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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
February 23, 1798 Receiving Money from Young Clifford Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Letter, asks for help collecting money from young Clifford.
September 6, 1796 Equipping Dragoons and Draw of Money John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Notification that Wilkins ordered Gen. Wayne to equip dragoons horses, estimate of cost enclosed along with contingent money for forage and subsistance of the dragoons. Cannot appoint an agent to collect money, so Wikins requests $11,800.00 from McHenry to be picked up by Francis Jones in Detroit. Bills must be small in value.
July 6, 1796 Money from Captain Tilton Peter Hagner Joshua Wentworth Requests that Wentworth collect and remit a sum of money owed to the Treasury by Captain Tilton.
January 19, 1801 Directing McRee to Collect the Outstanding Balance of Carleton Walker William Simmons Griffith James McRee Lieutenant Carleton Walker owes a balance of $1567.98 to the United States, which McRee is to collect and of which he should take duplicate receipts.
June 29, 1796 Tilton's Debt to the Treasury Joshua Wentworth William Simmons CITATION only. Hagner to Wentworth 07/06/1796. [Requests that Wentworth collect and remit a sum of money owed to the Treasury by Captain Tilton.]
August 27, 1798 Request for Payment William Henry Harrison Samuel Hodgdon Harrison is enclosing two bank bills that are the property of Mr. Murray of Boston; he has not been able to collect one fifth of the last payments for their books.
May 31, 1796 Help in collecting Tilton's debt William Simmons Joshua Wentworth Asks Wentworth, supervisor of the revenue at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to forward Simmons letter to Tilton regarding Tilton's debt to the U.S. Authorizes Wentworth to collect the money.
July 16, 1795 Referring case of Edwin Harris William Simmons Timothy Pickering Refers the case of Ensign Edwin Harris to the Secretary at War for action. Simmons' records reflect that Harris solicited payments from various paymasters in an attempt to collect money in excess of that which is rated.
December 7, 1790 Documents relating to claims against the late Quarter Master's Department Peter Anspach Alexander Hamilton Anspach says that he has been too ill to attend to any business. Will collect documents relating to claims against the late Quarter Master's Department.
May 30, 1791 Pay of Invalids Henry Knox [not available] Notice to "All the military Invalid of the United States" that they are to be paid six months of their annual pension, with instructions on how to collect the money and the vouchers required for documentation
July 9, 1790 Dawes recommends Thomas to Knox Thomas Dawes Henry Knox Letter, recommends Alexander Thomas for appointment.
January 15, 1801 Determining Charges for Additional Services William Simmons William Heth Simmons informs Heth that the allowance made in the general statement of Heth's duties encompassed his role as a collector of monies. Simmons requests that Heth direct any additional charges he feels are justifiable to the Secretary of War for the final decision-making, and to collect any still-outstanding monies.
July 18, 1798 A Note in Favor of Doctor Hodge Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Enclosed is a note on merchants Girling & Glimpton of Carlisle in favor of Doctor Hodge. Parker is ordered to collect the money and send it on to Hodgdon.
September 12, 1787 Deputy Paymaster of the Southern Army John Pierce Nathaniel Pendleton Discusses Joseph Clay, the Deputy Paymaster to the Southern Army, and money which was lost, along with provisions and related acts of Congress; also mentions Treasury Board.
December 2, 1790 Proposed appointment as clerk in Treasury Department Alexander Hamilton Peter Anspach Hamilton asks that Anspach collect documents, of receiving the claims, and of stating them from time to time in returns that shall comprehend a number of them to the Auditor of the Treasury. Proposes the appoint Anspach as clerk in Treasury Department. Expected to account regularly for the money by furnishing proper receipts.
September 9, 1794 War with the Indians James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] O'Hara discusses a recent battle with the northwestern Indians and observes that the Indians, with all the force that they could possibly collect , were defeated so decisively that he hopes they will be impelled to come forward with overtures for peace.
August 29, 1797 Assumption of Indian Debts of Panton Leslie & Co. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Assumption of Indian debts required consent of Congress, thus making the act difficult to fulfill. Instead offered assistance to Panton Leslie & Co. to help them collect debts owed them by the Indian Nations. Remarks on conduct of Spanish officers towards U.S.
August 11, 1791 [No. 26] Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Orders to collect items mentioned in previous memo and send on boats. List of items needed.
August 21, 1799 Bill of Exchange for $200 Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a Bill of Exchange on David Calley for two hundred dollars which Hodgdon should collect and transmit to Stevens.
December 29, 1798 Has Received Letter; Encloses Account; Promises Attention Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Acknowledges receipt of several late favors. Encloses the requested account. Promises his best attention, advice, and information as soon as he can collect it.
June 22, 1795 Request for Horses Peter Hunt [not available] Orders from War Department to collect all horses and other public property within the state, Hunt informed that recipient of letter is in possession of some items.
April 11, 1795 [Extract] Pay for Recruits Timothy Pickering Thomas Butler Advised payment of recruits enlisted from Gen. Morgan's army and sending an officer to collect arrears of their pay.
September 25, 1794 Irregularities in This Town Jared Ingersoll Alexander Hamilton Ingersoll wants to collect the necessary information regarding the irregularities at Carlisle before he proceeds to the westward with the militia.
February 16, 1792 Lack of Money John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Money owed workmen, uneasy situation due to lack of funds to pay for labor. Requests money.
October 24, 1796 Order to Pay Samuel Sterett David Stodder James McHenry Orders to pay Samuel Sterett $500.00 who will collect pay for David Stoddert.