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June 21, 1794 Various accounts Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Fifer Samuel Brushears, Private John Lee, and Private Lewis Mitchum Neel, late of the 3rd South Carolina Regiment
July 18, 1795 Receipts for the Pay of Myself & My Men Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Enclosed are the receipts from Dayton and his men for the sums received for their pay from the commencement of service through June 1795.
April 17, 1795 Acceptance of position and commencement of duties as clerk of Boston ship yard and matters of pay Timothy Pickering Caleb Gibbs There is a question as to timing of Gibbs acceptance of his position as clerk of the ship yard and the commencement of pay. Pay to be $750 per year. Discusses the manner of paying public servants. Emphasizes that this is a temporary position and asks that Gibbs not to throw aside his private business. Hopes that this position is compatible with his private interests. Discusses the matter of...
November 1, 1800 Regarding commencement of Lieutenant Isaac Haskill's pay Jonathan Newman Thomas Williams Memo notes that date of 29 January 1800 given as commencement of Lieutenant Isaac Haskill's pay.
March 7, 1799 Division of Southern States into Districts & Sub-Districts Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton announces that, as Inspector General, he is now the head of the recruiting service and instructs Pinckney on the organization of three southern states into recruiting districts and sub-districts.
May 16, 1794 Mustering of Two Scouts in Clark County Isaac Shelby War Department This is documentation from Governor Shelby of Kentucky to the Secretary of War regarding the mustering of two scouts in Clark County under the command of Lieutenant John McIntire. Included is the muster roll certified by a Justice of the Peace.
August 8, 1794 Commencement of the Frigates with the Greatest Activity Henry Knox Samuel & Joseph Sterrett "I have received your favor of Captain Truxton who will be the Superintendent and will repair to Baltimore in order to conduct matters with you in order to arrange everything for the commencement of the frigates with the greatest activity."
January 9, 1799 Commencement of Pay & Emoluments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry assures Hamilton that his pay and emoluments will commence immediately. Therefore, he is to proceed with his duties including the development of a system of tactics and discipline and determining the best positions for the recruiting parties and general rendezvouses.
[not available] Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [not available] William Simmons Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
April 10, 1799 Plans for the Recruiting Service Alexander Hamilton Richard Hunewell Hamilton stresses that the rendezvous within the recruiting subdistricts ought to be chosen with an eye toward accommodating recruits and ease of procuring supplies. The plan for recruiting in Massachusetts from the Congressional delegation is enclosed. Nominations for regimental staff must be provided soon.
March 21, 1794 Claim of Virginia for Pay of Militia and Scouts Joseph Howell Henry Knox The State of Virginia's claim for the pay of militia and scouts cannot be settled because of insufficient documentation.
June 17, 1799 Articles of Supply, Bounty Money, and Advance Pay Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton notes that in the case of the beginning of a new branch of service it will be necessary to waive the usual forms but he will send a statement of the articles of supply needed for each regiment. He will address the additional bounty money needed for each regiment and will inform McHenry later of his decision on an advance of pay.
April 29, 1799 Issues Respecting the Pay of Officers James McHenry George Washington McHenry discusses officers' pay related to additional regiments and describes executive power respecting officers' pay. He mentions the recruiting service for additional regiments and discusses supplying additional Army regiments.
February 24, 1784 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to Howell or Audibert John Pierce [not available] Request for abstract of muster information; discusses accounting issues and settlement of accounts; discusses officer's certificates
February 7, 1789 Regarding the Status of the Quota of Recruits from New Hampshire Henry Knox John Sullivan Knox laments that because Congress has not been in session, commencement of recruiting service has been retarded. Hopes that Congress opinion and result will be known in fifteen days. Discusses how matters may affect contracts and supplies. Will not give Major Cass any orders until contract matters resolved. Major Cass's arms and accoutrement are in Boston.
October 24, 1785 Rejecting the claims of Colonel James Easton John Pierce James Easton The Commissioner of Army Accounts rejects the claim for pay made by Colonel James Easton.
February 13, 1784 The Army's Foreign Officers Joseph Carleton John Pierce Joseph Carleton sends a list of Foreign Officers that served with the American Army to John Pierce.
August 25, 1792 Militia callup for frontier protection James Wilkinson Isaac Shelby General Wilkinson asks Governor Shelby of Kentucky for militia call up. Discusses pay and rations for militia.
November 24, 1794 Payroll for a Detachment of New Jersey Cavalry Henry Lee Presley Nevill Pay order and pay roll for a detachment of New Jersey Cavalry for service during the Whiskey Rebellion.
March 8, 1794 Thoughts on Defense submitted to President Washington Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton ruminates on what he believes is needed to provide an effective defense of the United States. Text is highly illegible
November 1, 1785 Pay Abstract for Artillery War Department [not available] Pay abstract of the Corps of Artillery commanded by Capt. Lt. William Johnston, commencing the first of June, ending the first of November, 1785.
August 22, 1795 Duplicate of my Muster Roll Decius Wadsworth William Simmons "I have the honor to transmit you enclosed a Duplicate Muster Roll of my Recruits made up to the commencement of the present Month."
February 5, 1798 Letter Citation John Sevier John Adams Cited in McHenry to Jackson, Anderson and Claiborne, 03/07/1798. President received letter from authors regarding aggression against Judge Campbell made by Lieut. Col. Butler. Letter sent to Butler, commencement of investigation.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Army Officers Robert Morris Henry Knox Discusses pay of officers
August 11, 1798 Receipt for Secret Service William Chribbs [not available] Receipt for pay for secret service.