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April 3, 1794 Application for Commutation Stephen Moylan Joseph Howell Since the law relative to applications for commutation expires soon, Moylan wants instructions as to how to govern his conduct on this business.
September 3, 1784 Settlement of commutation Florat de Florimont John Pierce Captain Florat de Florimont sends to John Pierce a letter requesting settlement of his commutation.
March 23, 1784 Commutation pay Florat de Florimont Joseph Howell Seeking information on the status of receiving commutation pay.
June 7, 1784 Commutation Pay John Pierce Jotham Wright Discusses commutation pay.
January 19, 1784 Commutation Pay Patrick Phelon John Pierce Discusses the denial of commutation pay for a major.
April 10, 1785 Regarding commutation Capt. William Hawes Samuel Hodgdon Captain Hawes sends Samuel Hodgdon a letter stating that any questions about his commutation should be referred to General Knox.
December 20, 1789 Request for wages and commutation John Stevens Joseph Howell Requests wages and commutation due, as one of the Cedar Hostages in Canada
March 10, 1784 Commutation pay Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses the granting of commutation pay to Colonel Troup and the case of commutation pay for Lawrence Myers
August 24, 1786 Claim for commutation John Pierce James Bruff Informs Capt. James Bruff that he has received his claim for commutation and will soon consider it. Bruff will not be able to receive subsistence pay however.
May 17, 1790 Commutation of Pay to Hospital Mates Joseph Howell Henry Knox The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes War Secretary Henry Knox regarding commutation of pay to hospital mates.
November 3, 1785 Commutation exemption John Pierce Thomas Patten John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, informs Captain Thomas Patten that officers of artificers are "expressly excepted" from receiving commutation.
May 14, 1790 Commutation claim Henry Knox Joseph Howell Requests that the Commissioner of Army Accounts examine the claim of Pattin Jackson for commutation.
April 8, 1785 Memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to Captain Stong and the memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation with a resolve of congress.
September 23, 1788 Commutation of Captain James Ewing Joseph Howell John White Regarding commutation of Captain James Ewing, asks for copy of act of assembly which provides for them without any expense to the United States. Laments White's health. Compliments to Kite.
June 6, 1786 Sullivan's claim for pay and commutation John Pierce John Sullivan Mr. John Sullivan's claim for pay and commutation has been referred to Congress, which has thrown the question out of Pierce's cognizance. Should therefore apply to Congress.
July 27, 1786 Commutation due Captain William Hawes Samuel Hodgdon Capt. William Hawes Account presented against US for commutation due William Hawes, Captain of Artillery Artificers.
February 26, 1785 Commutation due deranged officers of German Regiment; fraudulent claims Jonathan White Joseph Howell Mentions commutation due deranged officers of German Regiment. Requests guidance on delivery of certificates. Discusses the fraudulent obtaining of certificates.
September 1790 Cook requests the assistance of Knox in obtaining commutation David Cook Henry Knox Letter, asks for aid obtaining arrears in pay.
September 1, 1786 Application for commutation Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Informs Nicholson that Lieutenant Weidman - late of the German Regiment and prisoner - has made application to the office for commutation.
January 5, 1784 Pay of the Hospital Department John Pierce John Cochran Requests a list of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the 1781 resolution of Congress. Asks whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Requests information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the army hospital.
November 15, 1788 Forwarding of papers transmitted by Doctor Philip Turner and his request for commutation Joseph Howell Benjamin Huntington Forwards papers transmitted by Turner and discusses his claim for commutation. He goes on to the discuss whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant the belief that Turner resigned, and thus whether he would or would not be entitled to his claim.
August 1, 1786 Joseph Cox's claim for commutation Joseph Howell Richard Humpton Lieut. Joseph Cox's claim for commutation is not admissible because no officer who was a supernumerary and was deranged in 1778 was allowed commutation unless a State adopted him or he was recommended by Gen. St. Clair. John Smith's order is being returned because the amount claimed by him could not have been charged by the State so he has already received the value of it. Manning's discharge...
July 24, 1794 Commutation for Exchanged Officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Upon examination of the facts stated on behalf of Capt. Peter Perrit, Howell finds that commutation has not been allowed officers who were exchanged in 1778-79 unless they were in service afterwards and continued to the 1st January 1781.
May 14, 1790 Commutation of pay for hospital storekeeper Caleb Swan Joseph Howell The chief clerk of the War Department writes the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding William Hartsell, a hospital storekeeper who has petitioned Congress for commutation of pay.
November 27, 1786 Regarding Major Fishbourne John Pierce Major Isaac B. Dunn Discusses how Major Fishourne's brother has drawn from the office pay and commutation.