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February 17, 1798 Contractors Held Accountable Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Contractors are held accountable for the supplies they are to furnish.
January 15, 1795 Instructions for Paying the Contractors Alexander Hamilton Timothy Pickering Hamilton encloses a letter and abstract that explain the methods for paying contractors who supply the army. The instructions to the Commissary should direct him to provide monthly certificates to these contractors.
October 31, 1796 Charging Contractors for Transporting Stores Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry The Quartermaster General should be directed to render the specific amount of those expenses associated with the transportation of contractors' stores so that the contractors can be charged promptly.
March 19, 1800 Request for List of Contractors for New York William Simmons James McHenry Simmons did not have complete list of contractors for New York, inconveniencing his office and officers seeking reimbursement. He requested a list of contractors' names to expedite the reimbursement of accounts.
October 9, 1794 Requests Patterns Promised to Contractors Tench Coxe Samuel Hodgdon Reports promise to contractors to provide them with the patterns shown to them earlier. Requests patterns.
October 15, 1794 Advance for clothing contractors Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Clothing contractors have requested of Tench Coxe, Commissioner of the Revenue, to procure them an advance of $15-20,000. The articles the clothing contractors are to supply will amount to about $120,000.
December 17, 1784 Contractors, accounts, and payments John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter that discusses contractors, accounts, and payments.
June 2, 1800 Unauthorized Charges Made to Contractors William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons referred to a previous letter sent to Swan that the identified unauthorized charges made by officers to Contractors. Contractor's had not submitted receipts at the time of the current letter so Simmons could not state if any of the charges were to be reimbursed. Simmons suggested withholding pay from mentioned officers. Major [Dlum?] notified Simmons that officers at Scotch Plains...
October 15, 1794 Provisions and contractors Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioners of the Revenue states that it is the opinion of Secretary Knox that provisions amounting to $37,000 be laid in by the contractors for 1795.
October 10, 1798 Payment of Contractors David Henley James McHenry Notification of payment made to contractors for furnishing the Indian Treaty at Tellico.
July 29, 1799 Moderation of the Contractors for Massachusetts should be rewarded. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "...I hesitate whether the invitation ought to extend to the contractors for Massachusetts. Their price is as low as it can well be. The position heretofore intended for three regiments is in Massachusetts and it seems just that the moderation of the contractors there should be rewarded by the enjoyment of the advantage. The competition of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey may be excited with...
July 25, 1799 Regarding contractors of supplies and rations James McHenry [not available] Expresses some disappointment and doubt in reference to the contractors for supplies and rations. Mentions the Western Army and the Atlantic seaboard.
May 13, 1793 Contractors Must Keep Measure with Movements of the Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamiliton stresses his differences with contractors Elliott & Williams regarding the imperative that all contractors must be prepared to fullfill their contracts not only for fixed garrisons but for the Army and detachments wherever they may be located.
January 11, 1794 Review of Clothing Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Encloses letter to Secretary of Treasury, asks to follow directions therein in regards to receiving and reviewing clothing orders from contractors.
April 24, 1800 Accounts with Receipts for Fuel Purchased from Contractors William Simmons James Miller Simmons advised Miller on recording the purchase of fuel by officers from outside contractors. Miller's records lacked sufficient information to make the appropriate reimbursements.
May 30, 1800 Improper Requisition of Goods from Contractors William Simmons Caleb Swan Accounts 1-92 sent to Swan to be entered on his books and charged to the officers in question for improper requisition of goods from contractors.
June 27, 1788 Contracts and Payment Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox Enclosed contract between U.S. government and Elliot and Williams. Noted contract did not specify method of payment.
July 17, 1799 Competition Among the Actual Contractors, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton tries to impress upon McHenry the necessity of coordinating similar prices for supplies and rations amongst the sundry states. He emphasizes the importance of stimulating competition amongst the contractors as an effective tactic for lowering prices.
January 28, 1795 Report on Shoe Contract Tench Coxe Samuel Hodgdon Reports that shoe contractors object to the shoe strings in the plans. Requests information so that the Secretary of the Treasury can make a decision. Has completed treasury business with the War Department.
April 26, 1799 Certification of payment; Wilbeck and Mather, Contractors at Albany for use of a house as a barracks Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification of payment; $35.70 to Wilbeck and Mather, Contractors at Albany for use of a house as a barracks.
1796 Memo regarding contractor shipments James McHenry [not available] Directs procedures for contractors' provisions.
June 26, 1799 Discussion of Hire of Contractors and Commissaries to Provide and Dispense Rations James McHenry William Simmons Encloses letter from Lieut. Manning with his permission to repair works and garrisons and Lake Oswego. Discusses hiring of commissaries and contractors to dispense and provide rations.
September 10, 1798 Payment to Contractors Cochran & Thursby William Simmons Contractors Cochran and Thursby request drafts in the amount of $1124.15 for which it is hoped Simmons will recommend acceptance.
April 6, 1799 Contractors for Provisions Nathaniel Leonard Alexander Hamilton Leonard tells Hamilton of the difficulty of dealing with contractors to keep his men supplied with provisions, etc.
July 21, 1790 Request for Assistance with Supply Contractors Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox requests that Otho Williams assist contractors in sending supplies to General Josiah Harmar's army in the Northwest Territory. Harmar writes that he is having to pay out of his own purse for meat, and that some other means will have to be found for supply, if force is employed against the savages.