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April 13, 1792 Question Regarding Military Claims Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Inquiry regarding the settlement of claims from the last war barred by the limitations set forth by Congress.
July 19, 1798 Claims for Reimbursement James McHenry John Dawson List of monetary claims by Virginia against U.S.
March 22, 1796 Report from Secretary of War of Four Claims to Invalid Pensioners, Forwarded by the Judges of the District Court of Virginia James McHenry John Adams Statement of claims of four applicants seeking pensions. Enclosed claims.
January 29, 1796 Regarding Claims of Artillery Artificers William Simmons James McHenry Letter to the Secretary of War, concerning various claims. Simmons responds that the office does not have any record of these individuals applying for claims, and that similar claims have been rejected by Congress.
February 9, 1795 Responding to the Claims of the Contractor Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Relative to Mr. Duer's claims for money due him for rations, there does not appear to be a balance due him so it would be improper to encourage him to believe that his claims will be discharged by the public.
January 28, 1795 Instructions on How to Make Adjustments to Claims, Liquadated and Unliquadated Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Letter, reply to Accountant's letter of January 21, 1795, describes claims barred by limitation acts.
July 25, 1788 Claims cannot be admitted Joseph Howell Robert Roberts Claims are of such a general nature that they cannot be admitted.
September 10, 1795 Returns incomplete claims William Simmons John G. Coffin Returns John Coffin's claims for correction.
March 16, 1793 Regarding Claims, Payments, Residence on Banks of Monongahela River Isaac Craig Thomas Forrest Discusses advances, certificates, payments and claims. Anticipates pleasure of Forest's company. Endeavors to render residence on banks of Monongahela River as agreeable as possible.
January 14, 1790 Pay claims Joseph Howell George Thacher Letter from the Paymaster General to Massachusetts Representative George Thatcher pertaining to various pay issues and claims.
January 26, 1797 Claims of William Matthews William Simmons Dwight Foster Discusses the claims contained in the petition of William Matthews.
December 30, 1784 Pay claims John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter in which he discusses pay claims.
February 28, 1794 Forwarded Claims Henry Lee Henry Knox Due to lack of money, Lee forwarded claims to pay of officers employed to guard arsenal.
October 20, 1796 Claims of Morris's men William Simmons Staats Morris Notifies Morris that he has directed Mr. Freeman to pay the claims sent in by Morris's soldiers
January 8, 1796 Report of the Committee of Claims Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Committee of Claims report on Jacob Beck and thirteen others serving under Colonel Benjamin Flowers, who claim they were underpaid while in service. Opinion of the Committee is that the claim is unfounded.
January 24, 1791 Specie Claims Peter Anspach Alexander Hamilton Anspach announces that he is making his first return, enclosed for the inspection of the Auditor, based on several specie claims against the Quartermaster General's department.
June 10, 1791 Concerning the settlement of claims A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell Writes the Commissioner of Army Accounts of the anxiety he feels in anticipation of his advice relative to the applications for a settlement of claims, which he says has been the subject of "perpetual trouble".
September 14, 1797 Discontinued Claims Submissions William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Claims of pecuniary nature sent from West Point to the Office may be discontinued as Simmons nor any civil Magistrate are not vested with powers to satisfy Rochefontaine's claims.
April 28, 1787 Regarding Cunningham's claims for pay Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Encloses original receipts. Has taken note of in Mr. Cunningham's letter. Hopes that Howell will adjust Colonel Cunningham's claims for pay.
November 28, 1798 Voucher Delivery and Claims David Henley William Simmons Enclosed claim of William Anderson. Vouchers to be delivered by Benjamin Herbert.
September 29, 1787 Claims of North Carolina officers John Pierce Robert Fenner Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding the claims of the North Carolina officers for subsistence.
July 26, 1788 Claims withdrawn Joseph Howell Joshua Dawson Because it is impossible to obtain liquidation, claim withdrawn from accountant. Claims are too general in nature and United States did not have a party in appraisement.
April 12, 1791 Examination on the Claims of Various Officers Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes on his examination of the claims of Captains Watts and Fisk, along with Lieutenants Clayton and Green.
August 2, 1792 Inquiry into Claims Alexander Hamilton Richard Harrison Details on filing claims and approval process. Requests the Attorney General's opinion on Secretary of War's claims to reimbursement.
February 17, 1793 Act to regulate the claims of invalid persons Henry Knox Congress of the United States Discusses adjudication by Supreme Court on the validity of the rights claimed by invalids under the act entitled "An Act to provide for the settlement of the claims of widows and orphans, barred by the limitations heretofore established, and to regulate the claims of invalid pensions."