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June 3, 1784 Pay Claim David Brearly John Pierce Discusses his claim for pay as an officer while also holding a civil commission during the Revolutionary War
April 5, 1796 Underage Soldier Taken by Civil Authority Uriah Springer James McHenry Enclosed muster and pay rolls, no new recruits. One soldiers father made oath that his son was underage and was taken from Springer by civil authority.
November 16, 1798 Seeking Civil Employment James F. Armstrong Alexander Hamilton Armstrong wants Hamilton's support in seeking civil employment, perhaps as a Pay Master.
April 26, 1799 Charles Lee to James McHenry Charles Lee James McHenry Captain Vance court martial discussed and the supposed threats of personal punishment of Vance by W. Simmons. Civil and military court rules described.
April 13, 1799 Opposition Between the Military & Civil Authorities in Detroit James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry encloses a copy of a letter from Lieutenant Colonel David Strong which should have accompanied papers sent earlier regarding the opposition between the civil and military authorities in Detroit.
August 9, 1794 Pay to Soldiers Confined by Civil Authority Joseph Howell James Bruff Officers are not permitted to pay soldiers confined by the Civil Authority so the date of their imprisonment and release should be maintained on the muster roll. Application has made to the War Office respecting the clothing for Capt. Bruff's recruits.
May 28, 1789 Autograph Letter Signed, Constant Freeman to Henry Knox Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
May 2, 1793 Separation of Military and Civil Authority Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Inquiry into William Preston's interference with Congressional representative election. Requests additional details to be taken under oath.
May 31, 1789 General Lincoln solicits a federal appointment from Secretary at War Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
February 14, 1792 Wilkinson discusses crimes in the village of Cincinnati James Wilkinson Henry Knox Letter, discusses violence against civil magistrate in Cincinnati.
September 19, 1789 Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year Alexander Hamilton [not available] Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year includes Department of Treasury, War Department, Department of State, Accounts between United States and individual states, Government of Western Territory, Pensions on Civil List, present government, Judicial Department, pay of the troops, hospitals at West Point and Springfield,...
January 6, 1794 Biddle makes recommendation to Knox Clement Biddle Henry Knox Letter, advises on civil appointment
August 22, 1794 Peace or Civil War Continued, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig requests five thousand dollars in order to comply with the requisitions of the Quartermaster General for forage and sundry other articles and to defray the expenses of the further work at Fort Fayette. He warns that on the following Thursday it will be determined whether there will be peace or civil war continued.
September 14, 1797 Discontinued Claims Submissions William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Claims of pecuniary nature sent from West Point to the Office may be discontinued as Simmons nor any civil Magistrate are not vested with powers to satisfy Rochefontaine's claims.
January 17, 1784 Denial of an Officer's Pay John Pierce Robert Troup Explains that Troup's commutation pay is being denied because of his acceptance of an appointment by Congress to a civil office during the war.
January 23, 1785 Civil trial of an alleged counterfeiter William Thompson Joseph Howell Discusses civil trial of an alleged counterfeiter of U.S. government pay certificates.
June 9, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce James Lovell CITATION Only. Cited in Lovell to Pierce 07/07/1784. Pierce seems to have needed an order from an officer ("JK" or "JS") on the civil authority.
February 26, 1793 Salaries, Fees, and Emoluments of Persons Holding Civil Office Alexander Hamilton John Adams Report on the Salaries, Fees, and Emoluments of Persons Holding Civil Office Under the United States
July 4, 1798 Details on the Wounding of Peaceful Creek Indians Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Creek Indians injured by residents of Oconee, Hawkins provided monetary compensation in order to preserve peace, but civil magistrates doubt they can bring the offenders to justice.
November 14, 1792 Expenditures for the Civil List for the Year 1793. Alexander Hamilton Speaker of the House of Representatives Report on Estimates of the Expenditures for the Civil List of the United States for the Year 1793.
May 22, 1799 Instructions for David Strong from the Inspector General Alexander Hamilton David Strong Hamilton encourages reinforcing the post at Detroit in lieu of strengthening the one at Michilimacnac. He discourages the exercise of martial law at Detroit which will anger the inhabitants and the civil authorities. Military leaders are not to interfer with Governor Sinclair as he exercises his authority as Superintendent of Indian Affairs.
August 5, 1799 Hamilton's Version of an Apology Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton admits that if there was anything in his recent general order that imputes to the Secretary of War ignorance or inattention, it ought not to have been there. The letter to Captain Frye was, in Hamilton's view, irregular and should have been addressed to Major Hoops. It seems that McHenry has overlooked the inconsistency of what was done with his instructions and overlooking a fault is...
November 11, 1791 Proclamation of the Treaty of Holston [not available] [not available] Washington's official Proclamation of the Treaty of Holston. Thomas Jefferson ratifies treaty By the President.
October 4, 1799 A Most Violent Breach of Civil Authority William C. Bentley Alexander Hamilton Bentley recounts an incident in which several soldiers helped an accused horse thief to escape from the local jail. He is concerned not only about the incident itself but also about how it has been covered by what he calls the Jacobin printers, (meaning the anti-federalist press) as they continue to find fault with the "Standing Army."
January 5, 1790 Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790. Joseph Nourse [not available] Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790. Includes expenditures for Department of War, Government of Western Territory, Pensions, and costs and pay and subsistence for infantry and artillery officers and enlisted.