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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 6, 1798 Contract Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions Mr. Robert Chapman is desirous of obtaining a contract for horseman's caps for the public.
August 18, 1800 Request for Investigation of Verbal Contract for Buttons Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen Directs Whelen to investigate the authenticity of a claimed verbal contract with the previous purveyor, the late Tench Francis, for buttons, and to complete the contract if so verified.
March 21, 1792 Robert Smith and partners forward a contract to Knox Robert Smith Henry Knox Letter, encloses proposal for contract.
December 22, 1800 Regarding contract dispute Samuel Dexter David Ames Dexter discusses a contract dispute pertaining to coal provided for use at Springfield Armory.
January 2, 1801 Mr. Foxall's contract Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter Received Mr. Foxall's contract; will deliver accordingly.
April 7, 1792 Request to Contract with Turnbull and Marmie Henry Knox Isaac Craig Remarks on high quality iron used by Turnbull and Marnie, requests contract with them.
[not available] Contract Prices for Rations by Location William Simmons Nathan Jones Contract prices for rations at sundry places ascertained from Treasury Department.
October 22, 1792 Contract with George Dannacker and William Young Alexander Hamilton [not available] Notification that, "'A contract for several articles of Clothing specified' for United States troops for the year 1793 was concluded on this date.
February 27, 1801 Regarding 500 Pistols Produced Under Contract William Simmons Simeon North Regarding 500 pistols produced under a contract of Mr. North's
December 31, 1800 Advances on contract Samuel Dexter Robert R. Richardson Dexter declines to make advances on the contract.
August 1, 1799 Contract Unknown Author [not available] Contract enclosed in McHenry to Hamilton, 9/11/1799.
December 4, 1800 Regarding contract Samuel Dexter William Crafts Makes reference to contract in South Carolina for ensuing year.
May 21, 1799 A Contract John S. Boss James McHenry A contract.
December 22, 1800 Regarding contract dispute Samuel Dexter Joseph Williams Dexter discusses a contract dispute pertaining to coal provided for use at Springfield Armory. Notes that he is surprised that he should have to decide on a subject to which Williams and Ames the superintendent ought to be fully competent.
November 11, 1794 Encloses Contract for Rations Tench Coxe Henry Knox Encloses contract with Mr. South and Mr. Earnest for rations.
December 4, 1800 Contract for rations in Maryland Samuel Dexter Robert R. Richardson Dexter informs Richardson that the contract for supplying the troops in Maryland was offered to another person.
July 1, 1800 Mr. Wade's contract for 10,000 pair of shoes Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, discusses Mr. Wade's contract for 10,000 pair of shoes and the payment for the early deliveries.
November 24, 1800 Letter from the Secretary of War on Thomson's bond for performance of contract Samuel Dexter Edward Thomson Dexter confirms receipt of Thomson's bond for performance of his contract.
October 7, 1794 Contract for clothing Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of Revenue requests that a remittance of $3000 be made to Terence Reiley on account of the contract for clothing made with him.
December 23, 1791 Contract to Supply the Garrison at West Point Melancton Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith wrote to Knox to determine how West Point was being supplied. He has forwarded supplies to West Point in anticipation of securing a contract. He offers the price of nine and half cents per ration.
February 8, 1794 Future Rent Samuel Hodgdon John Steinmetz Hodgdon explains that he expected the rent on the house would be higher for a new contract so he wants to know how Steinmetz calculated the rent he offered. He wishes to retain the stores for the use of the public at a reasonable rent. He is willing to commence a new rent at such time as may be agreed on at fifty percent above the current rent for one year only.
September 4, 1798 Contract between Wolcott and Rhodes, Tyler for manufacture of muskets [not available] [not available] Contract between Wolcott and William Rhodes and William Tyler for manufacture of 2000 muskets.
April 22, 1793 Contract to Transport Items to Niagara Philip Schuyler Henry Knox Particular details of the contract and the acquisition of boats and barges for transport.
October 25, 1796 U.S. Government contract for cannon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hughes Contract between the U.S. Treasury and the Cecil Company for cannon
January 26, 1795 Payments of Rations Retained Under the Contract of William Duer Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Howell inquires as to whether the payment of rations, provided under the contract of William Duer and claimed by officers of the Army, should be made. Howell wants to know whether these claims should be discharged given the fact that Duer's contract was settled for a specific period with only one ration allowed for each officer during that period.