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August 8, 1799 Regarding Conduct of Troops at Detroit Toward Civilians James McHenry [not available] Addresses cannon sent to Detroit, and actions undertaken by the commandant of the garrison there, who has apparently acted outside his authority. References the "rules and articles for the better government of the troops of the United States." Addresses the limits of the authority of all soldiers, officers and enlisted, in relations with civilians.
April 26, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nanning J. Vischer Simmons informs Lt. Vischer that examination of his pay rolls has been suspended.
December 6, 1790 [Estimate of money requisite for the Department of War for the year 1791]. Henry Knox [not available] This document is a copy of Knox's December 4th document, which is an estimate of the money required for the War Department in 1791. Tallying both direct military expenditures as well as money that will go to civilians, the amount estimated is $740,232.14 and 2/3 cents.
October 21, 1799 Approval of Interpretation of Issue on Bounties for Returned Deserters, & Discussion of Hugh McAlister Case William Simmons James McHenry Simmons apologizes for misunderstanding of his last letter, and has consulted with the Comptroller, determining that McHenry's interpretation of the relevant passage in the Appendix to the Articles of War is correct. [The passage regarded the awarding of bounties for returned deserters to both civilians and soldiers]. States that he and Mr. Steele believe that the rejection of Hugh McAlister's...
April 25, 1789 Information Relative to the depredations of the Indians North West of the Ohio John Evans Beverley Randolph Murders of officers and civilians by Indians recounted.
October 17, 1799 Discussion of Hugh McAlister & Deserter Bounty Issue, Requesting Additional Consultation & Explanation James McHenry William Simmons Reviews the case of Hugh McAlister and the general practice for payments to those who apprehend deserters; points out that the regulation of this system depends on the construction of the governing resolution, the last resolution in the Appendix to the Articles of War. McHenry had asked that Simmons consult with the Treasury Comptroller on this issue, but notes that Simmons' previous reply did...
October 30, 1795 On the legality of citizens arming their vessels in time of peace Timothy Pickering William Rawle Reports from the port of Philadelphia indicate that some civilians are arming their vessels. Secretary Pickering asks lawyer William Rawle whether it is lawful for citizens of United States, in time of peace, to arm their vessels.