 1787 New Hampshire: Send Delegates to the Convention Henry Knox John Sullivan Knox urges Sullivan to influence New Hampshire to send delegates to the [Constitutional Convention] so as to avoid the anarchy that seems inevitable under the current system of government.
August 31, 1787 Various Private Inquiries Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Mentions writing Mrs. Greene, and encloses letter. States "the affairs of Holland...will probably be accommodated by the friendly interposition of New Jersey." Inquires after Wadsworth's family.
May 28, 1794 Prohibiting the Exportation of Arms and Ammunition Alexander Hamilton [not available] (CIRCULAR) Notification of a temporary ban on the exportation of arms and ammunition. Enclosed is a translation of a Decree of the National Convention altering the national flag of France.
July 15, 1787 The State Systems are an Accursed Thing Henry Knox Rufus King Knox writes to King regarding the Constitutional Convention and other political matters. The conduct of France in establishing provincial assemblies is seized with great eagerness by advocates of State systems, but they do not bring into view the strong cement of royal authority supported by 200,000 soldiers. State systems are an accursed thing which will prevent the creation of a nation.
March 7, 1790 Sherburne discusses politics with Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox Letter, discusses Rhode Island convention; mentions Bill of Rights; discusses Constitution.
February 2, 1789 Accounts of those who have designs on Indian lands Joseph Martin Henry Knox Martin describes efforts by a convention of people to enter into resolves to raise men to defend themselves outside of the authority of the North Carolina legislature. Mentions a certain Alexander Outlaw as the leader. Corntassel has thought it best to burn the towns of the culprits, by which means they would return to their allegiance. So great a thirst for Indian lands prevails that every...
June 30, 1794 Convention between Denmark and Sweden Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary of State Randolph discusses with the rest of Washington's Cabinet a convention between Denmark and Sweden for the maintenance of the rights of neutral navigation. Mentions John Jay's mission to London, preceding the notorious Jay Treaty, which will be signed in November that year.
November 5, 1788 Olney Discusses Rejection of Constitution in Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses rejection of Constitution in Rhode Island.
February 3, 1788 Proceedings of the Massachusetts Convention to Consider the New Constitution Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln reports on the proceedings of the Massachusetts convention that is charged with adopting or rejecting the new Constitution. Though several of the Shays insurgents are delegates, Lincoln is optimistic that the Constitution will be approved by the convention.
January 28, 1790 Regarding Invalid Pensions, the Constitution, Rhode Island Convention, & Office of Collector of Imports Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses returns of Invalid pensions; mentions Constitution; discusses state convention; asks for appointment to Collector of Imports.
March 1, 1787 Opinions on Convention, Shay's Rebellion Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox (Partly illegible) General Lincoln provides Knox his thoughts on the convention to remedy the defects in the government and includes an update on the successful campaign against the rebels in New England. (Shays Rebellion)
June 21, 1788 Adoption of the Constitution by New Hampshire John Sullivan Henry Knox Sullivan informs Knox that the new Constitution has been adopted at the convention convened by the State of New Hampshire.
January 18, 1790 Sherburne solicits an appointment from Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox This letter discusses the Rhode Island convention to ratify the Constitution. Sherburn then asks to be appointed to the Collector of the port of Newport.
May 19, 1786 Presentation of Papers on Indian Treaties William Livingston Assembly Livingston lays before the (New Jersey) House congressional papers dealing with Indian treaties and accounts between the states, as well as resolutions from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania appointing delegates to the Annapolis Convention.
July 29, 1792 [Enclosure] Observations from Travels to Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations Anthony Forster William Blount Related sentiments of councils held at both Chickasaw and Chocktaw villages in relation to politics, peace, and war between the whites people (U.S) and the Indians. Discussed names, points of view, and events in detail.
May 31, 1790 Letter from William Barton: Request for appointment William Barton [not available] Letter, advises ratification of Constitution in Rhode Island; asks for recommendation to appointment in Revenue department.
February 14, 1787 Shay's Rebellion Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox congratulates Gen. Lincoln on his success defeating the insurgents during Shays' Rebellion and speculates about the upcoming Philadelphia convention intended to correct the defects in the current government.
March 25, 1786 Strengthening the Federal Government, Etc. Henry Knox General William Irvine Knox discusses British intentions regarding the evacuation of the Western Forts which they still occupy. He mentions the "federal convention" proposed by Virginia for strengthening the power of Congress to regulate trade.
September 16, 1786 Regarding Dissimilar Commercial Regulations Tench Coxe Commissioners for Maryland Coxe, a Commissioner for Pennsylvania, asks the Maryland Commissioners to pass on a message to their state Legislature. Coxe states that though difference of circumstances has led to dissimilar trade regulations, none should be adopted which militate against the fundamental and essential principles of the Union. Some states charge duties on out-of-state vessels and goods equal to the duties...
August 14, 1787 Views of the Constitutional Convention Henry Knox George Washington Alludes to Constitutional Convention; worries that matters will leak out. Believes state governments to be an unnecessary evil; discusses qualities of Federal Government; alludes to Philadelphia Convention. Refers to the death of their young child.
August 11, 1799 Convention George Washington James McHenry Washington thanks McHenry for forwarding a copy of J.B. Bordley's Essays and Notes on Husbandry (1799). Discusses the complications of international politics, the Convention of 1800, and allegations of bribery by the editor of the Aurora (newspaper).
June 29, 1788 Will Virginia Adopt the Constitution? Henry Knox John Sullivan Knox discusses the uncertainty of the vote in the Virginia Convention for the new Constitution but hopes that New Hampshire's adoption of the Constitution will influence Virginia to follow the same course.
December 14, 1789 Discussion of Robbery at Public Magazine & State Convention Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Olney plans to make the public powder more secure. He has not yet been able to bring to justice the people who burgled the magazine. News has reached them that North Carolina ratified the Constitution; Olney is optimistic about the future of government. Olney draws on Knox to discharge a debt in New York.
March 1, 1793 Act to Regulate Trade & Intercourse with Indian Tribes Congress of the United States [not available] This is an extract of an Act of Congress that declares that no purchase of Indian lands shall be valid unless pursuant to the Constitution. Therefore, it is illegal for anyone but lawful agents to negotiate treaties for land.
July 2, 1788 News of Virginia's Constitutional Ratification Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox rejoices at news of Virginia's ratification of the Constitution by a narrow margin. Comments on the speed of the news and the post; reminds Wadsworth that Knox is depending totally upon him to make the arrangements to send money [where is unclear].